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FROM BONDMAN - Friday, May 6

As I have some most important and urgent things to write about us and our needs I'll put them at the bottom for today.

PREVIOUS QUESTION: As Christian people are we supposed to help others? If so, who? And how?

I feel that I could/should have worded this question differently. 'Who' is easily answered by a verse I believe I may have quoted quite recently: Galatians Ch 6:10 As we have therefore opportunity, let us do good to all [people], [but] especially to them who are of the household of faith. So those who come first for help from us are our fellow Christian Believers. Next for help from us are unbelievers. So that covers 'WHO' we should give help to - in that order!!

'HOW' could be thought of according to meanings of "good" in the Greek, where it can mean "useful" and of "benefit". But the big question - which I've dealt with before, but still should have included - is a 'WHY' one. Are you ready for this? WHY DON'T WE?? Why don't we help others? Seriously!! And the answers are so simple: a) because we're so incredibly wrapped up in looking after ourselves, and b) being so concerned for our own well-being that we neither have TIME nor ENERGY to look after others.

Okay, so how serious is this? Answer: DEADLY serious!! Jesus goes so far as to say that those who do NOT look after the needs of others who cannot help themselves for food, water, clothing, shelter and being taken care of, and in illness He will send to HELL!! - sent there WITH a curse upon them by Jesus Himself (v. 41)!! Click to read ALL of Matthew 25: 31-46. Whoa, heavy stuff!!

Alright, so your life is NOT majorly concerned about the well-being of your fellow Believers. Very common in our societies. But what does it say about your Christian life? Answer: you're not living it - so you better get some healthy/Godly "fear" into your soul about your spiritual state!!! You are worldly, and NOT visiting that elder Christian living alone who needs help with all manner of things!! Instead who do you spend your time with? Answer: with those who love you of course!! - NOT with the difficult, the ill, or the elderly!Yes, change WILL cost you!! But then didn't our very salvation COST the agony and ultimately LIFE of Someone we profess to belong to?!!

Please do NOT use the following as a 'cop-out', but the true Christian life of some folks may well make it very difficult indeed to look after and take care of and LOVE the Christian "unlovely" and in deep need. But you can STILL obey Jesus: simply go to Gospel for Asia and click "From the Stable and "Empowering the Poor" to give to Believers in deep poverty, and (stressed) REGULARLY give them some of the very cheap (or dearer) things there - this will GREATLY help wonderful Believers you'll never meet in this life, and actually change their lives!!

NEXT QUESTION: Do you know where your church's money goes?

We have serious needs that virtually none of you can come and help us with. But you can pray if you choose to. Most Believers in the West seem to be able to keep up urgent prayer for up to a week - but not past that. It's over a month now that my chronically ill Beloved has been pulling our house apart to get rid of mould (ultimately to save my life for one thing), shifting furniture, going through boxes, repacking into things that won't go mouldy, and so much more. Her legs, arms, hands and back are killing her, and she exhausted!! But she has to keep going - no choice!! So she needs prayer for STRENGTH to keep doing what simply HAS to be done. Apart from some help from our carers it's all up to her. Where are the Believers? - well, not here, that's for sure...

As for me, I'm daily in a very low energy and tired state, but worst of all I've lost something I've had all my life and without which my body WILL give up on me if it goes on too long. I've lost my 'zap', my 'get up and go', my drive that despite being chronically ill and 72 years old has kept me ministering to others for most of every day of every year for many years. I need my ZAP back!!!

Prayer DOES change things!! You guys have already PROVEN it!!! When Beloved was in hospital for her gall-bladder she was (literally) in a prayer-cloud the whole time because people here cared and prayed! WOW!! She was home within the (dreaded!) week, and thus prayer worked so WONDERFULLY for her that time. But not now! Can she have a week's earnest prayer please, according to Jesus' words in both Galatians and Matthew above? A big, big thank you to those who will respond to our serious needs and help us!!!

With all our love to you, and you, and you!!

