Sometimes my anxiety feels like an affront to God

My mother's childhood and early teens were spent in a Nazi occupied country during WWII. What she endured for many years altered her permanently and halted her development so that emotionally she operated at the level of about an 8 year old. Recent studies have also shown that prolonged exposure to war trauma also can genetically alter the parent so that they pass on the propensity for anxiety to their children. This, coupled with her anxious modeling behaviour, is no doubt partly how I learned this unfortunate way of thinking. I make no mistake about it - it is faulty thinking on my part that begins the anxiety, and these thinking patterns can become habitual. I also believe that with work through special programs like Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and with God's help, anxiety can be overcome or at least lessened significantly. There are no mysteries in my mind where all of this evolved. But it is also my responsibility to do something about it as much as possible to overcome this disordered thinking. As in all things I turn to the Lord for the strength to help me help myself, and I find that the power of prayer to ward off the worst moments of the worst attacks is something that actually works. I firmly believe that with God all things are possible, and this is one of many areas of my life where God actively assists me. I, in turn, see His work in my life on a daily basis, and I am reminded that without Him, very little improvement would be realized. I do not believe that God caused for me to have this affliction, but I do feel that He wants us to bring all our problems, hopes, and joys to Him. I also do not believe that God made me like this for the purposes of helping others with similar issues, but that does not stop me from feeling blessed in being ABLE to relate to others in with similar issues. Ultimately, the evil that exists in the world helped bring some of this upon me. It is now for me to choose how I wish to manage this: I choose to fight it, to call upon God, and to try to support others in their struggles.

I just wanted to clarify this. Thank you.

I appreciate your thoughts on this. Not everyone wants to try to overcome their issues. So many people are victims to their issues and never grow or move past them. It's very sad for them. You are an over comer....... Congratulations !!