what does everyone like to read?

Hi Doreen, I'm Jed.

I love reading and my small library focuses in entirely on Christian works. I like something that I put down and say, "I think I'll pass that on to 'so-n-so'." I enjoy books about Heaven, the Second Coming, the teachings of Christ, Holy Spirit and the gifts and fruits associated therein, and basicly... anything that glorifies Christ's Name.

I also enjoy photography books. Not really those that teach you how to shoot a proper photo, but rather a book that displays the photographer's collection of work. Art, music, that sort of thing also.

One bad thing about me is I can't throw a book away. I have boxes and boxes of books that I buy while at showcase sales and other things through work (Christian bookstore) and I'll probably never read them, yet I just can't bring myself to get rid of them!
I like a lot of the things Jed likes. I'm not really into the photography books, but pictures are neat to look at. Maybe I just haven't looked at enough of the books.

I also like fiction. I'm a big fan of Janette Oke and similar writers. I also like things like the Left Behind series.

I like all kinds of stuff. Of course, being a creative writing major, one would think that I would like books! ;)

In Christ,

i enjoy reading fantasy books as well as books about medecine and surfing. i am a complete harry potter fan lol. also, i like LOTR.
Surf's Up!
I have to admit, I like Harry Potter too. I've never read LOTR, but I did like the movies. I ought to read the books; I'm sure I'd like them.
i always thought i was weird. i dont like reading books :? . i still reads comics like the archies. i might be too old for them :lol: . i couldnt read Harry Potter but i really enjoyed the harry potter movies. they had real good story, sound and video effects.
I know what you mean. What's more, there's six people (at the most), other than myself, who want to read them also! Sometimes, I have to wait for them all! It's nearly agonizing! ;)
I enjoy Christian nonfiction, ie Autobiographies, cookbooks, the atlas, and books related to Christian music. And the Bible!

P.S. :shock: Harry Potter??! How can we support the authors and movie producers of this level of witchcraft and demonic activity? This is deception at its worst heights! Principalities are real and by having these items in our homes interferes with the very race we are trying to run for the cause of Christ!

Keeping to the topic, :arrow: read about Simon the Sorcerer in Acts 8:9-13, 18-24.

"So I will come near to you for judgment. I will be quick to testify against sorcerers, adulterers and perjurers... (Malachi 3:5)"
I agree

I feel the same WorshiperChris, about harry potter. Everyone has their personal convictions that they have to deal with, that just happens to be a strong one for me. There is nothing whatsoever in the series that glorifies Jesus or anything He stands for ,I think for a christian with a strong foundation ,to read it for entertainment only is O.k [everyon has their own convictions],but for kids who are soooo impressionable,it opens the door to the wrong paths waaay to wide. I think J.K.Rowling MAY ..have alot to answer for when her time comes. anyway ..just my humble opinion O:) But,as far as other reading goes I like almost anything and everything,as long as it's not those sappy romance novels :roll: I really like Lee Stobel's A CASE FOR... series, [CHRISTIANITY,A CREATOR, A SAVIOR, FAITHetc.]they are really interesting, and gave me ammunition [for lack of a better word]to defend the Faith against atheist's and agnostic's etc. Has anyone else read his books :?: By the way Lee also used to be an atheist. :mrgreen: holly
I mostly read sci-fi, such as Star Trek. I'm not into the Harry Potter books but I like the movies. As per WorshiperChris's comment, you do not have to believe the world of Harry Potter if you watch the movies. The world of Harry Potter might be full of wizardrdy and witchcraft but you do not have to accept it as your world. If you believe in God you will know that His world is the true one. Then you can enjoy the movies for their story alone.
Oliver North's novels are exciting and Christian...

Oliver North has three novels out that are a series that are exciting and very Christian, with people getting saved in them. They are really well done. I enjoyed them thoroughly.

My book isn't out yet, but stay tuned. It will be out soon, maybe three or four more weeks.

"A Single Heart"
free manuscript

I'm presently writting a book about Daniel 2&7 and I tie it in with Revelation and Matthew 24. If you would want to read it, give me your name and address and I'll send you a copy. It has not been edited so there will be some grammar and typo mistakes in it. It's short so it should take less than an hour to read. e-mail me [email protected]
please read all of this before commenting to it. Thanks!

I love the Harry Potter books and movies, but KNOW that they are not wise. Why? I decided to do a little study on Satanism and read parts of the 4 volumn set on History of Satanism. Sirius is a prominate name in that book, although I forget why (in the history book). Also, JK Rowling admited to researching every word to make sure that the correct French word was chosen when translating the books into French. This tells me that she is very bright and KNOWS what is behind witches, each name of every witch name she used, same for warlocks, potions, the works. I also believe that the people who call themselves Christian-Wiccans count her as part of their group even if she doesn't. Plus, I happen to be friends with a former Satanist. Even she admits that the HP books has Satanism all over them. She used to date or be married to a warlock. But, I find that Rowling is VERY good at writing a book that grips and keeps you coming back for more. I still watch the movies and read the books even though I know better. This only proves the power she holds. (ps. Rowling admitted in a live interview about the research, so I heard it from her own lips. Had it been in print, I wouldn't have believed it as printing errors are many for many different reasons.) Lastly on HP, I DO still read them and try to learn from JK Rowling what works and what doesn't. She is STILL an AWESOMELY Gifted writer!

What other books do I read???

My books (found currently at www.tpgames.com/kyt/kyt.html under childrens stories) - I will in the next few months, have a separate domain name for my stories. (family orientated, no sci-fi yet, and witnesses higher moral behavior and why the higher moral behavior is better, and witnesses the One True God - Jesus. Athiestic characters become saved thru life experiences. This include the main characters, which currently still have not become saved, but will. A several minor characters have became saved in chapter 8 or 9).

I love reading The Tomorrow People books that are now out of print. (Sci-fi for children with Jaunting)

Dorothy Sayer's "Peter Wimsey Mysteries" - Christian Author
Dr. Who stories and tv shows
Beverly Cleary stories - especially Ramona and Beezus
Amy on my Mind (Nancy Garden) - do not agree with the lifestyle, but she wrote the book very well!

Stories about children who runaway from home,
stories about boarding schools.
The Secret Garden, The Princess (or the little princess?) (the hallmark movie classic /book, not the white covered one), The Wolves of Witherby Heights?title correct?; British kids books - The B...??? (not borrowers, but another last name), the book about 2 mice, the one about potato sacks being used as a project (one takes care of sack as if sack is ones child), others whose names escape me - as has the books I tried to descibe. Each book mentioned in this last paragraph I am trying to find and buy a permanent copy of.
I love Inspirational books. Anything about God! I also love to read about true stories. The last book I read was "Left to Tell." Awesome book.