violent computer gaming



Die Hard 4 wasn't bad,
Gaming- I like a good shooter. My kids understand it is not reality and have limits on how much time they spend playing so at our house it is ok. When they were young we dissagreed about the toys they could have. My wife said no guns, I said they were boys and let them play. I agreed to go along with the honey until one day when my son was eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwhich. He ate it in the shape of a pistol and then was going pow pow. My point- boys will be boys. Guns are not evil but like all tools must be respected and used properly. A game is just that as long as the user understand the difference between it and reality. In other words we must make up our own minds on this.
I remember when I was a kid. We would find a stick with a handle on it and presto… we had a gun.
Of course now if a kid is playing outside with a toy gun and he points it at a cop, well… it’s a sad ending and it’s happened before. :(
yeah:) its not like I'm playing to practice killing and stuff... Tom Clancy games I enjoy bec you in charge etc... Have to make quick accurate decision some times... I'd rather sit and play a game than watch a movie:) my preference:) I don't have anything against people who oppose violent games:)
It's like reading a book, and you get to be one of the characters. But what's the joy when you read the book end-to-end in one sitting?

Savor it. Make it last. Nothing in the rules say you have to finish a 160-hour game in one sitting, hee hee!:p
i dont think i could do that with a game but i have done it manny times with books lol and alot of times if i really liked the book ill read it a few days later :D
but the cop shouldn't have fired unless he/she was being fired at
I can't say I agree with you on that one oogii.

I kind of figure by the time they brought it along, took it out, and pointed it in my direction, I can pretty much figure out what's coming next.

From a legal perspective, if a person robs a store even with a toy gun, they are still prosecuted for armed robbery.


Even if they use their hand in their clothing making it look like a gun.

Once they shoot it's too late, LE can't wait for that. As it is - police have hit a suspect multiple times and the suspect had time to kill the cop before dying. Many times they have to shoot to kill, not just take a shot or two, stop to see what's up, then keep shooting if necessary. No time for that.

A close-quarters firefight has to be very deliberate, you can't afford the hesitation or "shoot him in the leg" kind of thinking, that people not involved often express as how things should've been handled.

Accidents happen and kids need to know looking like an armed threat to police is deadly.
Accidents happen and kids need to know looking like an armed threat to police is deadly.
I agree Mark.
It's a sad reality of life.

oogii, please don't take my opinion the wrong way, I, like you, hold children and young people in the highest regard, and I would do anything to help protect them.

However I also give thought to the police officers, their families, their children. Or even the store clerk, who may have a heart attack when they believe that there is a real gun pointed at them.

Some people are placed in a "kill or be killed" situation.
I can only pray that it never happens to anyone here, but if it does, your instincts, training, will have to take over.

Police are trained to react in the best interest of society, and I just don't think it is proper to insist that a bullet come at them before they have the right to respond with force.

If someone points a fake gun at a police officer, or anyone for that matter, (here people can still carry concieled) and that person fires back in self defense, as tragic as that reality is, it is still self defense. And I believe that scripture compells us to defend ourselves and our loved ones.
I don't believe games, with genres such as shooters and war, are wrong at all. I have played many video games of all kinds and it hasen't affected me in the least. The problem comes when you put all your time into it so you don't even see your family or lose time with God.

You have to live life, not a virtual picture on a screen. I have learned this lesson very well, as I used to play these games all the time. Not any more though! I now put my time into my schoolwork, God, books, and anything productive.

Just something to think about.
That's a very good point Mellow.

W.W.J.D. ?

I think I would likely fall back on something that "Who Am I" pointed out.

Would Jesus drink wine? Yes.
Would Jesus get drunk? No

Would Jesus play a game for entertainment? Yes.
Would Jesus play a game that caused harm? No.

Besides whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable, excellent or praiseworthy, you also have to think WWJD.

All we say and do needs to fall into WWJD (What Would Jesus Do?). I don't even think Jesus would play a game for entertainment.

Besides that point. This is out of the topic question. Is He ever recorded in the bible for laughing or giggling? I'm curious.:D


I cannot picture Jesus as a grump or dperessed. The joy of the Lord is our strength, He fills my mouth will laughter and my heart with rejoicing. Did Jesus play games- we won't know that this side of heaven.
This is out of the topic question. Is He ever recorded in the bible for laughing or giggling? I'm curious.:D
"Jesus Wept." (John 11:35) and also in Luke 19:41.
I think we can safely infer from that that Jesus did express human emotions.

To my knowledge, and in answer to your question, I am not aware of any record of Jesus laughing, or giggling.

Eccleseastes does teach us that there is a time to laugh and a time to cry. So again, I see no reason to doubt that Jesus laughed even if nothing is recorded.

That being said...
If I had been sitting there, when He laid into the Pharisees, Matthew 23 about washing the outside of their cups but not the insides, whitewashed tombs, and said that they would eat a camel and strain out a gnat!

I don't know if Jesus laughed or not, but that one would have made milk shoot out of my nose.

That's just funny! :D


In my daily walk it is hard for me not to see that my Father has a sense of humor.:)