- BM and Mrs

URL to Gospel for Asia approved by Leadership.
Hey! It's been a looong time I have not read this site. I'm behind you in prayer for beloved's strength. If I could, I'd rush to Australia and help you! I guess prayer is the best for me though. Norm and I were going to visit Australia this year, but the economy has left us pretty dried up financially, so no trips this time around. I wish you could just move into another house. Mold is so very hard to get rid of. Why do you think it has happened in your home?
I'm so fortunate to have found a church that is sooo loving and concerned about the lost and also the body of Christ. They reach out to those around them, and are organized so that no one is left out. I missed one Sunday and got a call from pastor to see if everything was alright. This is a church of about 500 people with two services. Calvary Baptist church is the name, and I hear the gospel preached all the time. In fact, if someone is suspected to be struggling with something, one of the members goes to him and asks how things are going, and if there is a problem you can pray about. They really believe that we all should be accountable for eachother's spiritual welfare, and no one is left out. There is so much love in my church. Someone in a situation like you and beloved would be taken on way before now. There would have been a committee of people to come and help you.
One thing I learned about is something called a Deacon's Purse, for which an offering is taken once a month specifically for that. If anyone in the church is suffering finacially, or knows of someone else with a need, they can go before the deacons and request help. Also once a month, pastor holds up a missionary packet for anyone in the congregation to raise their hand and accept it and it's information about the missionary so they can write to them and send them gifts, or care packages. We support so many missionaries, and they are not forgotten by the people of the church.
I'm not saying this as a pride thing. I am just truly blessed to be part of such a group of true Christians. And loving the Church of Jesus Christ is put into action there. But, prayer can change so many things, and I really intend to to that for you. That's another thing my church does in our Sunday School classes. When people have prayer requests, everyone writes them down so they can remember them in prayer at home during their devotions and prayer times.
Ok, I'll stop there and just share with ya'll something I've recently learned in my studies. I hope it is right and scriptural, which I believe it is because it excited me so, this new truth.
Rom 6:23 "The gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord." But our promise concerning "the gift of God" was not made to tasters, but to drinkers; as He said to the Samaritan woman, "If thou knewest the gift of God, and who it is that saith to thee, 'give me to drink,' thou wouldest have asked of Him and He would have given thee living water . . . Ok, guess I have to finish this on another post, so hold on and read the following one.
. . . (continued) "Whosoever drinketh of the water I give him shall never thirst; but the water that I shall give him shall become in him a well of water springing up unto eternal life." John 4:10,14 Thus, all drinkers of the water of life are truly saved. But, you ask, could a person taste of eternal life and yet be lost forever? Certainly! Tasting IS NOT drinking! Drinkers are not mere tasters. In tasting, the flavor and effect of the taste is discovered; the will thereupon must decide whether to drink or reject what has been tasted. The drinker commits the water to the man and the man to the water - a wonderful picture of saving faith! If it is the water of life, which Jesus gives, he has drunk of it; he has committed himself to it; his whole being is involved; his whole future is determined.
Many today know the TASTE of the heavenly gift, eternal life, who never did DRINK of that water; who did not accept, receive that gift in a saving sense. I had to get up and find a pen so I could start writing. It was so rich, and I thank God I can share it with you. Let me know if this concept is a correct one. I will not be offended. Thanx for letting me share this with ya. And may God richly bless you! Don't give up yet! Bonnie
What a lovely surprise!! Hi, Bonnie, wonderful to see you again! Nearly 3 1/2 years since we first met, and you were one of the 3 who helped me so much to get The Inner Room up and running here on CFS! WOW!!

All homes in South East Queensland got/have mould from a summer here where we experienced extremely high humidity like I never remember before. Beloved is making progress with getting much of it eradicated, but we've even had to throw out furniture that was so far gone with it! Thank you for praying - my Lady is plumb worn out, with a lot still to do!!

Well, you sure have found an amazing church! I've been in Baptist churches - even started one from scratch in the late '60's in far North Queensland (and held positions of Acting Pastor, Secretary, Treasurer and Sunday School Superintendent) - but I've sure never heard of one as on the ball as yours!! The full support of everyone by others is such a strong NT command (numbers of Scriptures - Gal 6:2, 1 Thess 5:14, Rom 15:1-2, Gal 6:9, 1 Thess 5:11, Heb 3:13, Heb 10:24, 1 Thess 4:9, Col 3:16, Gal 6:10) that it's absolutely shocking how FEW churches do it. But yours does!!! That's certainly worth a loud "Hallelujah!!!" (Umm, now let's see - we'll be arriving by the next plane - please be there to meet us! heehee!!)

Trouble is I wouldn't like to be living in America now, as the country is slowly self-destructing economically, with even harder times to come. You can read my rather shocking thread on this, posted recently: Facing the Serious Place America and the World is Now Heading For. It's aimed at helping my fellow brothers and sisters to understand and get ready for what's to come!

It's certainly true that so many (e.g., tens of millions in America) have had the opportunity of getting eternally saved, but have failed - like you said - to DRINK of the living water, which ultimately is Jesus Himself in our lives!! They consider that it is not "convenient" for them to drink, as this would mean a TOTAL life and life-style change and they certainly don't want THAT!

Yes, I think that some may actually 'put a toe in the water' as it were, and even take a brief taste, but that gains them nothing whatsoever! For again, as you said, it profits them nothing unless they go the WHOLE way, DRINK (and keep on drinking), and thus commit all of them, all of their life to Jesus, to love and obey and serve Him forever!! Nothing LESS than this will do! Many think that less is okay, but it's certainly NOT!! - and they are in for a mighty shock at the Judgement when Jesus puts them in the Goats' group bound for eternal hell!! How foolish is that...

I came across a great word by a Pastor I know nothing about - but what I read was really great. Check it out at

Well I think that's enough raving on from me. Thanks so much for your posts! Bless you heaps and heaps, dearest one!

