Music man

Music man

I found out that lucifer (satan) was actually a musician.

Interesting the nursery rhyme, I am the music man.

"I am the music man, I come from down the way, and I can play!"
Moving past the misnomer of 'lucifer' (never a biblical name for Satan though some translations & commentaries have given this idea), I fail to see your point from this rhyme. Are you saying it has some hidden diabolical meaning, and if so what? That songs can be diabolical was well known to Gen. Booth, who asked why the devil should have all the good music.
Lemme guess...History Channel, right?:eek:

Those exact arguments were on a show I taped before I gave up watching those shows, that's why I'm guessing...:)
Jack and Jill - Jack fell down and BROKE HIS CROWN (HEAD)! :eek:

Rock-a-bye Bable - when the bough breaks the cradle will fall

Such lovely nursery rhymes. t's enough to make any child have nightmares ...

and some adults I know too! :D

Satan gets his hands into everything he can, even nursery rhymes.
I agree, Agape.

I used to get creeped out by some of the nursery rhymes when I was little. Incy Wincy Spider, so on...

...then again, I got creeped out by the Oompa Loompas, too. And the witch on Wizard of Oz? Whoah-boy...did a number on me when I was little.:eek:
That word is quite a tough one to spell, it took me like 5 minutes to find the correct spelling lol.

Its spelt Abysmal, and means...

–adjective 1.of or like an abyss; immeasurably deep or great. 2.extremely or hopelessly bad or severe: abysmal ignorance; abysmal poverty.

  1. <LI minmax_bound="true">Resembling an abyss in depth; unfathomable. <LI minmax_bound="true">Very profound; limitless: abysmal misery.
  2. Very bad: an abysmal performance.
In other words, bad. Lol. :)
try ba ba black sheep.or grand old duke of york.humpty,s all spiritual,the famous writers etc are just puppets in a spiritual realm.
had 10,000 men marched them up to the top of the hilll and he marched them down again,when they were up they were up,and when they were down they were down,and when they were only half way up they were neither up nor down.
Actually, many nursery rhymes are actually bits of history! Ring around the rosies is about the Black Plague. Humpty Dumpty was an actual king. Remember "A horse! A horse! My kingdom for a horse!" or "For the want of a nail, a shoe was lost"? That was an actual battle. Little Jack Horner is a political pun. There are many, many more examples, but I dont remember the details. I'd caution against looking for bugbears where there arent any.

If I remember correctly, Lucy in the sky with diamonds is supposed to be referencing LSD.

Near...then when I said that, the post vanished!:eek:

It's like magic!:eek:

Anyways...I'm sure it wasn't Mrs. What's-Her-Name's (I truly can't remember!) intent to turn her little class of munchkins into a bunch of little Indian devil-worshippers...hee hee hee.

But perhaps teachers should research these things before they have kids start chanting them. If they can't chant out prayers to the Lord, then how come they can chant out evil nursery rhymes?