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God bless you, weewillie;

We never know where the fellowship may go. At times we will discern when a topic gets off the verb, then pull it back in, other times it can be a blessing in disguise and minister to someone, for His glory.

Your thread has been wonderful, brother, no worries.

Thank you.
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<quote>Those who are dominated by the Most Holy Written Word Of God will respond to EVERY situation in the same way. By Faith.

A disaster strikes and they are not moved by anything but the Most Holy Written Word Of God. The Joy of The Lord is always Present.<end qoute>

Your words are the absolute truth and a very timely reminder and encouragement for everyone. Amen.
We, who believe, trust and hand our lives over to God surely have those words deeply embedded in mind body and soul, we must never ever forget those sentiments. We absolutely hand our lives over to God, entrusting Him absolutely whatever the circumstances we come across in our daily journey through life.
We, who welcome, trust, and invite God into our life, accept His Will, we recognize all events from God are all for own personal advancement and gain through our daily Christan progress. Everything in life we do or experience is for that purpose. We all would or should not have it any other way.

Jesus was the Personification, the Master, the Greatest Teacher, the Purest Golden Example of how we should react\act in any given circumstance we face in life.

Incidentally, I spent many months in prayer with God asking if I actually should raise the very subject of Unanswered Prayers.
Would God actually approve or endorse me raising this subject or make it abundantly clear I should do no such thing?

In the end, I felt confident enough to raise the subject in a Christian Forum.
The words I had outlined in my mind came to the fore as I began typing.

Incidentally, the words that came to mind and presented are not mine. However, I'm very aware of where they did come from.
You know, God in his wisdom did not bless me with anything near a good intelligent brain causing me to struggle through school life. I had a dreadfully hard school life.

I did not achieve the status to enter, what we call High School\SeniorSchool. It was the lower Junior School for me. At the age of finally leaving school, I came away without one single degree!

My dear wife can run circles round as far as that's concerned. I'm aware with no small certainty, God brought us together.
Other than her reading this when completed she had no input on this subject. Don't want anyone thinking her intelligence influenced mine.
Nah, I would state if she had an influence on anything I compose without any concern at all.
What I can say is she's in total agreement with the sentiments regarding this subject.

Anyway, when "Unanswered Prayer Request" was finally complete, I sought His guidance once more, this time regarding where I should actually post it, which Forum should I use.
I eventually did come across a website I reckoned would do nicely. I prayed again, signed up and a few days later went through the procedure of posting the subject but, the post simply disappeared as soon as I posted. I tried again, the same thing happened, I attempted a third time, the same thing happened, I took the hint and left.

I came across yet another encouraging web site. I prayed once more, signed up successfully but could not for the life of me log in later that same day or the following day. Once again I took the hint and left.

Those are only two examples where things went a bit askew, I began to fear I'd completely misunderstood God.
I prayed once more, had I really got things so wrong?

However, on the third day, I came across www.christian.com, I prayed, if my attempt to post the subject fails this time, it would clearly indicate it was not to be. It should not see the light of day. I accepted that without hesitation.

Jumping forward, I began to have a niggling doubt regarding one particular bold comment I made in reply to FCJ.

I said, "not one single person can guarantee how they would react in any given situation...however, I absolutely still stand by that statement.

<quote>Those who are dominated by the Most Holy Written Word Of God will respond to EVERY situation in the same way. By Faith.
A disaster strikes and they are not moved by anything but the Most Holy Written Word Of God. The Joy of The Lord is always Present.<end quote>

The absolute truth indeed, Amen. I fully and wholeheartedly endorse\believe your profound statement. Each and every believer accepting God into their mind, body, and soul surely will endorse it also, or "should" endorse it, File Catcher Jim. Correct.

I still stand by my own comment, though.
My post was gleaned from personal experience\s. (ordinary church members up to the higher echelons)
I've heard and witnessed some dear folks actions\reaction\words when suddenly faced with an incident requiring immediate attention. Those dear folks could never ever have predicted or had any thought in mind prior to their "actual action\reaction".
It could, of course, be said; Well it's clearly obvious they never truly had God and Christ embedded deeply within them in the first, but who am I to be so righteous or judgemental.
On the other hand, as with all believers, we have been given the priceless and golden honour of praying and or fasting for them and the situation\trial they are faced with.

