Shocking Post

Shocking Post

On the Social networking site was the following post by a young man who looked around 14 or 15:

About me:

I am not Christian. I was at one point in my life forced into Baptism, and forced into other positions in my church. I was only a child, and has very little say in what I did. In recent years I contemplated my religion and decided that I did not see any point in Christianity. there are some positive traits of course, but for the most part the religion in overbearing and often hateful toward others. This in memorium of homosexuals, jews, blacks, muslims, and many more groups. I am not saying that a church should accept what they do not believe in, but they have no right to treat many of these people with extreme disrecpect. I am all for respecting people. So I decided if Christians could not be respectful to people, then I could not take part in such a religion.

As for being saved, no I’m not saved nor do I ever plan on doing so. In fact I am a Secular Humanist (Agnostic Atheist), and I endorse Buddhism more than any other religious practice, because of its philosophy of non-violence and religious toleration. Jesus died and lived, he had wonderful philosophies on life. However, I cannot accept that someone would die for my so called sin, I would not let someone suffer for my faults. I would rather suffer eternally than ever wrongfully transfer my “sin†to anyone else.

Lastly, there is nothing wrong with homosexuality. If you disagree, then get over it.

—My love to all of you—​

Any comments or thoughts about this young man's post?
This grieves me greatly to see that this young man has such a "twisted", (if I might use the word) view on christianity. True we might not believe or agree with other ethnic groups practices, but we certainly do not treat them poorly, we try to help them don't we? The only criticism I have ever heard was cast at homosexuals, but even then this was only an incident involving one mans voiced thoughts and beliefs.

When one looks at the death and rise of Christ, one should not look at it in a self condeming mindset full of shame and guilt, but rather should look at it as merciful and a great thing Christ did it so that we might rejoice not weep in sorrow.

Back to the top, when this young man says that he was "Forced" into being baptised etc. I belive that he was not really, but says he was because he himself mostlikely has a grudge against GOD for not giving him what he wanted or helping him when he wanted to be helped which is most common in peoples reasoning for turning from the LORD. This young man finds that he can use this as an excuse and sustaining point for his change of mind and beliefs instead of telling people the real reasons why he has turned, which he is obviously ashamed of.

Just some thoughts, would love to hear what others think about this tragedy.
arrivederci elminos!

I don't like it, but I have to admit, I've can see where he's coming from. Religion and church leadership were always expected of me because I grew up in the church and my grandfather was often the pastor. It's hard to realized a need for Christ in your life if you've lived that type of life. Those expectations coupled with the self-righteous members (while they are often few, they are a loud minority and do a lot of damage to a baby Christian's walk) along with their intolerance makes it REALLY hard to really see God's love when you grow up in the church. Took me 10 years of running away before I could really see things the way they really were.

Just yesterday I was rehearsing for the service and I came in late. So I forgot to take my hat off. One of the gentlemen who brings his wife walked up to me in the middle of the set and said "Please respect my sanctuary and remove your hat". Now, I didn't PLAN of wearing my hat into church. It wasn't even a disrespectful hat (it was an old fedora). I simply forgot I was wearing it. While I recognize the right of those that are in charge (which he isn't) to simple give me an order, I don't recognize anyone's right to this type of self-righteous behaviour. It's not HIS sanctuary, it's God's. I didn't need to be attacked like this, just reminded. He could have requested, he could have simply motioned to me that I'm still wearing my hat, but he chose to get pompous and rude. Last time I was approached like that, my faith was much weaker and I walked out of a church and did not return to ANY church for 10 years. I was upset for a while, but after breakfast I went back to the music director and explained what happened, and I felt much better about it. Apparently there are other issues going on with this person right now, and I'm not going to hold it against him any longer. But when I think of the damage comments like that can make on a person who is struggling with their identity as a Christian, I'm glad he approached me now and not a year ago...and definitely not someone else.

Great post. No doubt many, many young people close their hearts and minds to the gospel due to adults who are more worried about appearances than the heart!
True, but not just of young people. I also left church for quite some time. I've come to the conclusion that I need to keep my focus on Jesus, not on people, and that makes it much easier to stay in a church, where I know I belong. I can't wait to get to the worship services each week, because the Holy Spirit is really working in our congregation.
There are all kinds of reasons people have for leaving a church. I knew one woman who left because the overhead fan was on above her favorite seat. And a man left because someone was sitting in his favorite seat. To me, these are just convenient reasons. I think these people didn't really want to be there in the first place.
I heard one time, that if you find the perfect church, don't join it....because you'll ruin it!

That was said in jest, of course. We all need to belong to a body of believers. Just remember to focus on Jesus!
it seems like he wasn't really given a choice to choose.

Christ is who e need to find on our own. we have help along the way, but no religion should evr be forced upon anyone, which is probably where his lack of understanding come from. no one took the time to undrstnd him, as a person, so it all back-fired.

