I'm Losing My Faith In God And I'm Really Scared.

That is not Hell- What will be Hell is being separated from God forever, and knowing it didn't have to be that way...

I agree completely. I think that’s the most horrible thing that can happen to somebody: being away from God, into nothingness, completely alone with your consciousness. A full, complete, unforgiving consciousness, this time around.

Not even atheists know yet how’s that, because God still supports them. But, unfortunately for them, they WILL get to know that.
If God has mercy and stuff why are there so many sick and starving children and people in the world. Why do kids die from Cancer. Or people parents die from cancer or family members who pray for them and they die. Why doesn't God help them.
satan is the ruler of this world we live in. Yes, God can intervene, and He does sometimes, but we are having to deal with life as we know it because of what Adam did.

Also, Jesus didn't come to save satans world. He came to qualify to over throw satan when He returns. That's a big mistake a lot of people make, even when Jesus walked the earth, people thought He came to save them.

Thinking, which direction is your thinking taking you?
Hi ChangingMyself I went through the same thoughts you did a long time ago and instead of giving up faith in God I had to change the way I look at God and the world itself.
First I really do not think that God is someone that grants us our three wishes like a genie but instead and yes I find it harsh myself but I think that one of the main reasons we are here on Earth is to go through trials without God directly intervening all the time.
My Mom on the other hand is convinced God helps her find her keys when she loses them well that's fine if she believes that but how are we suppose to build character if God uses his hand to fix all our problems all the time?
Do you know anyone that is living the picture perfect life? I sure do not and if I did find them I would move next door to them, go to their church and find out everything I need to learn from them on the formula for the picture perfect life.
Sometimes when I look at how messed up my own life is I forget that other people have their own problems.
My wife divorced me despite the fact that I was very loving to her and worked hard everyday on our relationship but even so my Pastor lost his daughter in a car accident, one of the families in my church has a son who is a promiscuous homosexual, my brother is childless with fertility problems, my Mom is mentally ill and every year grows more mentally unstable, my teacher in school had a long line of miscarriages etc etc etc every single person I know has problems in their life that are really no better or worse then what I am going through and if I sat down with them and tried to argue that I have it bad they could say something like "Well at least you are still young and your problems are fixable but mine are PERMANENT".
I know that this does not relate much to the problem of suffering in the world but I think that the real problem is not God but instead our lack of action to it.
I was thinking this morning about the sin of gluttony which when boiled down means that its a sin to grow fat while people around you are hungry and I have to admit that in the USA it is probably the most common sin being committed because every time I buy a tub of Ice Cream for $5.00 I could have purchased perhaps 4 loaves of bread for hungry kids someplace far away.
Also yesterday I watched a movie called Machine gun Preacher which really addresses the problem you are talking about.
Instead of sitting around here at home sending donations and prayers to fix problems overseas the main character actually goes overseas and deals with the problems that the people are dealing with directly which of course involves actually going to war himself.
If fixing these peoples problems were as easy as dumping money in a bucket and praying about then what does that teach us? It lowers God down to some genie that grants us our wishes so we can keep eating buttered popcorn in front of the TV.
Life is tough and it is easy for nobody but please do not do what some people do and lower God down to a genie in a bottle.
I want to suggest to you this testimoney. She told God, (this isnt word for word) if I find the right man then I will give everything over to God. And she was told by a friend don't bargain with God, cause it won't work. And explains why. Then recieves a face to face encounter with jesus...... trust me this testimoney may change everything. Its brilliant.


As others have said, the issues you're wrestling with have been discussed and debated for thousands of years. How can God allow suffering? Why is there evil in the world? I too have spent a lot of time thinking these things over and over, and I can share with you how I deal with it.

I believe God created a universe where we are given total free will. That means we are truly free to make our own decisions and choices. The only way that can be done is if God allows all actions and decisions to play themselves out, without His interference. The more God intervenes (like, shielding us from the consequences of our actions), the less free we are. A universe of true cause and effect is one where its inhabitants are truly free.

I mean, what kind of place would this be if every time we messed up, God stepped in and fixed everything? If I decided to go out drinking and then drove home, what would happen if God steered my car for me so that I got home safely? Well then, I'll just do that whenever I want, cuz God's got my back! My choices have no consequences, no matter how bad they are. In that sort of world, we'd all do anything and everything and nothing bad would ever happen! Wheee!!! :cool:

But the world we live in isn't like that. If we make bad decisions, bad things usually happen, and they should. And sometimes, bad things seem to happen for no reason at all! And even worse, sometimes bad things happen to good people. But again, what kind of world would it be if bad things never happened to Christians or good people? Then everyone would decide to be Christian! But it wouldn't be a true free-will choice, would it?

The only problem I see with this is the issue of prayer. Most Christians I know pray for stuff, or for things to happen differently. "Dear God, I really need a raise." That kind of stuff. But what they're really doing is asking God to intervene and usually cover their backs for bad choices they made. If God does that, then we're not truly free, are we?

I believe prayer is about us, not God. Through prayer we gain strength to handle everything life throws at us. Prayer isn't about asking God to do stuff for you. Prayer is about you talking to God and coming away renewed, confident, and stronger.

I hope that helps.