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Oct 25, 2006
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I only had talked about my background because this is a thread where everyone shall introduce himself. Everybody is not a Christian here. Not everybody is of the same opinion. All of us have a background, a history which had formed us. And I am not a Christia but a Wicca. And as well I am not heterosexual but lesbian and was transsexual.
To be able to understand people, one must know their background first; and collecting them there where they are.

I came into this forum to talk with Christians. I have questions due to the knowledge I have what acquired. I would like to understand, not to condemn or to take conflicts to the forum.

I do not attack any faith I would have neither the right nor the knowledge to this. But I try considerably to make, that there is not only a Bible interpretation. That one shall not read the Bible like a normal book. This one the historical background; and must take a textual connection into account. Some Bible translations are good, others rather not (e.g. the New World Translation of the JW, or the German Elberfelder Bible).

A friendly parish priest, by the way a former JW, said once:
Where people are, there is humanize and we can be glad if it does not get fiendish!".
He was right.
I've been here a while. I know that at one point, we had a Statement of Faith that was required for membership here. I was only making you aware that I wasn't sure if it was in effect, but if it was, then you would likely have your account cancelled. As Jeff has chosen to extend an invitation, I have no quarrel. I welcome any genuine inquiries and discussions.
Oct 16, 2013
I think with that that the understanding of the Bible and life of traditions, is different in the USA and Europe.
An example:
It is normal for Christian in the USA to have a camp for Christian teenagers where they are indoctrinated. I think of the documentary movie "Jesus Camp" there. Something like that would be unthinkable in Europe. Even the Roman Catholic Pius Brotherhood would not do something like that! And these are politically very close to the tea party of the Republicans.
Haha, maybe I need to watch that documentary.. (I've been to a lot of "Jesus Camps")
but the way I think about it, we know the historical Jesus went up to the mountains a lot, so maybe it's a way to get closer to God!