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The Second Global Financial Crisis is Already on the Way!

Many experts who I've been getting daily emails from since late last year and one for many, many years, KNOW the TRUE situation in America, Europe, and the world, and are saying over and over that we are in for a time of hardships like we've never even vaguely experienced before, nor could even imagine possible. Which is exactly why they deliberately say shocking things like, "America is toast!" - not to freak anyone out (or to "big-mouth" themselves) but as a WARNING of what's coming (world-wide) - so that we have time to get ourselves ready!!! And I've just read that the Rating Agency Standard and Poors are finally saying the same thing!!

SERIOUS WARNING: the human psyche seems to be hard-wired to reject or ignore the possibility that things WILL get worse, or that bad things will/may happen - "Oh, it'll work out somehow," is the NORMAL response. The psyche believes that the status quo WILL continue - despite the fact that right NOW is a time where this simply will NOT happen. Given this mental difficulty, your mind may reject or ignore or put off all or most of what I've written below. Please DON'T let this happen!

1. Security from Riots, etc.
(a) With food already getting dearer and will get even worse and/or harder and harder to get, make sure you've investigated and planned for a place to go to out of the city in the event of food riots, looting, or even breakdown of law and order.!
(b) Near to farmers that grow common foods would be a fairly major plus for obvious reasons.

2. Food
(a) Learn how to grow your own food. You could then even "partner" with a farmer. Learn how to keep chickens for eggs (and even goats for milk).
(b) If that's not practical for you, then you should get food stored to last for some years. Do this NOW - BUT you need to know HOW to do it right, so go to this good URL:
I like the approach of this lady, Tess. Practical, yet edible, and lasts. Ensure you click the links at bottom of article too, to get the right storage containers.

3. Water
(a) You cannot rely on the municipal water supply. How to store water, and how much, is on this URL, by Tess also: A serious power outage could mean unreliable or no water availability. Plus when it returns the water quality may be questionable. We can live but a few days without water. We need it to drink and also for cooking.
(b) There are 3 aspects of water for survival: quality, purification and storage. All these are briefly covered in this video to give you an introduction to what you need for water safety: .

6. Medical. I think it's obvious that households should have a decent medical kit. But whether or no, NOW is the time to get one for your family.

7. Money.
(a) One major piece of advice is to have cash on hand at all times. Obviously you will need to be very DILIGENT about keeping it safe, both at home and on when you have it on your person. American Dollars continue to be worth less and less, i.e., they are losing their value and buying power both at home and abroad. But they are what you'll normally need in order to purchase things during the coming crisis.
(b) But if America goes to inflation, and hyper-inflation, then paper money will have little value ,along with Stocks (think: a loaf of bread costing $75 or more). Experts advise stocking up on gold and silver for such a time, but this is not easy for Americans to do (it's much easier for us here in Australia). A gold coin containing just one ounce of Gold may cost (say) $1,800 - and you can't cut it up into little pieces to purchase things!
(c) Silver coins, however, are considerably less expensive, especially what are called Junk Silver Coins, and would be an easier way to hold something with a lesser intrinsic value (than gold), especially if paper dollars have almost no value. So junk silver coins may be the best bet - but you need to get onto this VERY quickly before they are all gone! Contact Van Simmons at: If he has none left, ask for help to find some.

8. Transport
(a) It's pretty obvious that an efficient all-electric vehicle is really the only option during a serious crisis time like this.
(b) But with no power grid to charge it up, it could be useless. So you need to be able to produce your own power.

9. Producing Your Own Electricity
(a) It's rather sad that solar panels are still so expensive. But to set up a bank of them on a house in the country connected to battery storage, makes you self-sufficient (day and night) for ALL power needs, including an electric vehicle.
(b) Depending where you settle, a concern about this could be others not liking what you have. (I'd want to be well "hidden!")
(c) There may be a cheaper and easier way to generate enough power for basic needs, that wouldn't tell the whole world what you've got. I'm checking this NOW.