With much love from us both!!

- BM
FROM BONDMAN - Thursday, May 19

I truly don't mean to go so long between updates! *sigh!!* The house is still getting sorted, with 2 large pieces of furniture to be got rid of soon. Beloved has pains all over but is managing to continue, with time out when she needs to recuperate. Carers help when they have time to. I'm about the same, very tired most days, and unmotivated which is just not me at all... I'm waiting to hear that our ministry funds have completed the final step in the London Bank, i.e., still no blockage there, so am getting a bit excited!! Both of us, of course, are awaiting God's promised healings and those funds, fully confident that HE IS SO FAITHFUL to us all!!!

PREVIOUS QUESTION: Do you know where your church's money goes?

This is an interesting one don't you think? It's true that most folk in larger churches don't know, which is pretty sad, and appears to be their church's fault. Also, most of it is used simply to keep the church going. Figures show only a few percent of giving goes to established missionary works, then just 1/2 a percent to reaching the round about 2 billion who've not as yet heard the Good News (that we all have)!! So our Western churches, in general, don't seem to be functioning in a Scriptural manner concerning money.

And by the way you've probably been taught to tithe to the church as being Scriptural. Unfortunately isn't. Tithing is written about in the Old Testament and was part of the Law there. 'Testament' means agreement, contract, covenant. Here it was a binding contract and agreement between God and His people: the Children of Israel (the Hebrews, the Jews). But this has all changed. Jesus said: Luke Ch 22:20b This cup is the new testament in my blood, which is shed for you. And at the moment of His death on the cross the old contract ended completely. It was replaced by a NEW covenant/agreement/contract in and by His shed blood for me and you.

We are no longer under the old agreement in the Old Testament, but under a new one, in the New Testament, as our one and only guide-book to our Christian life. There is NO tithing in the New Testament. Instead is joyful giving because we want to!! Not to the church per se but to help those who need help, and especially our fellow Believers. We personally don't tithe, nor give to any church. But we DO give a lot to those Christians who are in desperate need, in fact this is where EVERY spare dollar goes.

You can and should do the same, for the NT teaches that we MUST help others, like Jesus spelt out in Matthew 25:31-46 that I wrote last time. If you don't know these words PLUS do them, then what are you going to say to Jesus standing before Him at the Judgement? (because it will ALL come up then for each one of us!!)

NEXT QUESTION: What should you do when God is (or seems) like He's a million miles away?

Thank you SO much for your faithful prayers. Much love, joy and peace to all!!

- BM and Mrs
Bondman, I am always blessed by your messages and they speak a lot of God's love in you. I just haven't gone that far in reading them. I will also join the others in prayers for you and your beloved. :)
Dear Gemma, thank you for your kind words and encouragement!

I can pretty-much say that no one ever tells me (here) that they will pray for the very serious needs of myself and my Beloved, so it's very special that you've written to say that you will pray!! Bless you for that!

Joy and peace!!

- BM

Just for those who may be interested (and/or may wish to pray)!

.. I've been ill since a child with serious asthma and with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)'s great number of health problems. There's no treatment - they don't even know what CFS is yet!

.. Now at 72 with a fair lot of deterioration, still slowly continuing. Some stressful things now are:

.. Memory: I can't remember all sorts of things - some are apparently lost but others are in there somewhere, but often I can't get them out!! Spiritual things are generally the exception to this!! (bless You Lord!!)

.. Energy reserves are VERY low now, hence needing a Power Wheelchair. I still have strength (I can lift the end of the table up), but my small amount of energy is very soon used up and I then can't hold it any more. So I'm not 'weak' as such, just LOOK that way. I can stand up for maybe 20 seconds before collapsing.


This is how I minister for hours on the Net every day of every year. We've set up me and my "Gertie" so my fingers are the only things using any energy - and somehow they manage to keep going (our great God again, I imagine!!)​

.. But an increasingly serious problem is I have cataracts growing on both eyes (left is worst). BUT I cannot get these fixed because of my low reserves of energy - I would not survive any operations of any kind. So we've had to do all sorts of crazy things to help me still see the screen, but it sure ain't easy and continues to slowly get worse...​


Me and Gertie used to be able to go out and ride round our suburb (Doc's instructions!) but my eyes are now making that almost impossible - can't see well enough to be safe! (Pook!!)​

.. Beloved now has to dress and undress me - just not enough reserves to manage this. She's had CFS since a child too, so it's not always easy for her to do things to help me. If I do some small thing I shouldn't, I get out of breath and puff and pant, and then my heart starts pounding and may take up to an hour to stop. None of this is life-threatening, just rather difficult to handle!

.. As of a few months ago I now cannot shower or bath, but my carers or Beloved just sponge me while I'm lying back in Gertie. I can sit on ordinary chairs for awhile, to eat meals for example. l still manage to look after myself a fair amount so my Lady doesn't get worn out too badly. (We both have Government funded carers who come in 3 days a week each for a few hours. Couldn't survive without them.

