Why is Forgiveness Difficult?

Sep 3, 2009
I don't know about anyone else, but I just cant turn on and off emotions with the flip of a switch.
It takes a while to heal deeper wounds than the scratches in life; some scars are quite ugly and horrific.
So from my perspective while I can say yes I am very forgiving, the pain of that infliction may remain for a while as a reminder.
It lingers like an ego defense mechanism in the background of my heart. Do I mean to be this way? No, because I am in the flesh.
I wish I could be more like Christ and bounce everything off. I have been accused of being aloof in my responses to forgiveness.
However the opposite is true. Its because I care so much I break things down into smaller bites so I can digest them.
Less is more, simple is basic, and life is too short to hold in all that pain. It does go away, as healing takes time.
Therefore I conclude forgiveness can be a process depending on the offense. We are human after all.

I do try to see the beauty in all things, and something good in all people. I don't have to like the things they do, but we are commanded to love everyone.

We can all talk and teach because words are cheep!

It is another story however when it is YOU or your family who is damaged that we struggle to forgive the one who did the damage.
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May 27, 2020
Hemet, CA
Whenever someone who is close to us betrays our trust, forgiveness is the hardest. Looking to the example of Joseph provides an outstanding story of mercy and this story provides insight into how we should view this matter. Strict justice would have demanded that Joseph punish those who had sold him into slavery. In contrast, sentiment could have moved him simply to overlook their transgression. Joseph did neither. Instead, he tested his half brothers’ repentance. Then, when he saw that their sorrow was genuine, he forgave them.

Likewise, when someone who has sinned against us displays a genuine change of heart, we should forgive them. Of course, we should never let mere sentiment blind us to gross wrongdoing. On the other hand, we should not let feelings of resentment blind us to acts of genuine repentance. So let us “continue putting up with one another and forgiving one another freely. (Colossians 3:13).
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Dec 19, 2014
New Zealand
There is one unforgiveable sin though, not forgiven in this life or the next.
Possibly in certain churches that may happen..when people blaspheme the Holy Spirit. They would need to be truly evil to do that though, but even in the early church there were wolves in sheep's clothing trying to infiltrate churches to destroy them.

Anaias and Saphirra died on the spot for lying to the Holy Spirit. I think it was Gods mercy they died otherwise they would have continued on to abuse the church and take advantage.

I had heard that in catholicsm child abusing priests would be protected, as they had the ear of church authorities whereas the testimony of children who were abused was completely ignored. They were just moved around from parish to parish and continued to abuse. That to me, is not the way to deal with it.