Sunday School: 2 questions

Aug 2, 2014
2 questions:

a) I recently asked to teach Sunday School in a nearby church. They are still considering my request, please pray that it will be accepted.

b) As always, ideas for Sunday School activities are more than welcome. Here's one that worked really well: coloring T-shirts with the image of a cross and the Latin phrase CHRISTUS VINCIT. So simple and so effective!

Thanks in advance!
Aug 9, 2020
As long as you have a clean record, i cannot see why you wouldnt be accepted. If the church doesnt accept you, they are crazy, i would let you teach church members kids in a heart beat. Praying for you. God bless.
I grew up in Sunday school, in two churches. Honestly i loved Sunday school as much as normal church. I got the get sweets when i remembered my verses that week. I did a lot of christian movie watching and colouring in. Sunday school, is awesome, i wish old time members could still go youth group. Sunday school and youth group, are only made for certain ages.


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Feb 15, 2010
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Hello Flavio;

A T-shirt that says, CHRISTUS VINCIT = Christ Conquers! or Christ Triumphs! Would this be for children starting 2nd grade enrolled in Sunday Catechism or older children's Sunday School for CCD Confraternity of Christian Doctrine?

In the church I serve the Children's Minister or Youth Group Pastor would ask me to review a T-shirt, curriculum, VBS, etc...for weekly or summer Children's Group, Youth Group as well as Sunday school. After discussing an idea with the Leader one point is the impact made with children or youth in the long run.

We'll join you in prayer should God lead the Priest and leadership to approve your teaching, as well as your ideas.

Please let us know what happens, Flavio.

God bless you and your family.