.. I prayed earnestly to God for many years for healing for us both so we could minister more effectively, and also for a large amount of funds, all for ministry as well. He's granted both prayers, but told me I have to wait, meantime just giving Him thanksgiving which I do daily. I feel both of these major miracles should be received SOON!

.. I stay up (mostly in Gertie these days) rather than being in bed, because if I do that my body takes it as a sign that life is finished and begins to shut down!! (interesting experience!)

.. After 54 yrs with the Lord, spiritually I am a mature Christian (according to the Lord via an amazing vision - else I would most certainly not say it) and strong in many ways - cos He is so good!! I can honestly say that because of the Lord my life is great!! I have power and much agape from the Spirit, and deep-down joy and peace that NOTHING every effects. All my CFS illnesses plus asthma can be a real "nuisance" to say the least, but they never get me down (the Holy Spirit does ALL of this - and Beloved helps!! *big smile!*)

Waiting for miracles via His grace!!!

- BM, with his Lady
Blessings Bondman and for your Beloved as well,

I'm seldom here anymore except for an occasional peek but saw your post today and wanted to reply here.

As I've told you often privately my prayers continue for you daily. I'm so encouraged when I see others (gemma I think just recently) say they are lifting you in prayer as well. I'm encouraged also by your perpetual optimism that the Lord will provide that full healing promised some time back. I believe that strongly as well and continue to pray that the Lord will make that day TODAY. He continues to tarry but in His time it will come, as will those ministry funds.

I consider myself quite fortunate to be considered amongst your friends and have been blessed countless times because of your messages of encouragement and hope.

Prayers continue my brother. Thanks for your e-mail yesterday. I'm hoping to be back in business here with the computer before long.

@gemma -- You will find a wealth of New Testament scripture truth in Bondman's messages. If you don't wish to read through all the posts here you can also click on the Truly New Testament link in my signature where all of his messages have been fully made available in an easier to read and follow format than is possible on this forum.
Nick, my dear, dear friend!! - I was not expecting to see you here!! Lovely surprise! Hope you get that computer of yours going soon; they can be such a pain when they decide to play up. I wonder if just about everyone has this sort of love-hate relationship with them. I love 'em cos it gives me a full-time ministry that I could never possibly hope to have at my age if it weren't for my PC here (gave it a good smack around a while ago, and it seems to have got the message and is behavin' quite nicely these days! *haha!)

Talk to you soon, my brother!!

- BM
FROM BONDMAN - Friday, June 3

I was just thinking that a great guide to how we are doing is how long I go between these
updates: the longer it goes past a week, the more prayer we are needing!!

In many ways I simply can't believe where our lives have got to. I know that it can get even worse for us, but it's hard to see how without one or both of us.... I don't think I'll finish that sentence. Okay, after about 7 weeks of work on the house, at the moment Beloved's body has ground to a halt. She's just overdone it for far too long. We've had things going wrong in our lives every day or two, sometimes multiple ones - and it's just become too much for her. Some church folk would think that this was all a bad thing, and we must be doing something wrong and God is punishing us or something. Scripturally the OPPOSITE is true. Jesus summed it perfectly: John Ch 16:33 ... In the world you WILL have tribulation (distress, affliction, trouble, anguish, burdens).

It's interesting that Beloved's good carer sees how everything that can go wrong does go wrong for us, and even speaks this - yet she sees us still getting through it all [with God's help and support]. And her teen daughter has added to our difficulties by taking an overdose, and so she was not here to look after us for many days. As life was settling down again, daughter took a stronger overdose, and we lost our carer again! I'm sure my dear, dear overworked Lady really, really needs this at the moment - but her carer acknowledges how much we love and take care of her! (she cooks a week's food for me Monday, and similar for Beloved Friday; Wed. is out for shopping, and to see Doc if needed). Ah well, as I often say, "It's all good fun!!!"

I still cannot bath or shower. Beloved is still sponging me while I'm in Gertie. We HAVE to teach one of my carers how to do this without making things worse for me. My energy level is still way, way down. And I'm having more and more trouble seeing as the cataracts slowly grow more. So we keep having to come up with more and more "tricks" to enable me to continue here at the computer. I truly am having a lot of trouble!

Our funds for ministry are still moving along (at snail pace - but at least still no blockage!!) When they finally get to us I believe God will bring His promised healing to us both. THANK-YOU LORD!!!!

PREVIOUS QUESTION: What should you do when God is (or seems) like He's a million miles away? I'm very tempted to say, "Nothing!" or rather "Nothing different!" but let's look at this a tad deeper.

This happened to me soon after I first collapsed and was in bed for 3 years, AND put out of the workforce for ever. The bottom fell out of my life. I was the bread-winner for my family and suddenly I am "nothing!" Church folk were obvious by the way in which they stayed away completely! I felt useless and hopeless, and I couldn't think of anyone in my world who truly LOVED like the Bible says. Then God left as well!!!

