What's Your Favorite Food?

Rhubarb is a very sour fruit it looks kinda like long red celery and it has a very big (poisonous) leaf on the end of it. me and my brother used to love dipping it in suggar and eating it. it is very good in a variety of different pies and sauces.
When I get to Heaven and can eat anything I desire and not die of Diabetes, I will eat all the Rhubarb pies I can make. That's my absolute favorite food in the world! And, by the way, my receipe is the best! I will share it if someone wants it. It's a secret family receipe (is that how you spell receipe?)
Yum..... I would love to have that recipe , Bonnie. As a kid we also used to go in the backyard when the rubarb was just coming up and get some sugar and dip it until mom would stop us. She made great rubarb and stawberry pie together . She also stewed rubarb and mixed it with apple sauce.
Rhubarb Pie


Sprinkle 1 Tbs flour and 1 Tbs sugar in bottom of
prepared (uncooked) pie shell
put into pie shell
In small medium bowl, mix 1 3/4 cup sugar,
3 Rounded Tbs flour
1/4 Tea. salt
Add to this mix, 2 or 3 egg yolks
(depending on if large or small pie pan)
Mix wih fork until crumbled
Sprinkle over rhubarb

Slightly beat whites until foamy, not stiff
Spread on top, making sure to seal edges

Bake 350 degrees
About 45 min.
Sometimes if oven is not as hot as mine, it may be a little runny if not cooked longer. But it's still yummy! Make one sometime and eat the whole thing yourself; :eek: Then ask for forgivness. :sad01_anim:
A little story to go with it: It was my sister's and my Birthday, we had just turned five. Mom always made Rhubarb pie for us besides our Birthday Cake. We were outside playing with all the cousins when I came running in and said I was thirsty. Mom said there was some lemonade in the fridge, so I opened the door, and there, at eye-level was what I thought was a big, cold glass of lemonade. I started gulping it down, when I realized it was really the egg whites waiting to be whipped for the pie! All my aunts fell on the floor in laughter while I puked all over.
Bonnie, I will have to try your pie recipe, it sounds so delicious and now I have a reason to cook that rhubarb in my deep freezer.
My mouth is watering here after reading all this. My fave food is a vegetarian pizza a friend taught me how to make (and I'm not even vegetarian) It's really easy. Just spread tomato paste over a large pita bread, peel and thinly slice a sweet potato (Yam?) and layer over tomato paste. (Just one layer) Sprinkle with diced capsicum (Bell pepper?) and drained sweetcorn kernels. Add sliced black olives and shredded mozarella. Cook on high in oven until cheese is golden brown. Brilliant with a glass of Lambrusco! My friend also substitutes canned creamed corn for tomato paste. Normal potatoes are good too instead of the sweet potato. Go crazy! Pizzas rule!
I have many favorite dishes, I'll just name a few:

1 - Sizzling Beef (Thai) with steamed rice
I really enjoy the delicious sauce more than the food - so I usually take the sauce and ladle it on my rice and fried tofu while my mom eats the rest! It's not spicy - don't let the term "sizzling" get to you. It's like Mexican fajitas - only better! :D

2 - Cheese enchiladas with green chile sauce (Mexican) + side of beans and Spanish rice
This is really good if you go to the right restaurant - of course. I think I may get one tomorrow - sounds yummy, doesn't it? :)

3 - Soba Udon (Japanese) with beef, chicken, or no meat
For those who don't know what soba udon is, it's a noodle-soup like dish that can be found in Japanese restaurants. The noodles are very large - much larger than your normal noodle like angel hair and the like. I like them without meat, but every once in a while I'll get some tasty beef or chicken. ;)

4 - Orange Chicken (Asian - I've found it in Thai restaurants, too)
Panda Express's Orange Chicken is OK, but I've found a better version in Thai restaurants - they actually squeeze orange juice on them with orange zest that gives it a real, authentic orange flavor. I think orange chicken originated in China, but since I've found it in over Asian restaurants I won't give any specifics.

That's a few I can think of. I have so many. I love different foods from different countries - hence my mother loves eating different things, we have yet to try Indian (East Indian).