I’ve been convicted of my first sin

Via dolarossa

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Sep 22, 2016
Lots of you on here will be well aware of this happening. But to be perfectly honest, since I only got brought to Christ this year, he’s only been allowing me to read the bible and get to know the basics.
But out of the blue yesterday something came into my consciousness that was most certainly not my own.
And I looked it up and there it was. A simple sin. I say simple because who would have thought a little thing like enjoying sleep is a sin. It’s also my greatest love. I work full time and read my bible but...He knows it’s my biggest weakness.

I was shocked. I cried for the very first tome. Not in pain but in relief that He was working in me after all these months of searching.

Now I’ve vowed to takethe Cristian Walk extremely seriously. It meant so much to me when I read the whole verse I couldn’t believe it.

I am so happy I could cry
But I’m scared I’ll want to sin
Any help apprecited
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