Abomination Of Desolation

that's very true.
You can't steal what you own, in this case all those whom he purchased with His Blood.
Take head then lest you enter not into the promise as the children of Israel "did not enter through unbelief "
For did they not also come through the blood? Did they not also hear the same Gospel ?

The Gospel has been reduced (for a peace sake) to being but BORN again .The getting out of Egypt .
For Pharoah is a type for the devil and Egypt a type for the world.
They became a people of God after they were saved from both .
By the Word of God .The promise to Abraham.
By the power of God . The judgements on Egypt .
By the blood of a lamb .
and by the will of God .
It was not then by might or by their own power or works they were saved . But by the grace of God .
By Grace are we saved and that through faith (in the lamb and the Word of God)

"They entered not in because of unbelief "
I used to think that unbelief was just not believing God.
Its not .
Its also believing the wrong message .
The two faithful spies walked and saw things by faith .
How long did it take them to get FROM Egypt TO the banks of the river Jordan and the promised land?
Most people say 40 YEARS . That's not what the scriptures say of it .
It took them 40 DAYS !
The church has justified disobedience and wandering in the wilderness as the NORM of a Christian life .
Those who so wandered . Was not God still with them? had they stopped being children of God?
Not at all .
In fact they had miracles every day of the week twice on Saturday for 40 YEARS ! and their cloths never wore out .
Yet they were out of the centre of God s will .
The two faithful servants 40 years later entered into the promise in the same strength they had before .

in Christ