Whats your favourite TV series?


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Whats your favourite TV series?

My favourite was F.R.I.E.N.D.S and now its Smallville. :-D
I think, Im still a kiddo.
My husband looooves Smallville,I can't watch anything at night until I scour the menu guide,to make sure he's not missing an episode,[inc; the re-runs]. For myself, I'm hooked on 3 different shows,..The Soprano's,[HBO],...Huff,[Showtime]...and Nip/Tuck, [FX]. I also, actually had high hopes for a recent new show,The Book of Daniel, but after just a few episodes they cancelled it.I think I read or heard somewhere ,that there were some,that were offended,though I cant see why.
We only get four (five, in certain weather) channels at my house, so there isn't much to choose from, but I really like America's Funnies Home Videos, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, and Numbers is okay. I've seen Smallville and really like it, but it doesn't air on any of the channels we receive, so I don't see it often.
I have to admit, with all the stuff on TV nowadays, my TV watching has been much more focused on the oldies. My wife and I have been buying the old Doris Day, and Andy Griffith Shows seasons on DVD. The best one of all however is the "Make Room For Daddy" season 5 starring Danny Thomas (we bought this collection at the Christian bookstore after laughing our heads off when we bought the $1.00 store 3 episode offering of the series). Rusty Hamer, who plays the son is absolutely and brilliantly hilarious :-D . It also features the pilot episode of the Andy Griffith show, where Thomas and Griffith meet up. This classic season is the only one I know of that has been released, but I hope they will consider doing more. =D>

PS, I wanted to also give kudos to this actor's old tv show who now stars in "Diagnosis Murder", but this forum's parental controls stopped me when I tried to type his name :oops: . (But yes, this is a good thing)
Oldies Rule!

Im with WorshiperChris on this one!

Oldies t.v. rules for the most part.

The church was involved with the t.v.
media in the late 40s to late 50s. Then
the producers started to push the
envelope with sex,violence, anti-Christian
'digs' 'Rock' and other anti-establishment

Don't forget 'Lucy, Zorro,Leave it
to Beaver etc., and the old cartoons!

We watch Discovery Channel [spit the bones
out on the evolution garbage], History
Channel, 'some' Christian shows, especially
Perry Stone on the 'Jewishness' of the Word,
prophecy and the Festivals.

Sci-Fi Channel, love the old 50s type of
space aliens, Godzilla eats everything,
Star Trek Next Gen. and some Twilight Zone.

My wife likes 'Lost' and we both started to
watch 'Numbers'. Also Monk is a favorite in
our household.

Westerns man! Love westerns, the old ones.

Action movies, comedies, dramas- we watch
all in accordance to God's Word! T.V. now-
adays is like a man once said "Why do you
think they call it a 'boob tube?"

Oh yeah, we started watching 'Dirty Jobs',
check it out host is Mike Rowe.
Re: Oldies Rule!

[quote="Set Free. Also Monk is a favorite in
our household.

Oh yeah, we started watching 'Dirty Jobs',
check it out host is Mike Rowe.[/b] :lol:[/quote]

I LOVE Monk, :smt060 it took me quite a while to learn the theme song though. After a while you really pick up on your own quirks and eccentricities :smt101 .I think it's hilarious :smt005

We too have started watching Dirty Jobs,I feel so bad for Mike sometimes though. I love his personality,he's funny :smt036
At home here we don't have cable so we just watch tv series that have been put on DVD or video like the Andy Griffith show, Ozzie and Harriet, and Green Acres plus lots and lots of other movies. Have any of you guys seen Princess Bride? or Emma? or the tv series of Pride and Prejudice. I know you could kinda call those (the ones I mentioned last)girly movies but some of them my dad likes too so who knows. \:D/He especially likes Princess Bride which is my favorite too! :smt081
I've seen both Emma and the Princess Bride, but it's been awhile for both of them. Are you talking about the A&E version of Pride and Prejudice? I watched that over Christmas break and loved it! Of course, I'm a hopeless romantic, so....
I used to watch those when I was a kid [I'm 38],but one of my absolute favorites is "All in the Family", I have a relative in my family that would fit every character on the show ,..inc: unfortunately Archie.
Another one of my Fav's was " Ponderosa" as a 11-12 yr.old ,I had the biggest crush on Adam,lol :smt007 The " Beverly Hillbillies" was another fav; my daughter was born in the hosp; with that theme song on t.v. in the background :smt043

Nothin like the oldies!!

For cartoons;
Rocky & Bullwinkle
Tom & Jerry :smt036
Mike Rowe

Hi holly67,

Do you know what Mike Rowe did
before 'Dirty Jobs'?

'Rowe' is my wife's maiden name,
she's from Gueydan, Louisiana.

I don't think Mike is. He seems
like a 'righteous' guy, wonder if
he's 'saved'? That would be cool!

