Whats your favourite TV series?

I never miss Jack Van Impe Presents, and I've always wondered why they don't have an audience. I guess they figure that canned laugh tracks always sound fake, so they don't use them either.

I dig the announcer too. The whole show is news satire at its BEST. And like on the Colbert Report, they never break character. Comedy magic.
Talk about being a kid... I used to not watch TV. Now I cant stop watching "That's so Raven" and "Hanna Montanna." Haha... I am a kid at heart. I also LOVE I love Lucy.
I LOVE American Idol, America's Top Model, Grey's Anatomy (Woohoo) and Nip/Tuck (when its on) ....and I LOVE LOVE LOVE anything on HGTV!!! (Home Deco shows) I just like TV. ;)

My hubby is waaaay into the oldies (at 39) lol. Loves all the old comedies and John Wayne movies! Like Im married to an old man...(No pun intended for anyone!) Those shows just dont float my boat. :confused:

This is FUN!

Star Gate, Star Gate Atlantis and Battle Star Galatica are maninstays here plus tons of history channel and discovery channel
I don't watch T.V. :D But my favorite series are The Simpsons, Ms. Marple and Poirot (Both both based on books by Agatha Christie.)
Cool, there is someone else that doesn't watch TV.

Don't even own one. Might get one to watch DVD movies. Miss watching a movie every once in awhile. That's about it though.
I've got a few favorites! Among the first are StarTrek, TNG and Voyager(Love that Janeway!:D ). I have all the TNG and Voyager DVD's! I also really love channels like A&E, History, Bigraphy(Poirot, Midsummer Murders) and the FoodTV channel because I'm a chef(In my house and family, for now...). I love shows like City Confidential, American Justice, Cold Case Files. There are some shows on E I enjoy like E True Hollywood Story. I have another favorite show that I have not seen on any of the posts yet, and no matter how many people laugh, I LOVE IT! Wait for it...

Its... DALLAS!:eek:

Yes, I like Dallas!:eek: Look, when I was growing up in Romania in the 70's and all we had was 2 to 3 hours ov TV each night, we took what we could get! So, on Saturday nights they aired Dallas, and we were all hooked on it. The "Who shot J.R." thing almost gave an entire country a heart attack!:D This show has a sort of nostalgia for me, as it reminds me of the days I was sitting in front of the TV as a little girl wondering what it would be like to live in such a country, never even immagining that someday I would get to actually live there!(I actually live in a suburb of Dallas!!) Oh, and I also thought back then that all Texans ware cowboy hats and are tall and lanky like J.R. and SueEllen!:D Not true...

There are other shows, but the list would be too long!

I Forgot To Include Dirty Jobs And The Deadliest Catch!
I like Cold Case when it is not preempted by sports on Sunday nights. I also like almost anything on TV Land, and reruns of Walker Texas Ranger on the Hallmark Channel.

I used to like Joan Of Arcadia, and Boston Public but of course that were cancelled. Whatever I like usually is.

I love all CI there the best and stargate all of them,man on fire,worst jobs,football (NRL) im australian so..,all dicovery and Ci again cause its so cool.