Six Californias? Residents Poised To Vote On Splitting Up State


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The wealthy like to rearrange boundaries every time they tire of paying for the maintenance of the poor.

They've had one seperate nation there for years - The Peoples Republic of Berserkely.
Notice how in the broadcast report the Billionaire pushing for this lives in Silicon Valley area. The richest area of CA.

It should be interesting to see how this goes.
Indeed. Much of it is fueled by concern of over-regulation, so many business CEOs are pushing for more options so that their companies can stay afloat and they aren't driven out of business due to regulation swallowing them.

I despise unfair treatment of workers, but I also think there should be a sense of understanding for businesses since so many of them are just trying to move on with what they've worked hard for.
And yet if Silicon Valley is the primary area of California that produces revenue for the entire state, cording off that area, dividing California into six states, so that SV in that capacity is the richest revenue stream for that new state, is unfair to all of the other five states that are proposed to come into being with this measure.

That would then be unfair in commerce to not only five states of California, former California, residents. But it would be unfair to all workers in those other five states as well as the tax payers overall.

Commandeering the tax revenue to one centralized locale, if SV is the highest revenue producing area in California, would have a devastating impact on the rest of the California area that survives in total on taxes and fees generated from the whole of the state.
From my understanding, the idea isn't to lock others out of a localized concept of less regulation, but to provide more option. One thing that some of them are concerned about is the decline of their businesses, not entirely because of their own profit (though perhaps largely), but also because of the employment is has offered to others.

California, which has a higher population of people than the entire country of Canada, governs very similarly all over and while it may cater to a few in one section, it interrupts the productivity of others in another. The idea wasn't intended originally to split up the state, but to at least make government more localized to better fit each area and their economic needs. Though because counties can't easily nullify the state, the next idea would be to split the state into sections so that their state governments may be able to work within their elements in a more custom way that helps.

Is everyone's motives pure and good? Probably not. Though there are some who have been very much for it because of their concern for the common good.

I think there's good reason to have concern for it, but there's also good reason to have support for it. It's a good discussion I think.
I was reflecting on what the "rich guy" said at 1:38 point in the video.
We'll have to see. I don't live in California but I do believe the observation, in the video, that exacerbating the divide between those who are the wealthiest and those who are far less so, would be at issue. And of course Congress would have to approve anything that is voted on here.

Can you imagine? Six new states in what was formerly California. Fifty-six states in America.

(Keep in mind there he said he didn't make it to two other states. Do the math. :p ) If the vote in California goes through he'll have almost been right. ;) :ROFLMAO:
I understand.

I suspect Congress will not approve this unless they conceive a way of how it will generate more revenue federally. This partly why Lincoln forced half of Virginia to split creating West Virginia.
West Virginia makes for great camping. :)
Yes, I have no doubt the tax revenue issue is the first consideration if this makes it to Congress.
I love West Virginia. My wife and I visit Berkeley Springs (also known as the town of Bath) every fall. We talk about moving there, though I suspect that won't happen. I do love to live a small town like there where I can actually breathe.
I love West Virginia. My wife and I visit Berkeley Springs (also known as the town of Bath) every fall. We talk about moving there, though I suspect that won't happen. I do love to live a small town like there where I can actually breathe.
I know what you mean. I've not yet been to Bath but I appreciate small towns. I've lived in big cities and while they can be a lot of fun the busyness and the congestion grows to be too much after awhile.

I like to be able to walk outside and not have a neighbor right next door. Fresh air and dark skies at night so I can see the stars that aren't obscured by light pollution.
Why not let Texas separate from the Union (after all they wanted to)? Why are Native American reservations the only Sovereign Nations in the world that cannot apply for foreign aid? Why has the US NEVER honored one of the treatise made with them? The position of Californians is absurd...if they do not like it there than move or vote to change things as one state...
To speak politically, I don't think Democrats would go for it because they own California and have a guaranteed 55 electoral votes for president, which is a little over 20% needed to win. They also like taxing the businesses there, if California were a country, its economy would rank 7th largest in the world. Although they would get more senators if they split, I think they want the guaranteed electoral votes more.
I'm glad they are taking it back inch by inch.

It is rightfully theirs. Texans came in and illegally took the land by not abiding by the Mexican laws.

Then cried like babies to the US Government to help them take it.

All in all a fine example of the US demonstrating it is a fallen nation, not a Christian one.