Unanswered Prayer Requests

On topic of unanswered prayers...

I read this in a book called 'caught up in paradise' by Richard Eby a christian physician who had lots of miracles in his life plus a near death experience. I will quote it here cos I thought it was really good to share.

'In order to answer our prayers or do a miracle God prepares us long in advance. I have learned that "unanswered prayer" is evidence of "unfinished" preparation: someone or something is not quite ready for Him to intervene. Jesus is a GREAT healer, not an IMPULSE healer! He does all things WELL. HE is never guilty of malpractice!'
Jul 7, 2018
Lanolin, such a beautiful description explaining unanswered prayers.
I appreciate reading the sentiment in Richard Eby's words.

Thank you so much for deciding to post them in.

Many members, including myself, are sure to benefit and be encouraged after reading your post.

Best wishes.

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