why would you say people gravitate in majority toward faith ?


Jul 4, 2015
Ah, I'm thinking of J.N.D.'s translation - he has "instruction" in both those scriptures. In the footnotes, Mr Darby says it is the same as "directions" in 1 Corinthians 11:2. It's a small point, and not one that I'd want to be dogmatic about by any means, but I feel that this may be an example of the commendable sensitivity of Mr Darby's translation.
There are the traditions of men which "by your traditions ye make the Word of God of none effect"
and there are the traditions of the Apostles and of scripture.
The first can be shown to be what thye are nad have been for over 400 years and more .
The second produce the Godly fruits of righteousness.

What comes from God leads men TO OR BACK TO GOD.
What does not come from God leads men always away from God .
The traditions of the church that is in Rome and which she holds above the authority or equal to scripture not only are denied by scripture but the f ruits of her once works that then became dfoctrine demonstrate beyond all reasonable doubt how they place substitutes and obsticals before mesn eyes and feet and divert them to such things as the Mass , Mary, her rituals and candles etc.
The statues her confesssions celibacy and a false priesthood.
But then we now have a religious debate as much as was forged in the garden of eden.
To and for the same end.

In Christ