Left Behind

Left Behind

I love these books!!! I know that there are twelve in the adult series and..I think 40 in the kids..X_X Yeah I think that's right.

Anyways, I happen to love the whole Tribulation thing and have read through Revelations at least a hundred times aready.

Anyone ever read them before? Or maybe even seen the movies?


I am afraid I have neither seen or read any of these but I understand they are pretty entertaining.
I have read all the books. It is a great fictional series that tell the true story of Revelations. The movies are OK too. They are not acadamy award winners but they are entertaining. The only problem some people have with the books is that it is a Pretrib rapture version. I don't know about everyone here in this forum but I believe that the pretrib makes more sense then post or mid trib rapture. In any case, it is still a great story and is certaintly better entertainment that most of the other junk out there today.

I read the books, Im waiting for the 13th to come out in April "Kingdom Come" I read these starting in the begining of this school year, and finished up about 2 weeks ago. They are by far the best books Ive read (a small number, but Im usually not a fan of fiction), and like you I have read through revelations multiple times.

Very good series, if you havent read, I suggest reading it, I'd give it 3 thumbs up... somehow. lol