Your Church


Your Church

This is optional~
Those willing, please tell us what you love and what you do not like about your church.

I am asking this for those who are seeking a church to attend.

Please be completely honest.
This is not a mission to sell your denomination but to help others seeking a place to worship.

Thank you all in advance.
Our church seems to be like the old "farm based" church. It is lot of fun. Sometimes we have sunrise service at one of the local farmer's pond. The church praise group comes out and we sing and have the sermon just like always. It seems to be a very close knit church. My kids just love going to church to sing the songs and learn about Jesus.
We also have the Lord's Acre Sale where there is a big sale (obviously) but they bake pies and make quilts to sell. I was looking at pictures in our church one day and JFK and his wife actually came to that one year.
Additionally, I like that there are other young couples like my wife and I that attend. Our kids are the same ages and we look forward to them growing up together.
Yes, I think it is wonderful to not only have friends in church but an extended family!

The church we attend (AOG) has a Congregation of about 1000, but I do prefer a smaller group. We have been here for a while and I have participated in Evangelism for a few years and I love the pastors and there families and I love the church family. But, just like many churches of today there are certain things that are done that I question so I do not get involved. One thing in question are the teachings of a certain person ( I will not name names) which I have done much reading on and found it to be pick and choose of the Bible. I will stop there for now, but if anyone has any questions please PM me.
I have a question, my wife and I are moving out of Massachusetts next year and moving to South Caroilina (Myrtle Beach area) and I was wondering if anyone is familiar with that area could you recommend a good church. Thank you.
There's 2 things in particular I like about my church. First and foremost, EVERYTHING is centered around the Gospel. My toes are stepped on at least once every sermon, which is essential to growing in Christ. If I'm not made uncomfortable during a service, I wonder why I'm there to begin with. I want to be challenged, refined, and taught what I can do to serve God better. If the messages are easy to digest and don't require any self-examination, go somewhere else.

Second, my church is full of different people. Young, old, white, black, rich, poor, and we all love each other. We're very casual in our dress, contemporary in our worship, but serious about the Word. We rarely have disagreements and when we do, they're minor and always sorted out. Our congregation has 125 members, so we're not big by any means, but have almost doubled in the past year.

In my experience, our pastor's unashamed willingness to preach God's word, no matter how difficult it is to hear, fills our hearts so much more than the fluffy stuff you hear at so many churches today. Amazingly, our pastor is only 24 years old! I was on our Leadership Team when we called Him unanimously. We were all nervous, but all convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that he was called...God is at work!

My only complaint, and this is true everywhere, is that sometimes too few people do too much of the work. I would say that we're better about this than most, but if 3 or 4 people run every ministry, volunteer for everything, and always seem to be running the show, we run the risk of "our" church becoming the church of those individuals. Not maliciously, but by default.
May I be myself for a moment….I love my church because; you never know what God is about ta do! :D We are definitely NOT a ‘boring’ church. No snooze-fest here! Some evangelists have even stood on a pew and preached! (America is just not accustomed to that kind of demonstration....Humm.)

We are an outreach church. We have a variety of people and families from all walks of life and different denominations. We knock doors, sing in the streets, visit campuses, nursing homes and jails. We have our own restaurant (Youth Outreach Center) for anyone, but especially for students. We also have about 10 other ministries. We have rebuilt and are still enlarging. We recently went to theater seating and last year went ‘live’ on the Internet—both are new and different.

Are we perfect? No. We are being perfected. We are no strangers to humbling ourselves, fasting and seeking God for direction. The alter is open and flowing with the move of the Holy Spirit. To look back 20 years, I feel we have grown not only in numbers, but grown-UP! ;)
ABout my church...

I go to an Apostolic Church (meaning we believe on Jesus Christ through the teaching of the Apostles). My church is uhhh well to me it is boring because they just arent were they need to be there is a lot of Sin in the mist. But you have to look to Jesus the blameless lamb. There is change right about to come upon us I know it! and this week is our General Assembly a really high service and I know there are going to be some huge changes going on. So I know I will have a praise report by the end of the week. I like my church overall because I know Jesus is there.
What I like about my church: it's familiar.

What I don't like about my church: I feel very wanting when I leave - I don't feel that the Pastor preaches anything new or fresh. We sing the same 10 songs EVERY Sunday instead of trying new things. We have a congregation FULL of people that are more concerned with what kind of car you drive or what you are wearing than about your spiritual well being.

I'm very torn because I was baptized as an infant in this church and have went there ever since, but I walk out feeling incomplete most Sundays. Unfortunately, we live in a small town and there aren't a lot of choices.
What I like about my church, is pretty much.
They make me feel home their, since my first day.
They are very careful, and it is a very small church (I think 30 till 50 people)

What I don't Like:
the preachings (is that the right word for bible studies?) in the church are very basic. That's kind of pity.

but I go to 2 churches. (this is the church of my girlfriend)
the other one, do I like, they have very nice people, and good preachings.

but what I don't like:
In the morning they do sing psalms (in the Netherlands, are those songs very boring)
and it isn't really personal.
Funny, I don't mind hymns but when that is all they sing it tends to put you to sleep. I like some lively music~
We sing our Psalms whenever there is someone there that can sing to lead them. Our Pastor isn't much of a solo singer.

Want to hear a really stupid gripe of mine? All of the Lutheran hymns are written in such a high key that I REALLY have to strain to sing them! I usually switch back and forth with the keys during the hymns. Can't help but feel sorry for whoever is in front of me!