You've probably heard the saying: the only light at the end of the tunnel is probably the light of an oncoming train! That sure was true! What did I do? Well, struggled greatly, but did my very best to MAINTAIN my Christian life just as it had been. God being a million miles away made that beyond hard, but I kept things going anyway!! I prayed - as if into darkness - asking for help and answers. I did this for quite some time, but got answers through Christian TV from a man I thought was okay then, but he surely is not. I just LOVE the way God will bring things straight out of left field!!

Then one day He was very suddenly BACK!!! Whoo-hoo!! It was so, so wonderful. I'd made it through the darkness after all. And guess what - at that moment I was suddenly absolutely aware that He'd never ever been away anyway!!! That really stunned me!! So my best answer to the question has to be something like this: Don't change anything! No matter how bad it gets, CONTINUE on with all Spiritual things in your life just as if all was still normal. Trust as best you can, read, pray, wait - and most important: don't hassle yourself!! The reunion will come, and it will be GREAT!!!

NEXT QUESTION: Why do you need to be a truth-seeker?

To those who pray, our deepest thanks! You really DO make a great difference!! To all, may your life in the Lord continue to grow and grow!! With all our love!!

- BM, with his Lady

EDIT: For those who may be interested, I've been posting about the often 'vexed' question of tongues (and baptism in the Spirit) starting round about HERE. The main one is HERE.
God's_Child, you really ARE, and are such a Sweetie!!

Thank-you! Prayers and blessings back to you from us both!!

- BM, with his Lady
FROM BONDMAN - Saturday, June 18

Please Note: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is now making my memory unreliable. So when I forget stuff or mess up, please forgive and tell me. Thanks!

It's been a long, long time again, *not happy* I hope the "Disclaimer" note above is obvious as to it's meaning. It has to now be on everything I write, emails, and the lot until the Lord God heals us. CFS has got a fair ole hold on my memory now so I need to explain repeating things, forgetting stuff, and even messing-up. *sigh*

Life continues to get tougher for us. But our home is finally mould free, which is great, and my Lady is beyond exhausted with numerous pain areas, which is not so great. The cataracts on my eyes are slowly growing, but using various 'tricks' I can still mostly see what's on screen, enough to be able to use the PC. I'm still in Gertie cos my energy level continues to be so low, and just in case we were bored I paid a smallish amount to experts to fix a couple of computer problems. Then an expert gave me advice I was doubtful about but I thought he should know, so I did it and it made my PC unusable!!

But since 1982 with my first Apple II+ with 48k of Ram Memory, and cost me over $4,000, I've always kept backups. Because of further complications, it did take us 2 long days of hard work to do, but we've restored the computer to where it was! I'm now fighting JustAnswer for a full refund! Oh, and today I've collapsed (from the 2 days of stress I guess). Did I hear someone say, "So what's new!".... I've been partly in bed (yes, you heard that right!) pleading with Beloved to: "Please just shoot me!" but she declined! Hopefully tomorrow will be a bit better for us both!

.:: Please do read the rather amazing story of my Nigerian Scammer in the post below!!

I will be writing how to become a true NT Christian just as soon as I can. It will go to 5 people in 4 different countries, aged 20 to over 60, incl. 2 calling themselves Christians, and 1 who knows absolutely nothing!! (Beloved's carer). One of them is a Nigerian scammer. Have you received emails offering you millions if you'll send them some personal details? They are mostly Nigerian Scammers, and sometimes take people for a lot of their money. Well one I got recently was fully "Christian," apparently written by someone who knew Christianity well. Instead of bouncing it back as I normally do, I wrote a reply, telling her what she was doing wrong. Would you please PRAY as I write this, and for the 5 it will go to. Thank you! Read full story of my Scammer in post below.

You may remember that our ministry funds have amazingly hit no blockages from receiving them for quite some time. Well, they hit one! It was a European Union organisation called the FATF, an aggressive, arrogant and fairly nasty group who go after money launderers, which is okay, but they think they are in charge of the world, and how they got involved I've no idea. The Christian guys fighting for the money of so many folks tried to beat the FATF but they demanded that a single document be altered before release of all the money. The cost to do this? - a cool $750,000!! Amazing, hey!

The guys are now in the process of raising this amount. BJ, as we call him and who is in charge offers those who'll loan money 10:1 on it when the funds, including his, are released. In theory this is the final block that can happen!! "Please may it be so, Lord! There are people we need money for, to help them in their lives. You know these millions are all for work in the Kingdom."

PREVIOUS QUESTION: Why do you need to be a truth-seeker?

