Violet, what do you mean by "Where you live"? Are you referring to Nation, Religion, or Heart? Since Jesus Christ has been my life I have struggled with (Please no offense intended to anyone) "Pagan Traditions", I am giving up Christmas and Easter and I am going to be observing the "Seven Feasts", but I will have to do some study on the true meaning.
I meant country Tom, but you have actually brought up some VERY good points!
This is something we can discuss too, here!
By the way Violet, I love those violets above. Did you create those yourself with PSP?
Ok, back to the topic, speaking of Holidays you say we could discuss something here and you are referring to? I know how some topics can send certain people into a tither especially if they are not grounded in a secure foundation with Christ Jesus. Is there something that you would like to discuss?
I'm saying it is ok to state your viewpoints in how YOU believe.
That certainly is not cutting down someone else.
I may paint Easter eggs and if you don't you are not being offensive by saying you don't believe in that.
We each have our own beliefs on some issues and discussing them helps us to see all sides and to learn, as well!
Thank you for being so understanding to my thoughts Violet.
Without going into to much detail I would just like to say that I have chosen to abandon my traditional beliefs because I do not believe they hold the true meaning of why I followed them all these years. I do not believe (after studying scripture) that Jesus was born on December 25, this day was excepted as his day of birth for another reason, I do believe that he was born sometime in the Fall months, he may have been conceived or placed into Mary on December, but I do not believe this was the month he was born. As far as easter goes, I believe he rose on a Saturday not Sunday and the celebration of Easter is something that I found to be let's just say something totally against God's teaching. I know I will be attacked for my feelings, but thank you Violet for letting me be able to express them. I do not judge anyone else if they hold these traditions dear to them, but for myself in all that is Holy I must sacrifice my past and pray for my future. May the LORD love you and keep you always. Amen!
i agree with christmas ,it was the spirit that was placed on earth then.easter,to mark that no amount of evil can hold God.jesus saved us with himself.saturday or sunday im not sure about,but i dont think he would mind aslong as you relax for 1 day a week.we are free .
Luke 6:37
Judge not, and ye shall not be judged: condemn not, and ye shall not be condemned: forgive, and ye shall be forgiven:

Brother Tom, you certainly will get no judgement from me.
I respect your beliefs.
For those who do not as yet own a Companion Bible, the link below is a good source of historically verifyable time lines from the 198 Appendixes in the Companion Bible. This establishes the correct dates of certain 'holidays' rather than following the traditions of man regarding these events.

As a homework assignment, please look at all the sections contained in Appendix # 179 and follow the time lines all the way through. These time lines are based upon the Hebrew Calendar in effect at that time, the solar 'Spring Equinox' and is verifyable historically and by scientific observation of solar events. Enjoy your studies.
I have to say the 4th of July and New Year's Day but only because my daughter was born on the 4th and my son on New Year's Day. :)

Christmas is actually a very important holiday to our whole family. It's a day of fellowship and family and one of the few holidays where the entire family gets together. Every other holiday someone always seems to be at the other relative's houses.

I started reading through the Appendix but at 3:12 am it's a little murky! I bookmarked it to come back to when I'm awake and alert. (I'm up now with a toothache.)