Shop at Wal-mart not Target

About a month ago I lost my Bluetooth, so about a week ago I bought a Playtronics one at Target. My original one was a Motorola, but the Playtronics one was $20 cheaper. So I tried it out but I didn't like it because it has this little thing that goes into your ear and after some time it starts to hurt. So I took it back to return it and the girl at the counter was all, "is there anything wrong with it?" and I said, "nope," and she said, "well, I can't give you a refund because it's electronics. I can only give you a replacement." So I said, "Well, it hurts my ear." And she said, "Well, okay, I'll do it for you this time...just don't tell anyone." I think she was sweet on me. But the point is you can take anything back to Wal-Mart and it's never a problem. Target also has some kind of policy that you can only return two items back a year without a receipt. Who do they think they are. I am also against benefits for same-sex partners.


While I applaud Wal mart for this stand they are no angels. Their predatory business practices have put thousands of small businesses out of business. They are responsible for forcing many major companies to ship their manufacturing facilities to China. Generally they force a shut down of high paying manufacturing jobs and then hier the workers at much lower wages to work in their stores.
If Walmart was a country it would have the 30th biggest economy on the planet, it has achieved this thru many questionable acts. I buy American.
Well.... we don't have target stores.... And Walmart is doing a lot of damage here as they are putting all the other chains under and one of our big grocery stores is looosing a lot and the small guy cannot exist.

And people I talked to say that they don't pay their workers very well .
I agree with Boanerges' take on this. WalMart has been a pet peeve of mine for several years. They drive the small businessman out while initially touting American goods, then slowly the signs disappear, and you realize most everything in the store is made in another country.

I, too, try to buy American when at all possible. I'd never been to a Target until a new shopping center opened up here a few weeks ago, now it's less than 5 minutes away. I find this news disappointing to say the least.
I remember going to high school with a girl named Rene. Her dad owned the only department store in the small little town, and it was a place where you had to go whenever you needed something.

Rene was a brat. She treated anybody any way she ever wanted to, and she always had people begging her to be their friends. Lord only knows why. Her father was the same way. If anybody walked into his store dressed "a particular way", he'd follow them around the store, making sure that they knew he was there just to make sure they didn't pocket anything.

They could charge any price they wanted to, because there wasn't another store for...oh, give or take 60-miles.

I remember once I went there for a hammer. It cost me 15-bucks.

Years later, Wal-mart went into business nearby. I needed another hammer. It cost me a buck. And soon enough, Rene's dad's shop closed its doors. Many people were happy. With the money they were saving, they would be able to afford some of the necessities that only Rene's family was able to afford up until that point.

Today, she owns a fly shop and she couldn't be nicer to whoever enters the doors. She's struggling, and her dad has turned to the church.

Me? I'll just keep banging away with my dollar hammer until the day comes when it busts and I have to go price them out again. I'm not rich...but I'm not poor either. I'd like to keep it that way.

It doesn't have to be Wal-mart. Doesn't have to be Target. There's evil everywhere, but by the Grace of Jesus we're saved. And if Jesus can forgive, then who am I to be judging between two evils?

Me and my hammer will mind our own business.:D


I appreciate you experience and heart. I do however think it is a different thing when the largest reatiler on the planet tells companies to shut their plants and move to China, to provide the product Wal Mart wants at the price they want or risk being put out of business. Wal Mart has pulled acounts from several US manufacturers for failure to comply and they have each in turn went out of business.
The American way was always this: find what you are looking for and get competitive bids. The Wal Mart way is put all your competitors in one room, tell them what they want and how much they are willing to pay. The US based factories cannot compete with the almost non existant labur costs overseas so there go more jobs.
Then there is the take over tactics that they are most famous for. Go into small town America and open up shop. Cut all the prices until they drive main street and all their competitors out and then raise them up. They are leading the nation in eliminating high paying manufacturing jobs and given the workers something else to do- at $8.00 per hour.
Wal Mart is not good for America.
Yah .... Bro Larry I see your point and I don't think they will allow unions to come into their stores either and if some one trys to start ... they are fired.
No, they are no angels, very true, Bro. Larry.....
But what if it is the only affordable place for people to shop and provide for their family?

We don't have many choices here~


In our case we simply bite the bullet so to speak. It is not easy for us but I feel it is the right choice for us. It is a personal conviction and each must follow his or her conscience.
Yes, we do is the only store nearby and a Target.....same principals~

I have t be careful with money with such a large family!

Some things online are so affordable til you add tax and shipping costs!!!



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No, they are no angels, very true, Bro. Larry.....
But what if it is the only affordable place for people to shop and provide for their family?

We don't have many choices here~
As to affordable. I find many of the products sold in the Wal-Mart to be old, defective, or close to being spoiled (in the case of food). Paying a few cents less and having to toss out some of the product is not the most cost effective way to shop.

I'd rather shop at Kroger or elsewhere and pay a few cents more but know I can use all of whatever I'm buying.


Quality vs quantity-:D.
Let's not be to harsh though, after all the Chinese need money to buy all those missles they want to point at us- LOL!


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So...who is the lesser of the two evils. Walmart has nothing going for them. Their stores are dirty and disorganized, and usually overpacked with customers and severely understaffed. They have extremely questionable business practices, and have poor "quality"...everything. They have horrible employee benefits for the most part, and don't treat either their employees or customers with care or respect.

As a consumer, I like Target. Their stores are clean, their employees are friendly, they have a great policy for employing elderly people on fixed incomes and giving them meaningful work. I do not have a problem with any benefits policy that any company can come up with for their employees. These are ALL secular companies, and if they choose to spend money that they don't need to on insurance for "domestic partners" or even random strangers and roomates, I really don't care.
I saw this documentary about Walmart, the High Cost of Living or something like that. It didn't change my mind.

I still go to Walmart. Ban...which one are you going to? There's a supercenter in Central Oregon (supposed to be the largest one in the nation until one being built now opens). It's sparkling clean and I like their restrooms because they don't seem so..."public".

I also go to Target...but a friend of mine doesn't want me to shop there, either, she says, because Target doesn't provide scholarship funds to Native Americans.

I also shop at Fred Meyer (although they have the highest prices I've found anywhere).

It's apparent that one store doesn't represent all of them, nation-wide. The Walmart in Redmond is clean enough to eat off of the floor. I even asked one of the cashiers about some of the claims made in the documentary regarding disgruntled workers...she told me Walmart was a blessing! She loved working there!

I think I'm biased, too...a while back when I worked for the Native radio station, the community was looking for cash for a women's shelter. Walmart stepped up with a Tickle Me Elmo doll, this was right around the time when these dolls were selling on ebay for price of new houses.

I've always been nice to Walmart since then.

Always will be.:)