Finally, this basic introduction is just that. You can follow your own investigations on the Net and locally to get yourself fully READY for what's to come. For without some kind of MAJOR miracle to save the world (considered virtually impossible) this will be "The Big One!" - Global Financial Crisis #2, which has ALREADY started!! Various dramatic events may then come seemingly without warning. You need to get READY! That's why I've said above for you to start preparing right NOW!!

Trust, prepare, and be safe!!

- BM

Now I have to write the awful but serious Disclaimer that is necessary in our world today...

Disclaimer: The matters in this post are taken from various sources considered reliable and are up to date as of now. I have no financial connection to any of them, nor do I take responsibility for any of the content above. As the reader you are wholly responsible for what, if anything, you do with the information, i.e., you must make your own decisions in the light of your particular circumstances.
Now I'm scared. I thought we would be taken care of during the last days. Or maybe you need to be prepared in case the Rapture doesn't happen before the Tribulation.
Hi, sweetie! Maybe we NEED to be "scared" in the sense of recognising what (barring some miracle) is coming - so that we may prepare for it. Unbelievers are already preparing.

But in another sense we don't be scared at all, and shouldn't be! OUR GOD is in charge! He's totally in control! WE belong to Him - so therefore we put our TOTAL TRUST in Him, putting our lives into His hands for whatever may eventuate.

Meantime, if we don't prepare, then we are simply being foolish. Faith does NOT trump common sense!! We prepare, AND continue our full trust in the Lord!!

As for the Rapture, etc., there's no doubt in my mind that we will go through the Tribulation. Some of us will be martyred, others will have a really, really hard time. This sort of hardships have occurred a myriad of times since Jesus returned to heaven - and still are today! It's just our "life is easy, and we'll ENSURE that it is" Society that makes thinking of such things scary. Set out to live a life with much less ease and thus more hardship (as we have) and fear can go right away!

Great to catch up! (who's the lil bub in your avatar. Much love and blessings from us both!!

- BM and his Lady
Hon, there's also the matter of the Anti-Christ (at first) fixing things up when he surfaces - so obviously needs stuff to actually FIX! And during the Trib. we may wish to have some things to help us, seeing we won't take the mark of the beast, e.g., gold or silver for bartering (same for GFC2), seeing we won't be able to buy and sell. And maybe 5 years of food stored - quite possible!! (If this is not in Tess's stuff, then I will be putting it up when I have time to chase it.) And other things like in my post.

- BM
BONDMAN UPDATE - Wednesday, August 31

Please Note: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is now making my memory unreliable. So when I forget stuff or mess up, please forgive and tell me. Thanks!

Time sure passes quickly when you're having fun, doesn't it!! hehe! And all the while the Global Financial Crisis #2 continues grinding its way forward - but the time will come when things will be happening faster as we see more and more of them occurring that simply can NOT be fixed. I'll put a URL to the strongest warning I've yet read below this post.

Meantime back on the farm, as it were, Beloved and I continue to await our miracle healing and miracle ministry funds. Yesterday my Love was wiped out by ridiculous head pain, and neck pain, and more pain, and she got so distressed. I wish I could do more to help her, but do as much as my body allows. She seems a little brighter tonight. Oh my, last night she didn't go to sleep at all - just couldn't go off, and eventually got up. She still is up!

As for me, my body got itself in what we often call an "uproar," as I got quite, quite sick, from which I'm still trying to recover (slowly happening). Some of you know how many times over MANY years that I've said something like, "I can't go on much longer like this," but was always wrong (and in a few weeks will hit an astonishing 73)! I don't say it any more though: God's timing is always perfect, and I prefer to speak words of THANKS TO THE LORD for His dual PROMISES FOR US, and awaiting them with excitement and expectation.

BLESSING THE LORD! However, many know how weak my body is, and when the sickness hit me my energy reserves dropped round about a massive 50% from what it's been!!! Man, oh, man!! - and I've lived to tell the tale! lol! I admit that I am plumb amazed that I've not gone to bed for days, nor collapsed with energy reserves as low as they've been. Perhaps God... yes, I'm absolutely certain that the Lord is still a miracle-working God!!!

