Which denomination do you belong to and why? Or what does Church mean to you?

Sep 3, 2009
Hi Lanolin;

I thought about that also at one time but later learned there are Second and Third Baptist Churches of San Francisco, and around the United States.

"Southern Baptist" is a denomination in the United States established in 1845. There was a split within the Baptist denomination that formed the Northern and Southern. These were for reasons of political and slavery back in the 19th century. Later the American and Independent Baptist Churches would form for various reasons that had to do mostly with "differences in doctrine."

In New Zealand the Baptist church would be considered the "Baptist" church. In Africa one of our members at Christian Forum Site formed a Baptist church in 2018 but could not use "Southern" for its new church plant name. Both in New Zealand and Africa, "Baptist" is correct, unless there is an additional name to the Baptist denomination that I'm not aware of. I have always had an issue with denominations formed because of a difference in doctrine or political.

Reminds me of the 5th 3rd Bank!
Nov 18, 2020
Macomb Michigan
Hi, like I said in the title I would like to ask which denomination do you belong to and why?

Or what does Church meant to you in case you don’t agree with it being a “building”? How would you explain it?

I answer that by saying am a Christian, Baptist, who holds to Calvinist theology.
Dec 4, 2020
Answering the OP, my Christian beliefs fit best with Reformed.

The reason is I don't believe the corrupted creation can freely choose salvation, as they have been ruined by the fall and sin. So a divine saving act of mercy is needed for salvation.