I am a newbie!

I am a newbie!

If anyone is interested in an RN Medical position at a Women's Care Facility in North Georgia, send me a post.


We would like to welcome you to the forum and ask you if you could give us a brief introduction about yourself so that we could all welcome you properly .

We have rules here for you to reivew and before you get started we would ask that you read them over..Thank you and God Bless.

This is a Christian forum for discussion and learning more and sharing about Jesus Christ .and not for bussiness .


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Thank you for your co - operation. and God Bless.


Also, just for your information, you will not be able to receive private messages just yet.

That feature will be turned on at a later time as is the case with all new users so that the site does not get hijacked for sales/service agendas.


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:welcome::welcome: to the forum. We look forward to fellowship with you.

Be blessed,

Welcome to the forum!!!!

I'm not a nurse, but I often need one.:D

Looking forward to hearing from you again,

Blessings, Cheri
Hi Lisa Dake!! welcome to the CFS forum :D im glad ya showed up. Bout time sis!! hey were all hot here.......................for Jesus that is and also I'm gonna throw an extra chili on the grill for ya just because you came. here ya go


The Great Chili has spoken

Happy Sunday sis

Chili out.