Strong delusion

Since the ascension of Jesus, the "end times" has been upon us. Jesus declared, "I am coming quickly!" (soon, without delay, suddenly, as if by surprise).
Freemasonry is also a strong delusion. Many claim its compatible with christianity...but i know ppl been delivered from it, so it cant be.
The same with alcohol addiction. It operates by the demon deception, making people believe its a good thing when it isnt. Very difficult to talk to ppl under its influence.
Signs and wonders also a strong delusion..this is mentioned in Bible. All signs and lying wonders.
Propgated by false prophets and false christs.

There is only one anointed King, that is Jesus. While we can do so muh greater spreading the gospel, we cant BE Jesus himself and save everyone cos he is the high priest, the head of the church, not us.

Many people claim they have christ power and then start lording it over others. This is not Jesus way.
Many people say things then claim it is prophecy when it isnt. They just made it up themselves, and didnt bother reading the Bible, where all prophecy is recorded.
You need look no further for how "Strong delusion" works than to look at the governments of the "Great dictators"... I can pick Hitler as an example - but he is by no means unique, and we could pick out more recent, modern examples...

In hindsight - everybody says "Gosh, what the heck got into everybody?".. but it's not that easy... That's the power of Deception... The power of Delusion... Satan is not one to be trifled with.... The leader will look like the most beautiful thing in the entire world.. Full of light and goodness... Full of wisdom and knowledge... Everything right... Unstoppable, invincible.... Everybody lines right up behind him and does whatever he says.... and it becomes "Truth"...

I think if world events over the past 10 years or so are any indication - the world is ripe for another one of these sort of fellows to show up... There seems to be this incredible urge to get behind a powerful "false messiah" type... Not just in the USA - but across Europe, Asia, and the middle east as well....

I know some churches have been seriously deluded by the lying signs and wonders...ones that claim gold dust and feathers spring to mind. And apparitions of Jesus mother Mary.
I know some churches have been seriously deluded by the lying signs and wonders...ones that claim gold dust and feathers spring to mind.

You'd have to be there and be blessed with spiritual discernment to make that judgment.

And apparitions of Jesus mother Mary.

Now, now. Jesus is appearing more and more before Muslims and Jews and they are getting saved daily in great numbers. As for Mary---that would be a lying spirit.
One thing that should give us some comfort...
If you look at the great dictators... By and large - the warning signals were picked up very early by the Born Again Christians... Now - they were blamed, ignored, slandered, and persecuted by all the rest of society - but the warning signs were there and they did sound the alarm.... People seem to forget that the Germans were perfectly happy to execute "Born again Christians" who didn't cooperate with them in the concentration camps right alongside of Jews, and did so at an alarming rate.

If you pay attention to "The World" - you will find that they *Want* the strong delusion... They LOVE the lie... they don't just buy all the lies, slander, and misinformation that's spewed out - they love it.. They encourage and facilitate it... and they hate the truth... God's real truth... Now... Which flavor/side of "The Lie" they love will be dictated based upon political leanings... But when you dig into it - it's all the same lie... just packaged to sound different....

I heard some say 'God is doing a new thing' and that the bible is not authoritative eg not God's Word anymore so people don't have to listen and act on it, that some other preachers now have more revelations. I would be wary of these churches and avoid them.
I tried talking to some ppl caught up in them and they are very fixed in their belief that their leader is more important than Jesus himself. They not praising Jesus, they constantly talk about their teachers.