How Do You Study or Teach The Bible?

Aug 9, 2020
I was sharing with my church family the importance of reading the Word daily. I also asked how do they apply what they read.

At first some were intimidated because they began to compare their study with another who had been studying for years.
Nice to know you have a family, bad to know that it was a really struggle to understand the bible at first, i have always understood scripture, but over time i learn things upon old verses i read. Interpretation is greater as time and spirituality go by.
Dec 19, 2014
New Zealand
I'm trying to figure out a way to introduce those interested in the Bible at school to be reading it.

I mean graphic Bibles are great, but as the entire bible is so wieldy I wish there was a publisher who takes the individual stories or parables and makes them into child and reader friendly illustrated books.

Kind of like the Ladybird fairytale books that each come in a different colour and are hardback and the right size and font for a reading in one sitting.
The illustrations can't be too babyish or old fashioned.

I would buy the entire set if such a thing existed, but I look in the christian bookstores and it's a bit disappointing to see the offerings for readers at this level. It's either too babyish or too advanced, or in fonts so tiny you need to strain, or they are flimsy stapled affairs.
Dec 5, 2020
Seattle, WA
I've been studying the Bible for years and have had several approaches. My primary approach today is through questions. Such as what is faith?, Faith in what? etc. Then I go through the scriptures on the topic. In this case Hebrews 11:1 is a good starting point. I read the context surrounding each scripture and look at the original language. There great apps these days for gathering all the scriptures on a topic or examining scriptures that use a particular Hebrew, Chaldean or Greek word.

I keep a study journal, now on my computer, making notes of any new questions that should be considered, points to ponder and important lessons I've learned in my study and readings. The study notes I find useful at times to review.