Oh, I always forget to tell you about my eyes, which are getting worse and worse. I'm now having great trouble here at the PC, and unless we can find a solution, I'm close to having to.... erp! - STOP!! (That's BAD!) In the morning I basically can't read a single word. Later it improves a bit. Small writing and detail is near impossible. It's still the cataracts slowly growing. Funny thing: I've proven that I can see through the cataracts: the problem is glare (like on a car windshield)! - light shining on them makes them so hard to see through. And glare is everywhere!! *sigh!*

Because Banarenth did some wonderful programming to allow me to do this, soon I'm going to slightly change the "EMPHASIS" of The Inner Room, giving people - hopefully - a better understanding of what it's all about, and maybe they will even read more of it and get their lives further changed. Many read a couple of Messages then stop. What's needed is to keep reading, and keep reading - AND putting the things into practice that they read!!

Well, all of our Spring flowers are out (officially Spring tomorrow) and birds are having a field-day with our Grevillea blossoms in our front and back yards. Rainbow Lorikeets come in in great numbers. They are spectacular, mostly very noisy, and fly fast and sure like Fighter-Bomber!


He just sat up briefly and posed for the camera! Then back to business, where you get at the flowers any which way you can. Beak and brush tongue go down into the small florets on our pretty Grevillea flower-spikes, and slurp up that lovely nectar! Photo taken 30-Aug-2011.

Well time for me to stop I think. Much Godly love to each one of you!

- BM
SERIOUS BONDMAN UPDATE - Saturday, September 17

Please Note: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is now making my memory unreliable. So when I forget stuff or mess up, please forgive and tell me. Thanks!

Anyone Who Chooses to Pray for Our Health Will Get to
Greatly Enjoy Personal Rejoicing When God Heals Us!!
THAT is the Prime Reason I Put Up Updates for Those Who Care.


1. Recently she said, "I hurt from the top of my head to the soles of my feed!!" My heart nearly broke again - cos I knew this was literally true. The pains shift around her body as I've said before, but the numbers of them at one time are DECIDEDLY getting worse, and the degree of pain is way beyond a joke.

2. Sleeping is hopeless. She uses a total of 4 pillows to try and prop herself so not too many parts are paining to prevent sleep - and has to change these throughout the night. No relaxation. Little sleep. Fights with the bed-clothes most of the night.

3. Gets really down and depressed fairly often. My constant love and care of her is about all that gets her out of these, and back to COPING with her pain and the numbers of her inner health problems. She's WAY past when doctors said she should live to. Now her body is really showing her why they said that!! Would she be tempted to give up? Trust me, no one could blame her one bit if she did! - but I'm praying and working hard every day for this not to happen.

4. As I've reported, we are both now too ill to be able to reasonably look after each other. Too many things our bodies can't readily do. We don't give up on that of course, but it's getting quite serious - worst for Beloved of course, as she is still on her feet and still has a big load of things to be done every day.


1. My eyes are now past being able to read a book or the newspaper - AND the computer monitor (and are really bad early in the day). I've discovered that the cataracts are actually transparent and can be seen through! But... light hits them causing serious glare that you can't see through!

2011-09- 042(sml).jpg

To continue daily ministry on the PC, the homemade 'thingy' on my cap is what we concocted
for me to look through to stop most of the glare - see below also. (And I'm ashamed
it's plugging Windows - this from when we sold computers in the 1990's)

2011-09- 034(sml).jpg

The blue words are more or less all I can see via my cap, i.e., 3 large or 4 small lines of text only.
Black letters that would otherwise be gray, unclear and unreadable, suddenly become black and relatively clear!
Not at ALL easy to use - but I bless the Lord for it! - helping keep me here at the PC, at least for now!

