Haiku for All

Our Great Father, praise your Holy name, and thank you for all things great and small! Sometimes its the little things that mean the most!
In the name of your Son Jesus Christ~

you are our hand crocheted colorful blanket
stitched each loop with patience mercy forgiveness
compassion kindness everlasting grace with love
and yes even your wrath in your own anger Lord
which we fear as your children whom belong to you
through the shed blood of your greatest gift to mankind

you continue to cover comfort and feed us your word
and keep us warm safe and dry in this place full of sin
might our dreams be of you and your holy beings in heaven
peaceful musical and full of praise so we can rest in your arms
while slumber takes us away from this place if only for a while
knowing one day we will rest eternal in a new body with a smile~

Thank you Father, for this and all Amen.
My grandmother was born in a time without electricity in her home. Their men were at war with the Turkish from 1919 to 1922, and would share her life accounts as a child. The ravages of turmoil during such a time were later complicated by Italian invasions, and Hitler. After ww2, and a Greek civil war which followed, she sold some of her land. This paid for her children one by one, to come to the U.S. with dreams for a better life. Her sister was their sponsor in NYC. Lastly she came, and did live with us for many years. She was the most God thanking, God loving, and bible reading woman I ever knew. She prayed, fasted, and was truly a child/woman of God. Might I remember her faith as an inspiration.