New Zealand

My dad used to work for the NZ herald. But its gone downhill now. Its more tabloid trash than what it used to be. How times have changed!
Another good site is
Its got all the nZ newspapers, the local ones.

Fairfax media controls those though and they were based in Australia.
I wouldnt have minded being a journalist but...never had the training. My dad's job was to do layout and classifieds and a bit of sub editing.
I dont know what other sites to tell you as obviously not a tourist find good info about my country i recommend going to public library websites and local govt ones. Try Auckland Council, where I used to work.

(Thank God I dont anymore!)
There is a kowhai tree cultivar which is more like a shrub that is called 'Dragon's Gold' cos of the yellow flowers.
Kowhai is a native new zealand tree.
I have one bush in my garden, hasn't flowered yet.
It's the chinese that love dragons. i.e they used to worship them and many still do. They have dragon dances or lion dances.

Yea, its part of their culture. But since maori are originally descended from asian countries, they have kept some of that animal worship. So it's Taniwhas to them. Since they live underground, any area that's their territory is 'tapu' or taboo.

I know this sounds like something out of the Hobbit, but you know that was filmed in NZ too. Although that dragon is actually digital. lol.
NZ has a high suicide rate esp amongst youth who feel they had no future. No jobs etc. When I was growing up..many students talked about suicide, knowing that, all the jobs were going overseas.
post what you know about country!
All my knowledge about New Zealand has been through cricket! I love Kiwis.. Brendon McCullum is one of my favorite players.. They are a passionate team.. They pursue sports with so much passion and with humbleness as well.. They reach finals of the world cup.. I was hoping they would beat Australia :) Didn't happen though..

So.. I know New Zealanders are called Kiwis.. They don't like Australia that much.. Agriculture is a big thing there.. They are one of the largest agricultural exporters of the world..