Sound like a pretty innocent query, right - but it sure is NOT!! Let's first change it a little to: "Why do YOU need to be a truth-seeker?" Answer: simply because of all those in your life who've TOLD you what you simply ACCEPTED as truth - but is it? I've said it before, but you can be certain ONLY if you decide to seek for the truth yourself!! God will respect you for this and HELP you to find truth. There are countless MILLIONS in churches who've believed everything they've heard week after week after week, but it's not ENOUGH truth to even keep many of them out of hell. YOU need to check out truth for yourself, seek for it always, and don't accept anything unless you can be certain that it IS CLEARLY in the New Testament.

You may read all of my Inner Room Messages and believe them. There's NO denominational bias, it is based purely on clear Scriptural truths, and you can check the Scriptures for yourself. Others who know me well will attest to the fact that what I've written - and live out myself - truly WORKS!!

NEXT QUESTION: In Matthew Ch 25:36b Jesus says, "I was sick and you visited me." So you know how to treat long-term ill people, right? And do so?

Your love and your prayers keep us going. May His love be your life-motivator, and please BE a truth-seeker!!

Blessings from

- BM

Have you ever received emails offering you millions if you'll send them some personal details? They are mostly Nigerian Scammers, and sometimes take people for a lot of their money. Well one I got recently was fully "Christian," apparently written by someone who knew Christianity well. Instead of bouncing it back as I normally do, I wrote a reply, telling her what she was doing wrong.

Surprisingly she replied to my email! - but didn't admit her sin (I mean there was no proof she was a Christian), so I replied with a really serious hard-hitting email about her life and ultimate destination. It hit the spot this time! She replied saying that I was speaking bad things out of my mouth which a Christian shouldn't do, and that Jesus only spoke good things. I replied with a few things Jesus said to the Jews!! Slowly she started to "meet me halfway" with my emails, saying she was brought up a Christian but needed to repent. We continued emails, exchanging first names, me being VERY careful, and her too.

Then she promised to tell me the truth including who she was, and where she lived, AND turned out to be a HE with a wife and 2 small children. Surprise - he IS a Nigerian! He's stopped scamming, he says, and would you believe he's been scammed himself and is in some danger from a person who wrongly blames him for it!! He is waiting for my help to become a true Believer! Of course there's no certainty about anything he says - I just rely on gut-feeling and the Lord's guidance, and continue to take every care.

I wrote to him today, talking about money as he says he's jobless, and asking how he actually manages to keep himself and his family going, what he would like to do, and more. He is being much loved, and if he's genuine, should be in the Kingdom soon as my writing is ready.

I'll keep you posted, and continued prayer will be much appreciated.

- BM
If there is anything exporting out of Nigeria, it is con-men. Rely on the Lord for these people are professionals.
Also check out
Hi Jas!

I know that many of them are professional crooks! From our emailings back and forth my guy does NOT sound like a professional and has admitted his scamming and sin, and said he'd stopped! Jesus spent so much time with such sinners as them - because they were not acting all perfect and godly like the hypocritical church people of the day, for whom He reserved His strongest condemnatory words!

I view all emails in Mailwasher before downloading, and to date I've bounced all scams back from Mailwasher (I can read all the headings in it to check out scams), but this one time I didn't. My man is actually in The Ivory Coast where I presume wages may be better than in Nigeria.

He uses an Internet Cafe, and says that his 'friend' has noticed he's not sending emails out and so has stopped paying him and paying for the Cafe. I've sent him the first Section of becoming a Christian that I've written. He says he's anxious to get the Section on Repentance because he needs to do this properly. But obviously he'll need money to get onto the Net.

Interestingly, tonight I got a very similar email to my man's original, TOTALLY Christian and very cleverly done. It could be him again of course at it was sent to a different email address of mine that he doesn't know. Or it may be from the 'friend!' - or one of his other 'workers!'

Time will tell.

Jas, is genuine or informatory or what? (don't really have time and strength spare to join it).

Let's ALL be truly and seriously relying on the Lord at all times, exactly as Jas said!

- BM
FROM BONDMAN - Sunday, July 10

Please Note: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is now making my memory unreliable. So when I forget stuff or mess up, please forgive and tell me. Thanks!

Bad Bondman! But I have a pretty good "excuse" for the long time between drinks here!! - constant HARDSHIPS and TRIALS!!!

There's a fair pile of my story that folks don't know - but I can tell you that I have copped it, and copped it again, and again and again. Somehow I knew not to shy away from hard times back then, but rather do my best to simply trust the Lord, along with a strong determination NOT to give in or give up. Same as now!

A multi-millionaire Christian friend I had years ago said how there's 100 people standing on a podium. LIFE comes along and knocks them all down. 90 get up again. Life knocks the 90 over again - 75 get back up. And so it goes until maybe just 4 or 5 remain standing. THEY are the "winners", the ones who always get back up; the ones who refuse to quit!! And it's very interesting to me that this was EXACTLY the amazing story of America! - up until more recent times (sadly).