"Fasting" now there's a subject for consideration. LOL

I'm still finding my way around the various boards and learning what goes where.
I find forums a completely different world to straightforward websites.......
Sooo, without the slightest hint of embarrassment (not) would the two lovely members who
sent me a PM each, contact me again so I can reply and the means of replying.

Oh (2).....
I haven't forgotten to explain my comment regarding "going off target" in Unanswered Prayer Requests.
I must offer an explanation, but later.

Oh (2).....

I haven't forgotten to explain my comment regarding "going off target" in Unanswered Prayer Requests.

I must offer an explanation, but later.

Oh (3)

Re-"Folks, I'm putting a halt to this thread"

Sorry to disappoint everyone :p

I've had a change of thought. :)


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Fish Catcher Jim

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You might put a halt to this thread but if I close it, well some one will probably just start another.

See here at cfs we have some head over heals in Love with God and His Ways and we don't walk away from a very important topic such as this.

As far as education goes, God can do more with Little then man can with a lot.

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I said, "not one single person can guarantee how they would react in any given situation...however, I absolutely still stand by that statement.

FCJ Said
<quote>Those who are dominated by the Most Holy Written Word Of God will respond to EVERY situation in the same way. By Faith.
A disaster strikes and they are not moved by anything but the Most Holy Written Word Of God. The Joy of The Lord is always Present.<end quote>
See that's the difference.
You have half hearted carnal Christians who do not seek after God and spend most of their time doing other things.
These are the folks who never know what they will do.

Love, Patience and Faith all work together.
These three words have become sloppy in this day and age.
Some say I love movies or candy or a new car.

God is Love
We Love God and We love the things of God (His Word) and we love people.
Everything else we can enjoy or like.
1 Timothy 6:17
Charge them that are rich in this world, that they be not highminded, nor trust in uncertain riches, but in the living God, who giveth us richly all things to enjoy;
Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him.

Look at Patience
Most believe it's simply putting up with something......wrong
This means in the good times and in the bad times our Faith (reaction and action) will always be the same. Full of the Joy of the Lord.
You move slow and deliberately and your first words will always be Faith Filled Words of God.

First Words Count Most. It's our First words that set the scene.
Take most believers and slam their hand in a car door. We will quickly see what's in their heart the most. First words .

Enduring or Endurance again is not putting up with something.
It's Standing Strong Unwavering from the Written Word of God. Again it's It's being CONSISTENTLY THE SAME CONSECUTIVELY with Cofidence that can't be shaken or moved from the Word of God.
It can't be moved by a situation but is moved by God's Word. That's a believer filled and operating with Biblical Mountain Moving Faith.

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Its a good topic and your first post was really thought provoking. Thats why you got all these responses. Dont go away.

When you write about our Father saying 'no' because He knows whats best for us, a way to look at it is, are we asking His will or asking amiss. Say I ask My Father in Heaven something totally non christlike like want to marry an unbeliever and still be a faithful christian, send one to me. I may get just what I ask for cos I go ahead and just do what I want, or God actually doesnt send anyone to me. or am I not adressing this to God in Jesus name, am I praying to the god of this world, who will happily grant this lustful request.

Or say a selfish prayer like. I just dont want to suffer anymore can I have an easy life and not have to lift a finger. I dont know if people pray like this but if you a born again christian when the spirit helps you to pray you end up praying Gods will. BEcause God wont understand nonsensical prayers like if you ask for something totally unreasonable even though nothing is Impossible for God, His ways are higher than our ways! We cant tell God what to do! He's God not us.
Thank you Lanolin, you have encouraged me so much. Your words are intelligent, thought-provoking, wise and timely, I agree with you.

I'm pretty certain many of us surely must have been caught under the spell of your first paragraph, including me.

Isn't just so, then, we can only but pray, trust and hope that as we continue to travel along our new or not so new found path we find ourselves walking Spiritually along, that we become more realistic as that journey, partnership and development with God progresses, so much so, that we become far wiser, confident, and mature than we once were.

