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I'd like to extend you and warm christian welcome

Your name, Aspie, is that short for Aspergers? If so, I understand the LD
that you face. My 7 yr old son has been diagnosed in kindergarten. He is a delightful young man...very bright but just has the written word difficulty.
Did you know that Albert Einstein and Robin Williams both had aspergers?

Peace to you my brother. I am glad that you found us.

Hi Worshipper!

Yes you are correct, i do have Aspergers...

my life hasnt been easy or particularly pleasant, i was only diagnosed about 4 years ago. i have had to endure so much cruelty from others, and people taking advantage. for a long time it taught me to hate and to look out for myself only (my family didnt understand or care that much either)... im a survivor and i have done things i have regretted since just to look out for myself, and i am not entirely cured of my distrust of other human beings. But day by day i work to undo the negativity that permiated my life thus far and turn it to good use... i have found i can help and reach people that most cannot.

lol, anyway my rant about my past is over :p


I Knew Einstein had it, but i didnt know Robin Williams had it :O
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