Provoke Not Your Children to Wrath

Wow, I've read those passages before but always in relation to how I am to love others, never as to how God would love me! Thank you for that perspective. :) What a lovely way to start to my day. Thank you for your message!
Hello Lee-Ann and apologies again for the late reply, bit of a busy weekend here in Scotland! I'm so glad Lee-Ann and I hope that all is well with you. Little Pastor Secret; most like-minded Pastors I know agree that our greatest joy, aside from winning someone to Christ, is seeing a good Christian like yourself reach that place of complete freedom in Jesus Christ and just like the examples in the Word, it can take some time before God draws us toward the place He's been leading us spiritually. When God finally brings a Christian to the place of realising that they're under no law, that they're not being judged according to the law and, Christ desire to actually bless that person in every area of their lives then it's truly quite something. The look on their face changes, the way they see life alters and most importantly they find that true peace and joy in Jesus Christ, I find it just amazing. I remember giving my life to Christ and the way that impacted me but I also remember that moment that it finally clicked with me that I was actually free and i mean completely free and far more so than those in the world.

You'll find that place and you'll find that you wont need to build yourself up any more or try to experience joy, the life of Christ within you will just be there leaving you in such a place of freedom. The secret is, understanding that you're under no law as a Christian any more. Paul said in the epistles, and therefore Christ said, 'all things are lawful unto me', he also said that there is nothing unclean in itself - life is there to be lived and if others can't see that life and joy then it's struggle to share our testimony. You're going to find that place of that I'm absolutely convinced x