2011-09- 023(sml).jpg

2011-09- 029(sml).jpg

We needed to continue our creativity by getting the PC much closer to my eyes, making things larger -
just using simple things.Beloved seems to always have for such occasions!
The monitor is partly sitting on a somewhat flimsy plastic stand with medal legs.
That put the stand right over the keyboard, which is sometimes tricky, along with....
The light that's needed to shine on the keys, or I'd be missing keystrokes for some keys.
What would we do without Telephone Books? - supporting the back part of the monitor!
And finally the windows behind, Beloved covered them with cardboard to cut glare!!

2011-09- 038(sml).jpg

Put the whole thing together, me 'resting' in Gertie, the 'thingy' on my cap to see words,
the monitor brought closer, the light to see the keyboard, the cardboard over the windows -
and I have a PC that I can still continue to use every day for the Lord Jesus!!!

2. I have a bowel and digestion problem that has our wonderful Doc stumped. I'm controlling it to a fair extent with various medications. He wrote on his chart that it's possibly cancer, but that I won't go for the very invasive tests to check this. The point is that a test to see if I have cancer that could take my life could itself take my life, which would be very foolish. So we just put me into the Lord's hands instead!!

3. My body is getting "weaker", i.e, energy reserves very low on some days and always later in each day. If I do too much, such as getting dressed for bed, then daring to do something else half an hour later, I'll soon be panting and my heart will both race and pound in my chest. Doc believes my lungs are probably not supplying enough oxygen for my heart to pump round my body - and I'll soon have a CT scan to look at that.

4. Meantime I have to take care NOT to let my heart pound - for obvious reasons in a chronically ill (almost) 73 yr old (on the 20th!) Thing is we all hold our breath in order to do something that is physically hard to do. So I do too! It's most important for me to become aware of this in order to STOP doing it!!

5. I'm making it through another year without asthma trying to take my life as it's nearly done 4 or 5 times in my life already. Pretty proud of that - and so is my Lady, who helps a LOT with it!! Also proud of making it to 73, which she's played a major part in also!

6. My teeth currently have 3 jobs for our wonderful dentist to do on Monday - well to start on, anyway. Most of my teeth he's 'manufactured' and attached to the roots after the teeth themselves fell to bits because of CFS. I don't think I have any teeth with a live nerve left. I have to eat only all softish food (makes life v. hard for Beloved choosing meals for her carer to cook for me) and then chew carefully so as not to break anything further.

2011-09- 020(part).jpg

Finally, here are our essential, joint meds we take to help keep us going. Our Chemist Shop as we call it!

There is probably much more I could write, but those things are reasonably major! We appear to be losing ground at a faster rate than ever. Hence my looking forward more than ever to God's miracle healing of us both!! There is NOTHING that He cannot do!!!

We thank you for caring and praying. In heaven God will reward those who obey His word to do look after those Believers who are in need!

With all of our love to each of you!!

- BM
BONDMAN UPDATE - Monday, October 3

Please Note: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is now making my memory unreliable. So when I forget stuff or mess up, please forgive and tell me. Thanks!

Anyone Who Chooses to Pray for Our Health Will Get to
Greatly Enjoy Personal Rejoicing When God Heals Us!!
THAT is the Prime Reason I Put Up Updates for Those Who Care.

Say I put a challenge to you. If I offered to personally help you to become CERTAIN of spending eternity with God (instead of hell), and I mean certain because of the clear Scriptures I present, what would YOU do?

Well, I've changed a deal of the OP (the first post in the IR - HERE) for this very reason. Please read it, and comments are very welcome! I have developed a very DEEP concern that most who find The Inner Room read a Message or two and don't return. THAT'S hardly going to help! So as you'll see, the OP is now a strong challenge to come, read, and keep reading!!!

Spent my 73rd Birthday in bed, really really ill. Beloved was also ill and mostly in bed. So we postponed our celebrations together till some days later!! (it's happened before many times...)

The time is soon coming when we'll need God's miracle of healing of our bodies. For caring ones, prayer is very welcome for how we manage to keep going in very difficult circumstances till then. For example, my eye deterioration is starting to outstrip the tricks and techniques we've come up with to keep me able to see the PC monitor and printed material, i.e., it's now close to not being able to see them.

