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I have been wondering something. Are there any of you that are pastors/preachers/teacher/etc, and are preaching or teaching from ANY of the prophets right now?

I'm asking because it just seems that with everything that's going on, I would think we would be hearing some great sermons/teaching coming from some of those books... (such as Isaiah).

It seems that at least one major point that they ALL have in common, is that when we, begin to push God aside and blend into the ways of the world.. he would send a prophet to remind His people to repent and return their heart to Him. The people would go through the motions on the holy days, and simply treat God as a sort of talisman or genie, or something. Is that not the equivalent of what we see happening today? Do we ever think that maybe the fault is not with the corrupt politicians, or the rioters, or whatever other "bad" groups we can name? But maybe we, the "christians", may need to ask God to "search our hearts"?

Is ANYONE preaching the prophets?
If they are, nobody seems to be listening...
Which was as per usual with the prophets...!

I completed a bible study on Isiaiah during lockdown. Quite relevant..although Isaiah is like a mini-Bible in of itself and it's spiritual applications to events are timeless. Whatever happened to Israel back in those days, a supposed 'holy nation' actually happens to other nations around the world too who pay lip service to God.