I watched the video but to be truthful, he didn't say anything much. And I didn't disagree with alot of what he said, except that he ignores a lot of scripture, including the whole book of Revelation. To say that we are now in Christ's millenial kingdom, would be to say that the wickedness we see around us is our imagination. He ignores Christ's own words that he is coming again. He construes as pessimism that Christ gave signs that would announce His 2nd coming - wars and rumors of wars, bad weather, etc. That is not pessimism and "no reason" to fight - it is following scripture. In the video I saw, he gives no scripture that I can see that supports post millenialism. Maybe I missed it. He tosses alot of names around, as men of God, who agree and disagree but as has been noted already - none that support his view. He says that eschatology matters but then says we should ignore a lot of others scripture. I thank God, that at least he knows other thinking on this matter so he won't be completely blindsided when it happens. And I don't know when it will happen but my gut tells me we are close. But, in the end, I don't have a problem with hanging tight to our faith in God. We should avoid giving our money/life savings to people who claim they need it - for what? I really agree that we have to go by scripture - I just don't see that he is, entirely. Like MichaelH - I like his optimism.

And Major - sometimes watching a video is time well spent. You'd have liked it - He disses the mormons and JW's. :)
Thank you so much for that Silk! It really means a lot to me. I value your insight very much.

This church has awesome outreach ministries--- to atheists, Mormons, and JWs. We took the kids to the Mormon temple to hand out tracs during their big Christmas lights thing. It was a good teaching experience for the kids.
Hey Allie (was wondering where you hung out :)). I don't usually go out of Bible Studies (Baaad Silk). But I have started looking around. I think your original impression was correct. I think the speaker, Jeff, is sincere but he didn't really get to the point. Myself, I don't think the Rapture is part of God's plan but I will be rejoicing in the clouds if I am wrong on this. I agree with Jeff that alot of self proclaimed pastors/ministers/etal seem to be on an attention getting/give me money kinda trip. Jeff seems to think that too many people are drawn to the apocalypse. I don't all out disagree but I think another reason for the interest is because so many people are "feeling" that it is coming very soon. And I know Revelation was written, in part, for every generation to believe they are part of the end times. I think Revelation is a very complicated book and I also think it is written with so many symbols to deceive the Great Deceiver. Personally, I don't want to be around in the flesh for the 2nd coming - I want to be with Christ in the clouds :love:. I will be wherever the Lord puts me, and I know I will see you there. (yeah God!!)
Thanks. Yes I think Jeff is a great pastor. He also has a radio show you may like called Apologia Radio.

I hope the end is near :) I really want to see Him.

I am happy at my new church. I feel at home there. I'm looking forward to getting involved.
I admit I have not been following this thread but am reading it now but "the pastor talked about Matthew 24 and how it describes a past event." He is incorrect...the disciples asked two questions (read it)...

a) when will this happen (the destruction of the Temple), which was a near time event, and

b) what will be the signs of your coming (the parousia), which was a future event (whenever the Father decides to send Him)

we learn regarding the second question two keys repeated by Paul

1) the apostasia

2) the man of sin, that wicked one will be revealed

Then He comes in the clouds and the whole world will see it (at which time we are gathered to Him or caught up as Paul puts it)'

So I disagree...this conclusion he has reached was influenced by either Preterism or Dispensationalism both of which are Johnny come lately beliefs in the Church and most Christians today still do not believe in either outside of western Europe and America.

Just $.02

brother Paul


Well, they asked what will be the end of this Age. I think some translations use World.

We have no bible record of any temple being knocked down. You have to trust historic accounts (Rome or Muslims) to knock down the temple around 70ad. No scripture then no go for me.

I also find it hard to believe the Holy Spirit hand picked something that happened in 70ad to be recorded out of all the works and things Jesus said and did. We are told it will fill the World with books, so I am not buying it.

Preterist also have to make the 6th seal some type of hyperbole, though Jesus said the stars would be wiped out.

What does Departing from a previous standing have to do with the end? Apostasia.
I have read that some translate it to mean the same English Word Apostasy (Departure from the truth) but the Greek word being a female noun can't define what it departs from and female nouns normally have a male noun following to define it. They can though be defined by thought in the Article before.

Like in acts, they departed from Moses or (Forsake) Moses. Apostasia is defined as departing from Moses.

I know some believe that the Church is going to fall apart, but Paul never taught that and Jesus never taught that.

The church the Lord Jesus is head of, the Gates of Hell shall not prevail and Paul said He is able to present himself a glorious church without spot or Wrinkle.

I don't think Jesus has a epic fail anywhere concerning His church.

I do believe that as we approach the end of things as Earth knows it, that what is dark will become darker and what is light will become brighter.

Therefore judge nothing before the time, until the Lord come, who both will bring to light the hidden things of darkness, and will make manifest the counsels of the hearts: and then shall every man have praise of God.
(1Co 4:5)

We know Major denominations have fallen like the Methodist Church, the Lutheran Church, the Presbyterian church.
Light has been shown on them and the spirit of the antichrist who regards not women is in full effect as there are many antichrist already in the World, John tells us.

Thanks for jumping in and sharing Paul.
.02 Cents is worth a lot when we use scriptures.