I Need God To Help Me He Is The Only Being That Is Able To, That's If He Even Exists.

I want answers to my questions does the answer consists mainly of "you just have to believe" or a few bible verses which sometimes do make feel better but other times rationality makes me think there is nothing else and I wanna have fun and be normal I want to get drunk sometimes and do stuff like that but I am deeply concerned with whats after life, I believe and even he has given me lots of reasons to one time I lost something valuable that same day I told myself I'd find something much more valuable than that. What do u know when I sat down not far from when I said it I found this crucifix at my feet. What If he's not real what if religion is a part of humanity and we invented it, I don't want this to be true I wan god to exist because If I didn't it would be sad, but I just wanna take the way out and sometimes it seems easier to not believe so I can stop caring and go back to my ecstasy and weed
Being a Christian does not mean everything becomes sunshine and roses. It takes action / effort / work on our parts to have a relationship with God. Any relationship pursued requires effort. Even your relationship with drugs; but at this point in time you 'like' that relationship so you find it easy to follow. Having a relationship with God starts with accepting His gift of salvation by our faith; given through His Grace. Until that happens-you will not experience a relationship with God because you have not invited/ allowed the Holy Spirit to commune with your heart and the Bible will be mostly nonsense to you as an unbeliever.
Good word Brother Mike!
God would like us to not get drunk on substances, but to rather get drunk on the Spirit. Why? Because He knows what harm it will cause you. He knows that when you are drunk, you aren't in a conscience state, so you do things that you normally wouldn't do. Which can be very harmful to relationships and many other venues. He gives us instruction because He loves us.

But as Brother Mike said above, until you pray asking God into your life, to transform your mind and soul, the Word of Life will not be very comprehensive.
I have I wasn't like this before I tried and I try to listen to him and not sin but the earthly dairies take the best of me if I'm not meant to follow him then I'm not meant to I guess everyone's brain is wired correctly mine isnt
I have I wasn't like this before I tried and I try to listen to him and not sin but the earthly dairies take the best of me if I'm not meant to follow him then I'm not meant to I guess everyone's brain is wired correctly mine isnt
Matthew 26:41 "Watch and pray, lest you enter into temptation. The spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak.”
The problem is not that your flesh is weak, but that you are living from your flesh. We aren't supposed to live from our flesh anymore once we know our savior. We are to live by the spirit!

I think that you may be over analyzing the situation too. Don't focus on what is wrong with you. Place your focus on the goodness of God, and how merciful and gracious and loving He is. Then focus on what to do, and do it. Don't just try to do it. Do it.
I have done it i have told him how gracious he is but in afraid it's all just a lie coming from some human made hope of something bigger existing I cannot blindly believe at 100 percent when I for long have believed at 90 and he hasn't shown me anything about myself he hasn't told me at least in my dreams or by any friend or anything any kind of help offered to me for guidance the bibles words are to believe but so many doubts about arise and I canon simply believe I them if I keep asking The Lord to help me believe more and strengthen my faith I don't get anything
It isn't easy to understand why I have to suffer for his pleasure for his love and his grace why send me to earth when there's others who's will appreciate it alot more than me why chose cristian to live when others die how can I possibly try and u sweat and something that I don't even know if it's real the feeling I get from reading the bible is sometimes great but lately it's been troubling and confusing it leaves nothing but more doubts only he can answer but appearently I can't even direct myself to him never thought I could lose my faith, I guess the devil got me
I myself used to have a problem with drugs and drinking. One thing I can tell you, if you keep doing it, you will never, never get satisfaction.

You might think you're getting satisfaction, but in time you will do more and more, seeking an unatainable satisfaction.

You can't put God to a test. If you seek Him with sincere, heartfelt prayer, He will answer. Often, Gods answer isn't what you expected, so be very careful what you ask Him for.

Jesus didn't come to save satans world, Jesus came to qualify to over throw satan when Jesus returns.

This era we live in God is letting 'man' run the course. Life is a test. The test is to see if an individual will choose the Way of God, the Way of love and giving. Those that pass the test(the exam being judgment day), will continue on in what Jesus's gospel was/is, His coming kingdom.

Those that fail, I won't tell you now.

I will tell you, I once was sketical. I did a great deal of searching. I prayed for wisdom and understanding. God is very real, and He has answered my prayers in ways I know w/o a doubt, it was Him(YHWH).

Some of that ^^^ is why bad things happen in this upside down world we live in. God can intervene, but only when it is His will to do so. Not our will. God doesn't serve us. If we are fotunate, God will choose us. God is selective, and He is looking for people after His own heart.
Because it amazes me to see such powerful items like our minds are easily altered by sinple chemicals.Because this alteration gives me a rush Of serotonin that fries my brain out of so much happiness because the sound wave of the music pump through my already palpi table heart
i still prefer the real thing....