jesus words

You are allowing Satan to get you hung up on insignificant matters. What is "Trinity"? Lets dissect the word.

Trinity is made up of first of all "Tri", meaning 3. The bible clearly speaks of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Is that 3? Should we invent another convenient word to describe the Father, Son and Holy Spirit? Or, when we speak of the three persons of God, should we always say: "Father, Son and Holy Spirit"?

Why not rather say Trinity, meaning the 3 persons of God. Do you deny the 3 persons of God?

There are a number of people that get hung up on the word "Trinity" but it generally is because they want to avoid the truth. They want to avoid the work of God in their hearts. After all, if you are too understand the doctrine of salvation, you won't feel any guilt about rejecting it.

God will not accept any excuses. The ignorant, as well as those who reject the truth, will be condemned to Hell equally. Ignorance is no excuse. An ignorant person will have no success in telling God they didn't know.
for some reason you think you know everything,and attack everyone who isnt the same as you,you my friend are a bully.and refer to satan too often.may the holy ghost guide you from your faults.
jesus said why does it say i must die.there was a lot of scripture jesus was upset with,so he drew a line under it .so if jesus is God like your trinity is saying ,then a lot of scripture in the bible is made up,seeing how jesus dismisses a lot of where do you stand with nonsense scripture or cant have it both ways.
What line are you referring to?:confused:
None of the Bible is nonsense or made up, Smellycat.
Possibly you just don't understand alot of what you are reading.
And if you are sincere, you should ask questions; that is how we learn,
But be careful stating your opinions as facts!
No, the word 'Trinity' is not in the Bible, Smellycat.
Think of it this way.

Tom and Tammy are husband and wife.
2 separate individuals.
They have 1 child.
3 separate individuals, now.

All together they are a family, a unit, a clan........
Yes, we have made up words along the way to describe what we are talking about.
It is the 'meaning' of the word that is important.
Really, Tom and Tammy and their child were not meant to depict Christ, God, etc....

My whole meaning was about the word (TRINITY).

We HAVE to have words to use to describe things~~~~

I was, however, pointing out that 3 individuals with their own identity are one as a family, described in many different words.:eek:
violet i question everything im not trying to upset people.but to me it seems like God and jesus have the same spirit,but diffrent beings,jesus says that.
maybe its a way for evil to get into scripture,3 in a can of worms,maybe 3 in 1 is a way satan will trick us.who knows but i dont think a trinity is necesary.
Every word written in the Bible was the inspired word of God.
You are focusing too much on the word, Smellycat ~*Trinity*
Whether we call it trinity or "3 in 1", it's still the same truth.
Excuse me for being graphic but God did not, himself, physically impregnate Mary.
But his spirit did.
Mary gave birth to a human who was God in the flesh.
He is also a separate being, as is the Holy spirit, but they are all of God.
Jesus said that if you have seen him you have seen the father also.
I am losing focus on the real issue here, sorry.
What is it you are doubting?

Answer Sylvanus' questions above and maybe that will help us all understand where you are confused.
i have just got a feeling 3in 1 is wrong and can be manipulated.jesus is son of God and son of man and he made a point of saying this.jesus is our salvation .it just gets confusing for people.
violet i question everything im not trying to upset people.but to me it seems like God and jesus have the same spirit,but diffrent beings,jesus says that.
I don't think the Trinity is denying that, SM.
The Bible does say Jesus will sit at the right hand of God.
It's ok to ask questions.
We are told to seek the scriptures out and what they mean.
ive just got a feeling evil copies good ,mimics,ic again.and manipulates people into thinking they are doing good,the only way this can happen is by money or influencing people to do things which are wrong,just a hunch.humans are easily manipulated.
Jesus is our way to salvation.
God said we cannot get to him (God) except through Christ.

When I was little my Uncle used to tell me that you could take an egg apart and have~

The yolk
The white around the yolk
and The shell.

3 separate things~~~
but altogether they are 1 egg!