But I reckon there's a deal MORE to this story for the Christian. In our societies, it's clear to me that we fairly easily can avoid a LOT of the knocking down that can come into our lives, but such avoidance is seriously to our detriment as a Believer! If someone is a 'quiet' person and maybe an introvert (like I used to be, and still can be when I want) then "stepping out" can be quite tough, and fear can often be ruling our lives. Extroverts too can and will avoid hardships.

Thing is that God wants us all to prepare ourselves for leadership in eternity. While they are in a specific context, these verses are still perfectly clear: 1 Corinthians 6:2 Do ye not know that the saints shall judge the world? and if the world shall be judged by you, are ye unworthy to judge the smallest matters? 3 Know ye not that we shall judge angels? how much more things that pertain to this life? Strong words, and clear ones (very interesting that we'll be judging angels!)

Then there's this: Revelation 20:4 And I saw thrones, and they sat upon them, and judgment was given to them: and [I saw] the souls of them that were beheaded for the testimony of Jesus, and for the word of God, and who had not worshipped the beast, neither his image, neither had received [his] mark upon their foreheads, or in their hands; and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years. Okay, so how in our "frantic" societies are we going to find the time and freedom to learn and prepare for all of this? Well it's almost certain that you'll have to change your lifestyle a little or a lot to do so!! - and I'm talking deliberate, DRASTIC changes that humanly-speaking WILL cost you!!

FACT 1: Nothing that's important and crucial in the Christian life comes easily (if yours IS easy, then it's almost certain that you ought to be concerned and seek for an early change!!)

FACT 2: It continues to utterly astonishing to me that I can write like I'm doing here and some will read, but barely a one will do anything (well, certainly with little degree of seriousness). Yet it IS most serious. It's as if Christians are living in a FOG that surrounds their world - the exact same fog that encompasses the whole unbelieving world.

"In the world you WILL have tribulation," Jesus said. How's YOUR tribulation quotient going? - none, a little, a lot. If you say you love Jesus then live your life HIS way. Working hard to NOT have difficulties and tribulation is NOT His way. Beloved and I are suffering constant hardship and tribulation during this period of time. Am I knocked down and wiped out by this? NO!! I've endured such things for over 3 decades. The Holy Spirit gives to me every day ALL that I need to be a literal OVERCOMER - which I AM! And you can be too!!

My regular Q and A + health coming soonest! For those who actually PRAY for us, for our health and other needs, once again thankyou, thankyou, THANKYOU!!! With much love!!

- BM
BONDMAN UPDATE - Thursday, July 14

Please Note: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is now making my memory unreliable. So when I forget stuff or mess up, please forgive and tell me. Thanks!

PREVIOUS QUESTION: In Matthew Ch 25:36b Jesus says, "I was sick and you looked after me." So you know how to treat long-term ill people, right? And do so?

May I please give you some PRACTICAL help and guidance here (because we know!!)

1. I'm writing this on behalf of all the long-term ill Christians out there who are being ignored by their churches and the Christians in them. How do I know this? By the number of times we've been left alone, without any help, or care, or support. And we are NOT unusual in this. (Please note that any strong words here are NOT because I'm annoyed or whatever about how we've been, and are treated. We've learnt to fully accept this. Thus I am simply reporting facts!)

2. As above, Jesus said to the first group of people in Matthew Ch 25:36b I was sick, and you looked after me. But in verse 43 to a different group of people He said: I was sick and you didn't look after me. The latter is far more normal in Christendom than the former, and please NOTE very carefully that He cursed the latter for NOT doing this, and they were sent to eternal fire. Is this you? I earnestly hope not, but it may well be!

3. PRACTICAL. The chronically ill Christian, or frail, or incapacitated needs your support. We may need to be looked after. Can you do this, or organise this? Your church should be doing it, but probably isn't. So it's up to you. MOST IMPORTANT: go to them and tactfully try to find out their needs. Be loving and caring - they will notice. You may need to even change your life-style to perform this mercy - an excellent thing to do that will much please the Lord! Remember, you are doing it (or failing to do it) FOR JESUS!!

Sometimes they will have an emergency, needing help, have run out of medication, or whatever. You will need to meet that need as soon as you possibly can. There may be jobs you need to attend to: ask; or find them and DO them. They may need to talk, because they miss company badly. And may even drive you crazy by this - but it is your service to Jesus, and if you look at it this way you'll not only help them, but grow in righteousness yourself!! There may be times when you shouldn't visit, and times where it's okay to. Please find out! Be SENSITIVE and caring and thoughtful. This is YOUR MINISTRY!!

4. IMPORTANT!! Please don't leave them on their own!! Our long experience shows an amazing CONTRADICTION in this area. If someone is in hospital, then everyone visits them!! - bringing flowers or fruit, organises for someone to visit every day. Easy-peasy for just a week or maybe even longer!!

But the chronically ill AREN'T going to get better, and AREN'T going to get up, go home, and live their normal life again. Many times we've been visited, rung up, had things organised for us - maybe for a few weeks. Then... apparently... we are supposed to somehow, magically, be well again!! They cannot keep up their service for Jesus, and perhaps without even realising they're doing this, astonishingly, they just leave - gone, and we are back quite on our own once again.

