what kind of Testomony is my life?

Jul 6, 2015
Kansas,Topeka Us.
and before anyone says inspiring, i just want to point out that while yes it is to a point inspiring thats not what my life is, i mean i have heard far more inspiring stuff about others people life then my own.

I mean the fact i don't have an verse to nicely tie in everything about what God has done and what God has delivered them from, my friend told me not to worry about it because its not worth worrying over.

I feel more at home with pslam 23 but even i feel thats not accuirtaly showing off God's hand and glory in my life aswell as mercey.

i mean lets be honest without God trying to keep satan at bay early on in my life because satan must have been scared of me from the start cause he saw how strong i'll eventually become, i'd ended up in some kind of mental ward or worse.

so lets look at my life together.

1) I never knew my mother but by the grace of God I knew both of my grand parents, so i had an partly normal happy child hood living with them till my grandfather died of cancer.

2) After my grandfather died me and my dad moved out and moved towards the south in alabama and our family big family scattered, I eventually meet my first step mother debby who was very horrible to me (I won't go into the abuse that i experinced because this is more about God then what she did.)

3) I wasn't descovered to have austism till i was 10 and the responce was to drug me , however the sense i was acting out in school i got into trouble both at school and at home, the meds the doctors gave me didn't help ether soo it made me act out even more.

4) Dad at some point decided to take me off the meds which the docts and school didn't with and I began my year long revolution to outs debby from my life, because i refused to be abused any longer. she left and kat replaced her by giving me the love i needed.

this is just it in a nutshell because when you look at the whole picture its almost an epic. i use the term almost very carefully because i am aware that some people have had it much worse then i did.

the reason i ask this because last wendsday our group was suppose to deliver our testmonies and i gave the part 1 of my life meaning i got out all the sad stuff and was saving the happy stuff of my life for last.

So what can i say God had done for me along the lines?


Feb 11, 2015
So what can i say God had done for me along the lines?
To me He has kept you safe no matter what you have gone through. He has not allowed the things that the devil meant to use to destroy you, harm you (nothing you couldn't bounce back from). Your a very strong and creative young man. You have a wonderful and loving step mother now.. brought to you by God. And even though you have been through some things.. your still fighting and enjoying life.

God continues to help you grow in His grace and love and wisdom every day. Bad things happen all the time to good people (that's just the way the enemy is).. But God has helped you to come out of it stronger and more wiser.

I think you could use ps 139 as your verse... God created you and knit you together (although the decisions of your parents were responsible for your autism, not God) and no matter what has been in your life... He has been there with you.

May God's mighty blessings continue to surround you like a shield!

Fcj and Cturtle

Fish Catcher Jim

Feb 7, 2015
You have been given an assignment that NO ONE ELSE can do. God has created you for such a thing.

Spend time and seek The Father about this and allow Him to show you piece by piece what this is. He is not just going to tell you the whole story. He will take you through things as He prepares you to be able fulfill this Assignment He has for you.

It's through Faith and Willingness that you will find this and be prepared. Do not ever compare your life or calling with any one else. What ever it is, you can count on it being Very Important unto Him and His Purpose.

Far to many Christians never take the time to find out and just do what they "think" is of the Lord. and then He has to get others to do their work for them.

Be at peace and know your life not only matters greatly but many are waiting for your time to do what ever it is the Father has created you to do.

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