Hilarious Moments

Got ya beat, Couple of times now I've woken up and searched for my glasses, only to realize after much fret that I fell asleep with them on.

Nother I can think of for the moment is from a game, (World of Warcraft)
I'm with some friends and one of my jobs in the group is to basically knock one of the bad guys out for a bit so we don't have to fight as many at once, I can do this since my guy can Stealth. (basically turn invisable)
So I walk straight up to a group of bad guys and am about to knock one out when they all rush me. Turns out I forgot to stealth. :rolleyes:
Oh Violet rememded me of when I was younger .....( Much Younger ) and I was working in London England at the time as a nanny and the woman I worked for said to take the two kids to the big department store ,,, Harrods.and she gave me money to buy lunch for them. So we were looking around in the store and the little boy was just learning how to talk and could not say my name so he called me" blala" ( for Barbara) Well he got lost and I panicked and was looking up all the isles calling his name and as I came around one isle I heard this little voice calling ..... blalah, blahla.... what a relief. It was not funny at the time but now I can laugh about it . If people heard him they would not know who he was calling.
Reminds me...

In my job, I sometimes go out with the archaeologists on digs.

One time one of the archs went the whole day wearing these plastic sunglasses frames with no lenses in them. Nobody was saying anything, so I didn't either. They're a strange group of people, I've come to realize.

All day, the work was grueling. Digging through rocks and sand, sifting, bagging artifacts, doing report forms on each level of earth excavated. This arch was sweating, having a hard time keeping his glasses on, complaining.

At the end of the day, the Archaeologist took off his glasses and screamed: "What happened to my lenses!"

They'd popped out and nobody thought to mention it.