The Divine Nature

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Jan 23, 2014

So you understood my reasoning, and yes, "the truth of scripture does not end with this passage". And no, it is not solely about baptism. But as to the question, you do not seem to believe the apostles and disciples were mistaken. That is a good beginning to
be "...perfectly joined together in the same mind and in the same judgment."

Now lets look at the Apostle Paul and his thoughts on baptism.
(1) Paul was the apostle to the Gentiles; (2) part of his calling was to overcome the principalities and powers in a region and to establish the Church there; (3) he did not just preach the Gospel; (4) Paul taught the doctrines of the Lord; (5) Paul also established the Ministry for the Church; (6) Paul worked in conjunction with the prophets of the Lord; (7) Paul used disciples (men mature in the faith) to baptized the converts; (8) Paul never minimized nor reject the commandment to baptize.

Paul said he did not baptize because he knew men would adhere to him instead of the Gospel: "...that there are contentions
among of you says, 'I am of Paul, ; and I of Apollos; and I of Cephas; and I of Christ.'...lest any should say that I baptize in mine own name."
Paul did not put baptism first, but the preaching of the Gospel: which also agrees with the Lord's
own words: "He that (1) believes and is (2) baptized shall be saved." No beloved, baptism serves "He that is baptized...".

No, there will never be a need for you, or any other man, to rebuke an angel from heaven; the preaching of the Gospel is not committed to them: it is committed to man. When the angel of the Lord appeared to Cornelius, the angel did not preach the Gospel to him, but told Cornelius to send for the man that would tell him what to do. Don't think of yourself so highly, Beloved; there will come a time when the Church will judge angels: but not now.

Now you say I am becoming more hostile: I have been given a harder head than you!
Great you are more ignorant than anyone else. Congrats. There is nothing more shame full than a christian who glorifies his unwillingness to listen to sound doctrine. Being so deceived he admits he is completely hard head. Gid must have a sense of humor.
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The reason I asked is that I used to pray to God for awhile (I didn't know His NAME). Then He started to answer my prayers: but it was never for evil. I asked Him for a job, so I didn't have to still; little things, really, but to me they were BIG things.

It all began in Palm Springs, CA.; I was about 23 years old. I was walking down the main street, getting to know the city, and a young man was walking the opposite way, towards me. As we passed each other, we nodded heads in salutation: then he slowed down, looked at me, and said, "Jesus loves you." I stood there almost in shock, but surely surprised. I turned to him as he walked past, but he just picked up his regular pace and kept on walking: never looking back. I stared after him, thinking, "If only that was true. If only Jesus really loved me."

For me, that is how it all begin. Just a hope. No prayer, no Gospel preaching, nothing but a word that to me produced hope.
I pray that for you it will be more than that; that your hope will develop into a deep relationship with the ONE that created you.
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