That's a test of you! Of how COMMITTED you are to the Lord Jesus. The poorly committed cannot keep up taking care of (or even just LOVING) a chronically ill Christian brother or sister. It costs, sure! And this WILL test if your life is for the LORD or more for yourself. The latter will all be totally burnt up after death (1 Corinthians 3:13-15), and you will LOSE much of your reward that God gives in heaven. But you WILL get much reward from God if you learn how to care for those in long-term need, no matter how you manage this - via a rotor, by yourself, or whatever. According to the above verses, Christians MUST look after other Christians, else they simply aren't - if you see what I mean!

4. SUMMARY: God's REWARDS (Matthew 16:27) that He gives are for your deeds (your works) in this life. And your DEEDS will either show that you are a serious and earnest Christian OR clearly show that you are not!! I strongly suspect that losing rewards may affect your life in eternity most greatly! Don't let this happen! And please recognise that out of a good and dedicated and agape heart WILL come good deeds!! You shouldn't have to PUSH yourself to love and care for other Christians. It should simply flow naturally out of your Christian life and love for the Lord!!!

NEXT QUESTION: I'm a bit confused - what should I really be doing with my money?

Our health and money. There have been two more hold-ups for the latter! Astonishing how determined those who really run the world are for us NOT to get what is rightfully ours! Beloved has had a few days not doing too badly, but still many where she's just not coping. The house is just about done!! But life continues to give us hardships and difficulties that she finds SO hard in the midst of her pains, sleeplessness, and more. I'm all behind with jobs and ministry on the computer - which seems determined to give problems to ensure that we go crazy! I'm glad there will be none in heaven!!

You, yes you, have cared and have prayed! Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!!! My ministry succeeds only by this support! The 2nd person (oldest of the 5) will get the First Section of becoming a true Believer in a day or two. Please pray for her to respond!! Nothing from my friend in Nigeria still...

With all of our love and thanks!!

- BM

P.S. I may have broken another rib. How did I do that? I really don't know. I know when it happened cos it hurt, but how or why????
BONDMAN UPDATE - Thursday, August 4

Please Note: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is now making my memory unreliable. So when I forget stuff or mess up, please forgive and tell me. Thanks!

Please note SERIOUS WARNING below!!

We are going along much as usual - lots of difficulties and hardships of various kinds. Beloved is very close to having finished the house completely. The bed we bought for me is a design disaster that the gals have put together, taken apart, and put together again, to try and make it sort of usable. We're currently figuring what to do about this.

Beloved is still getting stressed fairly easily, but may be making some progress on this. I've gone 'bananas' in recent time praying for ALL the following concerning her dreadful SLEEPING in all these areas - physical pain: neck, shoulders, arms, hands, sides, legs. Bedding: pillows (at least 4), coverings, pyjamas. Sleeping: bad dreams. All of these things give her problems you couldn't even begin to imagine throughout EVERY night. I can't handle it any longer the way she has to try and be 'normal' after appalling sleeps every night of her life. And it's helping!!! Thank you and bless you, precious Lord!!!

I'm just over a month and a half away from reaching 73! How utterly astonishing!! God is great, and is always active in a true Believer's life!! Doc doesn't know if I have a broken rib (3 months to heal) or a torn ligament (month and a half). All I know is it's still pretty sore! I'm still in Gertie most of the time because almost any activity makes me puff and sends my heart pounding. Doc thinks my heart is maybe 'wearing out' and has to work harder to get enough oxygen into my system. I can't have baths still: just takes too much out of me. So it's sponges only (that we can't do often enough) while I lie back in Gertie.

Both of us are still slowly losing ground with our health.

Our funds are once again free of blocks, with the whole amount supposedly ready for distribution throughout the world to it's many, many rightful owners.

So I TRUST MY GOD for our healing and for our funds to both come soon!!!

Please ask God to help 4 people that I've sent my SPECIAL "How to Become a True Christian" to - 4 sections that they work through one at a time. Two of the serious unbelievers this went to aren't making progress so far as I can see to date.

Thank you so, so much for your prayers for us as always!! I can literally see in my life how God answers your prayers for me!!

God bless you mightily, each one!!

- BM, with his Lady

WARNING: the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) of the end of last decade NEVER really ended. Governments simply lied about this, as they do most things. After a bit of a breather, GFC2 is now already underway. It is shaping up to be DIRE and MAMMOTH (ending up in Depression is likely! Cf. 1929!) The whole world will be affected again. Americans: it's really beginning to get up a head of steam in your country. Before it ends (and it will end) you'll experience trauma that you never have in your lives!!

There will be danger in so many areas. I shall try and collate some of the things you can do to help protect yourself from them, and write them here for you to read and act upon. When done, I'll put notice of this in red at top of my Sig.
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