jesus words

ive just got a feeling evil copies good ,mimics,ic again.and manipulates people into thinking they are doing good,the only way this can happen is by money or influencing people to do things which are wrong,just a hunch.humans are easily manipulated.

Evil does copy good.
That is how the enemy fools the one without the Holy Spirit dwelling in him.

So you are right if you are saying satan will fool people through money and influences.
He makes things look good and even feel good so that the unbeliver will finally put those things first and have no desire for God.
The Pope!
I don't understand the Pope either and I don't think I want to!
No man can change God's word if that is what you mean~
Yes, SC, you are right.
You know,sometimes we look for answers carved in stone.
We want a manual for every part of life that is 100% true and foolproof and tells us in detailed information what we are to do.
Just relax and pray and God will open your heart and mind to the Truth!

P.S. yes, before anyone says anything:)p )the Bible is such a manual for every part of our lives and the truth is carved in stone!

I was merely saying we sometimes feel we need something written in the simplest terms, with the simplist explanations, before we move on in life.
The Bible is probably the most misinterpretated book ever~
This is where our faith comes in on a deep level~