what does everyone like to read?

I love Frank Perretti and Ted Dekker. They have writeen some books together also. The storlines are great and the Christianity is evident. Some of my favorites include, Hangman's Curse, The Oath, Monster, House, and The Visitation. I also read many series for young adults which are technically not named. :)
I pretty much read anything. The Bible is great!!! I like mysteries and fantasy too.

I'm an avid reader and will give pretty much anything a try with the exception of the Harlequin type romance novels - I just can't get into them.

Some of my personal favorites are: Harry Potter books, John Grisham's earlier works, Dead Men do tell Tales by Dr. William Maples, pretty much anything by Nora Roberts, some Debbie Macomber (although I think she tends to have too many characters in each book), Patricia Cornwell, Michael Crichton, and on and on and on. I love forensic novels and mysteries.