Thank God for His mercy for all of us.


Hi, re-my initial statement "I do not accept anyone can guarantee with certainty just how they would react in any given circumstance" If I'm totally wrong, I expect to be fully corrected by God. Time will tell and I'm not afraid to receive correction. Any correction will be for my own good and Spiritual growth.

Now, I understand File Catcher Jim's reply, I know and understand what he saying, or your good-self File Catcher Jim, if you read this.
As I mentioned, my view is based on personal experiences regarding ordinary church members right up to the top.

What I did not include in that post was yours truly, me. Therefore I would like to mention the problems I deal with as I continue along my life's journey with God.

First of all, I've always been a nervous individual. I can pinpoint exactly when that nervousness started, I was a four-year-old child and remember the clothes I was wearing at the time.

Now depending on my strength, conviction, and understanding as I travel along my path of Spiritual growth with God. I myself would never ever have predicted with any degree of certainty just how I would cope with the following. (I failed a few times, if you read my previous post, you may recall my words regarding my life)

Nerve damage at the base of the spine.
A Hiatus Hernia.
Labyrinthitis. (If I move my head too quickly I very near faint)
Sciatica in one leg and opposite ankle.
Nerve damage at the base of my spine.
Several small ulcers in the stomach (They are just not healing)
Irritable Bowel Syndrom.
A heart attack in 2006 left me with Unstable Angina.
Polyps in the intestines.
Internal bleeding.
High blood pressure.
Enlarged Prostrate.
Sleep Apnea. Hospital results show I stop breathing 112 times per sleep (that's incomparable with some poor folks)
The hospital gave me a CPAP machine (continuous positive airway pressure) it helps with severe snoring problems. (the real term for Sleep Apnea. lol)
And the daft thing is, I've insomnia into the bargain.
Depression. I've had clinical depression since I was a young four-year-old boy. It was never picked until about seven years after I'd left school, however, after many many trials my doctor finally discovered the medication to finally and reliably replace the missing chemical deficiency. Apart from the odd blip, I'm delighted to say it's in control now and has been for many years.

Incidentally, after having a bowel test recently, I received a letter from the hospital advising me blood traces had been discovered. I require an internal examination. However, during my first interview, which was an advisory appointment, the consultant stated: "due to your unstable Angina" I have decided not to proceed with the internal examination, instead, with my agreement, I should have a CT scan, not as accurate as an internal inspection, he said, but the next best thing. I immediately agreed.
Actually, I've recently received the all clear. Thank you, Lord.

You know, waiting for the appointment I knew, I just knew I would be given the all clear. I kept repeating that to my wife who agreed with me. She is a strong individual with strong Christian convictions, however, as time passed I began to notice strain begin to show on her face. It wasn't lack of faith, she must have unconsciously been worrying. As I mentioned nobody can accurately say how one may react under any given circumstance.

Tiredness caused by diabetes is a nuisance and annoyance, it could be so severe I never would attempt drive during those periods. I've given up driving now as my right leg is a bit weak and I could not risk attempting an emergency stop with such pressure required in time to prevent injuring some poor soul should the need arise.

We surely miss driving, it was a mobility car, a large mobility car (I prefer driving with a lot of metal around me) and despite my height of 5' 2:5" (158.8 centimeters) I could still reach the pedals.lol

"Don't forget the 2:5" I always say whenever I attend any hospital checkup appointment as the nurses will invariably check height, weight, blood pressure etc.

Attending one appointment, I'd just left the reception area when a nurse approached saying she would accompany me to the first stages of my checkup. I can' t remember what we were discussing, however, as we walked along the corridor, opening the folder she was holding she asked for my height. 5'2.5" I replied, she looked me up and down and said, "are you sure about that". Of course, I'm sure about that woman. (No, I never said that at all) Absolutely, I replied, and that was that, besides she would shortly discover the truth.