God never force anyone to follow Him. I don't know where you got that idear. But parents have responsibity (if they are Christians) to bring them up as they should go. Yes, regardless how you are brought up, you still have choce whether you continue on with God or not. Even adults have choice, after they converted to christianity; they can always abandon God and Jesus.

I became Christian 8 years ago. I have four Children, 29 years old, 27, 19 and 16. Since I became Christion Three of them became committed followers of Jesus. and they are so glad that I became believer and they are a happy Christians too.

We had miserable unhappy family but now because of Jesus' teachings we are a big happy family. Of course we had to make a big change in our family lifestyles and only two left from us and Jesus because they do not like His teachings to follow.

We will never stay with God if we don't appreciate Jesus' teachings. My family and I appriciate His teachings grately. Jesus' teachings are blessing instead of burden, my friend.

It is an individual choice, but Scripture does instruct us not to frustrate our children and to be careful not to be a stumbling block to others. We should not live in fear, but we should be careful to properly represnt the Christ we love!

It is an individual choice, but Scripture does instruct us not to frustrate our children and to be careful not to be a stumbling block to others. We should not live in fear, but we should be careful to properly represnt the Christ we love!

I am not frustrating my children and they truly appreciate Jesus' teachings. I believe chrildren appreciate Jesus' teachings when their parents are walking closely with Jesus.
I'm glad it is so, Joyful.
I was brought up in a Christian family, and now I know Jesus personally on my own. It is such a wonderful experience!
Please allow me to join the discussion. I notice that most of you are from the U.S. Well, I'm from the Philippines. Our country is dominated by Roman Catholics.

When I was a teenager, I was raised by my aunt as a christian. I was very interested and self-motivated to know GOD and how I can live according to his words. However, this aunt of mine maltreated me. She hurts both emotionally and physically. Because of that, I turned my back from GOD and I lived with the world. However, after all those years of commiting sins, there's still a deep part of me that belongs to GOD. It's just that I was not mature enough that I shouldn't blame GOD for the bad things that people did to me.

I'm in the process of reviving my relationship to GOD alone. Actually, I'm glad that I found this website because now, I can discuss what I feel about my spirituality with other people who believe in Jesus Christ.
I am so sorry for your pain but I rejoice at the fact you are coming back to the One who is the source of all healing, all peace, all freedom and all joy! Your testimony is a great demonstration of God's redeeming power- the world abuses but the Lord draws us back to Himself at lifts us back on our feet! Praise God always and expect Him to do wonderful things in your life!
Boanerges I was reading about the situation where you did keep your hat on and where someone in a wrong way pointed this out to you.

We have an issue with an older fellow who is appointed to greet people at the door.

He hugs everybody in such a way that my wife thinks it's offensive.
He over does it. And not everybody likes to be hugged.

She does not like to be hugged by him up to the point that she tries to avoid him or worse, does not feel like going to church or wants to go to another church.
I think it would be wise for you and or her to simply tell this man that you appreciate his gestures of friendship but would prefer a warm handshake. It is never a good idea to assume that anyone else knows how you are feeling or reacting on the inside so the best idea is to tell them directly and in the nicest possible way. I personally am a zealot and love the church of my Jesus but if I ever do anything offensive to any of you here please let me know as this will never be my purpose.
On the Social networking site was the following post by a young man who looked around 14 or 15...

Any comments or thoughts about this young man's post?

Pray for him. im sure deep down, he knows that God is real. :D
The lord can work through someone else to reach out to him :shepherd:
christianity and our youth

i know that "family and parenting" may not relate to me yet, however the topic is so interesting i cant resist...

as some of u might know from my other post(s) in youth related topics i am about as far left and liberal as any Christian can get. yet i am starting to realize now more than ever (thanks to the help of Boanerges, RichardS, Violet, and others) thats alright with God. Jesus doesn't have a political party or endorse any corporate conglomerates. I may know this but many kids my age turn away from, suppress ,and eventually push away their christian values. this is due to the fact that they supposedly "do not fit the stereotype and will not be excepted by these uppity Christian republicans." they can't even see God for who he/she really is, and even if they do they will fear his/her eternal love.

The church has to many false representatives all over the boob tube claiming they are true christians, then a month later we see them getting arrested for some sort of fiscal or sexual misconduct.

it is natural for the youth to defy and denounce governing authorities and if we as Christians allow our belief to get intertwined with governing authorities then the youth will do the same to christ.

(now that i read back it seems i have gone off on a meaningless rant)lol:D

in conclusion what i am trying to say is that older Christians should stop judging and pushing away their children and grand children, and teach them(us) about Christ not their own intolerance. They should except them for their hair, piercings, and tattoos (because its too late if its already there, might as well accept it)... and then maybe we can work on our souls instead of the vehicles which carry them.

:jesus-sign:much peace and love