How to forgive?

I think the main problem Dusty, is few listen to what Jesus said there .

He said .. if your brother wrongs you .. tell him .. if He repents .. then forgive him .. and through hyperbole and parable illustrated we are always to forgive . but i think the communication break down represented by the saying "if you don't know then i'm not telling you" is what is making it more difficult . the way Jesus laid out is simple but we complicate things .

Right on . You got it . Too bad others don't have the same revelation. ( And before any one gets offended it is not dirrected at anyone in particular)
How many times did Jesus say we must forgive our brother and sister ? seven ? No , seven times seven . And yes it is a learning process as some have said but it is also a process which for all of us is necessay and I must say humbling . None of us are perfect , at least I am not , and in our humistic way we think it is easy just ot hole on to grudges instead of forgiving . What does that do ? it pushes the issue further down in our being and we become less and less forgiving and it seems easier each time .

But in the long run it is us who suffers cause we are becoming an angry person , and jump at every chance to try to get even . The other person involved a lot of times does not even know and who does it hurt . It really hurts the perpetrator .

Ask me , I know I lived with a man who was a very angry person and was holding issues from his childhood and his outbursts fell on me and most of time I did not even know what I did to incite this anger.

So people , please , don't push forgiveness down because it will always rear it's ugly head.
Amen Dusty!