As I go through the normal procedure....blood pressure, height, weight etc. the nurses always say "there's no need to remove your shoes" prior to the weight check, however as I invariably wear different shoes, I prefer removing them allowing my records to be accurately recorded. I always have a bit of fun with this..... getting ready to stand on the scales, I'll say "watch this" as I remove the first shoe then place my foot on the floor, it then becomes obvious I'd suddenly lost 2.5". It always creates great laughter. There's always two nurses in attendance, and one the occasion, the nurse who asked my height as we walked along the corridor was in the room, well, with all the rather loud laughing all I can say is, anyone walking past door must have wondered what on earth is going on in there. lol
Yes, yes, I admit it, I wear rather expensive shoes with inbuilt 2.5" heels lifting me to 5'5".....thus the 5' 2.5" answer to the nurse in the corridor's question. lol
Well, if Frank Sinatra used them.....

Incidentally, I'm sure, if there is any concern for anyone reading this thread who is receiving their call to God will know, not even stallions will hold them back.

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Not sure I follow you here. Off the main theme? How so?
On reflection, I could, and should have re-phrased my statement.... "In my experience, etc etc
Replies are, more or less focussed on that sentence, rather than the main theme......"Unanswered Prayers"

That's what I meant, Fish Catcher Jim. I feel rather sad about it, however, what's done is done, hopefully, though, some encouragement may yet be gleaned from the main subject.

Despite touching on it above :rolleyes: Never ever steer attention away from the main subject in any post within a Forum, a classic error.

weewillie. :)

Fish Catcher Jim

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As I mentioned, my view is based on personal experiences regarding ordinary church members right up to the top.
Ordinary as in, go to church on Sunday and hope for the best Monday - Saturday?

What you are not understanding is......
One must make a quality decision that they are going to immerse themselves in the Written Word of God. This means Sunday - Sunday they are engulfed in His Word.

They make the quality choice to Only Accept God's Word as final Word in Everything.
They Keep God's Word in their Eyes, Ears and mouth at all times.

They live as God's Word instructs without excuses. Meaning they Love and forgive Always no matter what.
They live by faith and faith is all they use.

They become so full of God's Word that in any situation without thinking, it is God's Words that come out of their mouth.
They are moved only by God's Words and feelings and emotions are not given any attention to. See feelings and emotions if not under our control will spout out and take control of a situation.

Things like Fear and Depression and Doubt and Unbelief and Anger all stem from emotions and feelings and they are killers.

No friend, it is not only possible but we are instructed to be in total control of our actions at all times.

Our experiences really don't stack up against What God has put forth on how we are to live.

Fish Catcher Jim
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Well, I dont understand all the afflictions you are faced with weewillie, and many are conditions that not just you but many people seem to have these days but nothing is Impossible with God.

A lot of health issues are because maybe we arent following a healthy diet the way God intends us. People often fill up with junk and forget to give thanks to God for the food they eat and bless the hands that made it. Sometimes we forget in this fast paced, polluted world to even live with basic hygiene standards, and take shortcuts like spraying poison on food so insects wont eat them, but then we eat this food ourselves and wonder why we end up with health problems.

You can ask God for wisdom and healing and to show you not just to heal your afflictions but how to live holy.

I remmeber reading this true story how people had no idea that asbestos could kill you if you were exposed to it as back in the day everyone used to use it to build houses with. Or lead, people had no idea that it was poisonous and cancer inducing and people would just eat out of lead pots and paint theur houses with it and the paint would flake off and contaminate their soil. Or take plastic. People think when its first invented how wonderful and convenient it is then just chuck it away and it ends up being eaten by fish, which we then eat, and well, we end up eating plastic which is not good for us. The thing is man takes shortcuts and invents evil things for his convenience. But nobody asks God for any wisdom in all of this, and dont realise the harm it causes, not just for them but for everyone else in creation.
Despite touching on it above :rolleyes: Never ever steer attention away from the main subject in any post within a Forum, a classic error.
As a reader and contributor in few Christian forums: I read where the thread where is posted as where is posted explains a lot: it is on “Fellowship Thread”.

I do thanks for the OP. As Christian in “milk stage”... why my prayers is not immediately answered, it is very comforting and thankfully so ...to know that it is ALWAYS answered, thanks for the post :)

Well, on a thread going to another topic, it usually does... even in everyday conversation :)
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