God Bless!

Brother Joe
Princess Bride

:-D Hello 3nails=love,

Glad you're on this site as :-D
well as Talk Jesus [Chad's baby]

We love Princess Bride! The sword
play is fantastic! I'm a big Zorro
fan. HisManySongs [Roger] on this
site and Talk Jesus took fencing
in college. He met his wife, Stef,
there too!

He's another crazy New Yorker like me
that has been transplanted, him Tenn.,
me, Houston, Texas! :lol:

God Bless!

Brother Joe
My very long list...

The Tomorrow People (sci-fi from 70's for kids)
H.R. Pufnstuff (Jack Wild who played Jimmy IS saved now!)
Good Neighbors (British show)
Are You Served Yet? (brit.)
My Hero (brit.)
Family Ties (is this the michael fox one or the one about the boarding school - I loved both!)
Hogan's Hereos
Banana Splits
Hong Kong Phooey
My Favorite Martian (Cartoon version!!!)
My Favorite Martian (original)
The Monkees
The show with the Olsen Twins, and the large family (brain warp :lol:)
Dr. Who
Original Bugs Bunny show from the late 60's and 70's
Scooby Doo
Kirk Cameron show that he was in...
the show that Michael J. Fox was in as a teenager (that family one)
Get Smart'
The Avengers
James Bond (okay, a movie and not a show)
Rugby (when actually played on TV)
Strong Man competition
Australian Rules Football (when its actually played on TV)
Bewitched (when younger but not now)
Degrassi High
Changing Rooms (brit.)
Extreme Homes
Fashion Week
Kinderen geen bezwaar (comedy out of Netherlands - not in Englsih)
(I do not understand a word of it, but it is funny)
Inch High and Penelope
the one about dogs (cartoon) that solve mysteries? help in historical events? I only caught these guys twice, but loved it. It went off air too soon.
Wonderworks (PBS production that I haven't seen in ages)
Kipper (brit. , for children and awesome!!!)
Winnie the Pooh (but NOT the book of pooh)
Connie the Cow
Little Bear (hate the frog though)
Brun (brit.)
Telly Tubbies - the video part only
Keepin up Appearances (brit.)

And yes, I love Noggin!!! I watch it with my nephew who is going on 4. Kipper is found on Sprout.
I really like watching anything that is Star Trek.


Dirty Jobs.
Veggie tales (with my Family)
Mail call ! (R.L is a very cool dude.)
How its made
Discovery Chanel
3 stooges (good clean classic comedy) :D
It's a jungle out there.

"It's a jungle out there." (From the theme song of the TV show Monk.)

My favorite TV shows:
Law & Order
Without a Trace
The 4400

Monk is a great favorite of mine. The shows I watch most (old ones on cable and new ones in primetime) are Law & Order, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, and Law & Order: Criminal Intent. My favorite characters are Jack McCoy (Sam Waterston), Lenny Briscoe (Jerry Orbach), Fin Tutuola (Ice-T), Detective Goren (Vincent DiNofrio), Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay), Detective Stabler, Detective Munch, and Alex Cabot (Stephanie March). That's a lot of favorites, but all the characters I've listed are truly my favorites.

Other favorite shows include NCIS and Without a Trace.

The show I never miss is The 4400. I have taped every episode since the very beginning of the series.
Favorite T.V. Shows

YEAH! 'Monk' is a great show!

Never miss it!

The oldies like, Andy Griffith Show, Leave it to
Beaver, Laurel & Hardy stuff like that and of course ,


We Like Mythbusters, History Channel, Discovery,
Dirty Jobs, Sci- Fi channel but lately been checking
out the MLB because my wife and son love baseball
like me! :D

New shows, 4400, Eureka, Lost are pretty cool too.

I'm a Star-Trek nut! Especially 'The Next Generation',
Captain Picard rules!

We also enjoy the Batman and X-men animation series.

God Bless,

Set Free!
Any Star Trek Fans?

Hey all!

This my very first post and it feels good!:D

I like these little face graphics too!

I noticed two Christian brothers like Star Trek!

Count me in!! :D I love 'Next Generation Series'!

Peace Be Unto You!

I'll put my vote in for oldies too. Honestly, there is so little on TV now that catches my attention, that I find myself migrating to the oldies channels or oldies videos.
Have several DVD's that have the series of Andy Griffith, East Side Boys, Milton Berle, REd Skelton, Beverly Hillbillies. I can watch those over and over. I like comedies as you might guess.

Some of the oldies that I like to watch on TV when I can are..
I love Lucy (of course)
Batman 60's series with Adam West
Andy Griffith
Mission Impossible
Gomer Pyle
Green Hornet
The Flying Nun
Let me stop, I could go on and on.....

No wonder my daughter calls me "Mr. Pleasantville"