What's for dinner? Thread


I'm going with some variation of that. While I was writing it up I had an opportunity to use a line about pain in the article, so it will work well. I couldn't find a contact to get permission to reprint the cartoon, so we can't use that. :-( Probably would have had to pay for it anyway....

Thanks guys!
Creamed green beans? Don't they serve that in hell? LOL

Garlic Teriayki pork over a bed of whole wheat posts.
Don't think I've had creamed green beans...

Am hoping for plenty of green beans later in the year though. We planted the runner beans out yesterday and have some French climbing beans that are nearly ready to plant out.


you can make creamed green beans just like creamed peas.

Or, you can cook them til tender, drain and add a can of cream of mushroom soup Do Not add water.

We pour it over our potatoes.

When the lettuce is new we cream that, too, but we don't cook it. We mix in miracle whip, a little half and half to thin vinigar and sugar to taste. We pour that over boiled potatoes, too.
Not had creamed peas either. And have not come across miracle whip...

Beans in mushroom soup sounds interesting. I'll try that sometime.

I had bacon and new potatoes for tea today and am just going to grab a bite to eat now, while I watch a bit of tv. I'm going to have Boursin (not sure if you have these in the US so - a cream cheese with garlic and other herbs) and St Agur (a French blue cheese) on cream crackers.


Oh my gosh!!! It is so interesting when people from other countries say they have never heard of something I think is common.

Altho, not everything I mentioned is common in the USA - just in my mother's home when we were growing up.

This is my suggestion: Look up Campbell's Green bean casserole on the internet. Try that recipe first!!!!!

*Creamed anything is a cooked and drained vegetable that is placed back on the heat with added cream and butter until warm. A variation in mom's house was either milk, half and half or cream mixed with flour to thicken, seasoned with salt and pepper to taste, and butter and warmed on the stove until thick.

The latter version was frequently used as a gravy for potatoes. I started using cream of mushroom soup.

The lettuce thing is something most people wouyld say, "eew", but I grew up eating it and I still like it on potatoes served with pork chops!!!
Ah, thanks. My mother used to do a sauce with cream and she says ground almonds to go with green beans. It was quite nice. She can't remember off hand how she made it.

As for lettuce. Sometimes here it ends up as soup. Also cucumber can wind up as soup. Depends on whether we have an excess.
What are ''Wheat posts''??
Anyone else had Mushroom tea from Japan, as a Tisan like Camamile, Green or Ginger & lime.
If you haven't your not really living.
Anyone else had Mushroom tea from Japan, as a Tisan like Camamile, Green or Ginger & lime.
If you haven't your not really living.

I haven't.


Anyway, I'm told this evenings meal will be cheese and onion flan. Not sure but maybe new potatoes, peas and chard with it.