Building Foundation

Building Foundation

Hey all.

I would just like a bit of advice of building a strong, everlasting foundation with God.

you already have that foundation.
It is Jesus Christ whom you already know, believe in and love!
What is it you are struggling with, exactly?
I think you have come a long way just since you've been here!:)
The Lord told us to "abide in Me and I will abide in you"- I reccomend fellowship,time in worship, time in His Word and perhaps reading some of the writings of a great man or women of God - some of our brethren have had a tremendous insight into God's Word and a tremendous relationship and annointing on their teaching- in short make Him the obect of your time and love and you will never fail! :D - in His Name Larry
Sometimes i feel that my faith and love for God just isnt good / strong enough.

I heard in church that to break free or to get a break through in life that you need a foundation with God. Other wise, if you don't have that foundation, it won't happen / last.
And as some of you know, i've had a bad past life, and am in need of a breakthrough.

I absolutely Love worshipping, i just cant do it enough!
When im driving, practicing in the worship team, when im in bed at night, during the day whenever i can i worship. (btw, i work the sound desk in the worship team) And at church i dont find worship is long enough, i just love it and cant get enough, lol. And even when my throat starts to get sore, or dry i still carry on cos i love it.

One thing that im not so strong on is spending time in The Word.
Im not a very good reader, so i dont read my bible very often at all, except when in church, maybe then ill read a chapter once a month or so but thats it.
Because of my reading difficulties, i downloaded the Bible in MP3 format so i can listen to it instead, but then i haven't even bothered listening to it because instead of listening to someone read the bible for me, i prefer to worship.

I do pray, but i don't know how to do it properly.
Although some personal freinds of mine from the church have told me i have to attend the prayer meeting next Wednesday at church :)

Thank you & God bless.
You are on the right track - there was a man called brother Lawrence some may have heard of, he wrote a book called practicing the presence of God- God is with us all the time and brother Lawrence trained himself to stay aware of God's indwelling- keeping God's nearness and dearness on the forefront of his mind during every activity in his life- he was said to be one of the most beautiful hearts to walk God's green earth- this is the secret to an awesome walk and a fulfilling life- God created us for fellowship with Him and it is to be central in every single part of our lives- without this we are not complete- with this we have a natural desire to love Him, worship Him, read and live His Word- have a blessed day Larry