Movie Quotes

LOL - that sounds great! I'll have to check it out, I've never seen it.

When you suggested Spies Like Us, I found it on DVD at Bi-Mart. It was on sale for 4-bucks.:D

This one's not a movie either, but I remember it well...

Plaintiff: "But your honor, I think he smokes pot!"

Judge Judy: "Your not his morals-monitor!!!"

So Rex goes into a bar when he first gets into town. And Blackie (the bad guy) comes in and starts shooting people and Rex steps to the middle of the floor.

Blackie: What in the @@@@ are you?
Rex: Just a stranger passing through.
Blackie: Where in the @@@@ did you get that shirt?
Rex: How a person dresses is only a matter of his or her own.
Blackie: You know what you like like to me? You look like one of them fellers thats attracted to other men.
Rex: This is just a warning. If you or your men draw on me I will shoot each man in the hand.
Blackie: In the hand?
Rex: Yep
Blackie: Not in the face or the chest?
Rex: Nope
Blackie: I don't like the idear of being shot in the hand.
Rex: Then go home blackie.
Blackie: Go home?
Rex: That's right
Blackie: GO HOME?
Rex: Yeah and see someone about your hearing.
Blackie: Draw your gun prairie fairie.

Oh man that show is awesome.
[bonk-bonk! chick-chickaaaaah!]

Girl on bus: Want a gummy bear? I had 'em in my pocket so they're warm and soft.

[bonk-bonk! Chick-chickaaaaaaah!]

(princepal running through the halls, comes to classrooms with windows set in the doors...starts walking. Passes the window, starts running again. Comes to the next door, starts walking. Passes it, starts running again.)


"Ferris Beuller, you're my hero!":D

Saw this movie on TV over the weekend. Isn't God wonderful to have blessed us with the ability to laugh so hard?

This movie came out when I was 18 or so (I think). I saw it, didn't like it much, and forgot about it. Then I watched it on TV...

God has given me the gift of laughter and joy! I praise Him!:D
"I think it *makes God angry* when you walk past the color purple without even noticing it."


"You sure is ugly!!! HA-HA!!!"


"She ain't my mammy!"


Sophia: "You sit down, Harpo! When you free? Me and the baby be waiting. Just don't make me wait too long, Harpo. Harpo? HARPO!!!"

Harpo: "I won't. I will. I do."

Kids: "I do!"

One of my favorites.:D
Some of my favourite quotes that i will post here are from the film 'The Crow'

I always love the dialogs between Ernie Hudson and Brandon Lee (R.I.P)

Albrecht: Police! Don't move! I said, "Don't move!"
Eric Draven: I thought the police always said, "Freeze!"
Albrecht: Well, I am the police, and I say, "Don't move!"
So you move, and you're dead.
Eric Draven: And I say, "I'm dead," and I move.

(after being shot)
Albrecht: I thought you were invincible!
Eric Draven: Well, I was, I'm not any more.

Im gonna have to buy that film on Blu-Ray i think...any excuse to see it again!!
Mrs. Doubtfire (sniffing the air): "This hollandaise smells like burnt rubber..."

Mrs. Doubtfire: "My first day as a woman and I'm already getting hot-flashes!":eek:

Case-worker: "Do you consider yourself to be humorous?"
Steven: "I used to...but you've cured me of that."

Steven (face and wig still on, into the mirror): "Norman Bates!"

Mrs. Doubtfire: "Oh, you wicked, wicked monkey!"

Mrs. Doubtfire: "If I ever catch the mysogynistic *fool* who invented high-heels, I'll kill him!"

Mrs. Doubtfire (whipped cream on her face): "I must look like a yeti in this get-up!"

Mrs. Doubtfire: "There you go, dear! *plop!* There's another one! *plunk!* Theeeere you go!"

OOOooooooh, what a father won't go through for the love of his children!:D
Francis: Today's my birthday, and my father said I can have anything that I wanted!

Pee Wee: Good for you and your father!


Pee Wee: Let's begin, shall we?
[crowd still whispering]
Pee Wee: SHALL WE!!!???


Pee Wee: [to fortune-teller] First tell me why I'm here!

Fortune teller: [looking around mysteriously] You're here something!


Pee Wee: [in biker bar] SSSSSSSSSHHHHHH! I'm TRYING to use the PHONE!!!


Pee Wee: I'm here in Texas.
Dottie: No you aren't.
Pee Wee: No, honest...listen! [holds phone out to crowd and sings] The stars at night...are big and bright!
[everybody in the crowd stops what they're doing to clap three times and then sings back]
Crowd: Deep in the heart of Texas!

I'm glad God made laughter, otherwise my heart would have exploded by now.


Heh D here is another Mrs. Doubtfire: Oh dear I saw the whole thing, it was a run by fruiting!
Cameron Frye: The 1961 Ferrari, two fifty GT California. Less than a hundred were made. My father spent three years restoring this car. It is his love, it is his passion . . .

Ferris Bueller: It is his fault he didn't lock the garage.
Cameron Frye: The 1961 Ferrari, two fifty GT California. Less than a hundred were made. My father spent three years restoring this car. It is his love, it is his passion . . .

Ferris Bueller: It is his fault he didn't lock the garage.
I just watched that one this weekend!

"When Cameron was in Egypt land...Let my Cameron go....."

I saw that movie in the theaters (Eugene, OR) when I was like 18 years old or so. I didn't think much of it back then.

Then my friend Preston just recently started watching it every...single...time it was on TV. Pretty soon, I started looking forward to seeing the funny parts. Reminded me of my youth then.

Ed Rooney: He's up to something. Now he has that poor girl involved.
Secretary: And her grandmother, too!

Who Am I...the Sausage King of Chicago.


Ed Rooney: The game is over! Your *behind* is mine!
[girl slowly turns around to look at Ed...sticks her straw into her cup and fills it with soda pop...aims...sprays Rooney]

Bonk! Bonk! Chick...chik-aaaah!

Granted, Ferris lies to his parents, steals a car, is overstuffed with pride, doesn't respect his friends or his friends' wishes...but dangit! Back then, movies were just pure good fun!:eek:

(compared to today's teen movies, anyway)
'Tis true! The movie is a riot! I have the "cut" TV version taped on an old VHS...we watch it every now & then.

I still laugh all the way through!

Another one that's still good after being cut is Stand by Me...It doesn't lose anything good when you cut the bad words.