We "happened" to see a program on the amazing Missionary lady in India last century. The things Amy Carmichael did - which are still being done today! - were astonishing! But they also gave us some insights and ideas for the future when we have money to do things for our God by earnestly helping Christians in need AND orphans. James Ch 1:27 Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows [the Believers in need in James' day] in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world. TWO powerful life-guides for us there!!

Thankyou so much for your love and for standing with us!

- BM with his Lady
"I did a 'secret' test...!! (see below)" BONDMAN UPDATE - Thursday, October 20

SPECIAL NOTE: Blessings to those who actually PRAY!!!...

The prime reason I put this up is so that anyone who chooses to pray for our health WILL get the blessing of Great Rejoicing when God heals us!! I don't approve of asking for personal prayer! If a person doesn't care and love enough to see someone's plight and pray about it, then what would be the point of asking them to pray?

I DID A QUIET "TEST in a recent Update to see how many actually READ it - let alone cared!! The answer was NOT unexpected: very FEW indeed!!

This is dreadful. Why don't Believers care and pray for those in need? Because their whole life is NOT given to Jesus. They live for themselves, not for Him. God is NOT the centre, their sole focus, of their lives; they are!! Some of these won't even get to spend eternity with God!! Others will, but will lose so MUCH of their REWARD that God will give them in heaven. How incredibly tragic is that!!!

Along with constant pains and sleeplessness I'm praying for God to STOP the AWFUL nightmares my Beloved wife gets. These are because of her unrelaxedness in bed with all those different pains, I would think. But it occurred to me, that God is GOD - so HE can draw a line straight under her normal dreaming and TOTALLY PREVENT ANY NIGHTMARES. Join with me to storm heaven and release her from at least that ONE trauma.

I have a problem of working too hard, pushing myself. Always been like it. The one-day melt-down I had recently was largely from that - and I spent the whole day in bed. Long time since I've done that dangerous thing! Next day I was up and did feel a deal better. I thought, "Oh, good, I may have got away with it (over-working!!)" WRONG!! The 3rd day my energy level absolutely COLLAPSED. I was as weak as a newborn kitten. Whoa!! I didn't go to bed, just lived in Gertie instead. It's taking a looong time to get my normal very low energy back. Praise His name, that today - at last - it's showing some improvement.

Learnt me lesson but! I'll really try hard to not push myself so much, and I'll just try to be more aware of my every-day work-load.

I've had people ask me why at 73, chronically ill, a wife the same, and no outside help from friends or relatives - why do I work every day of the year, every year, over 50 hrs each week? Last (2-day) holiday was 21 years ago. In the past year the two of us lived on $19,000. We gave away 21% of our low income because of all the dear Christian folks in the world in need, and orphans, and for those who have NEVER heard the Gospel. These needs are so great that how can I possibly REST? The answer to that is that I CANNOT!

Am I seeking PRAISE for that? Nope! Don't need any!! I have my Master's approval, and that is all that I need. I live solely for Him. I live only to please Him. Some say they don't get this. What's to get? IT'S PURE NEW TESTAMENT SCRIPTURE!!! I know the churches don't teach this - it's time they closed down for a few months and spent that time searching the NT (our sole Christian guide) with the help of the Holy Spirit to find what is REALLY there!!! That's all that I did!!

Our deep and earnest thankyous to those few who DO care and pray. We love you for that more than we can say!!

Love, joy, peace!!

Bondman, with his Lady
You know my friend that my prayers are with you regularly. God WILL provide the healing He promised. You're faithfulness in doing the work He has set out for you is astounding in light of your and your beloved's health. You are an inspiration. Those who can't feel for a human being and pray diligently for their well being and healing could well be diagnosed themselves as have a disease. One that God graciously sent His son to earth that we might be healed (saved) from our sin.

Prayers continue as always and as I talk to people who have inspired me you are always at the top of the list. Much love for both of you.
BONDMAN UPDATE - Thursday, October 27

Blessings to those who PRAY!!!...

The prime reason I do these Updates is so that anyone who chooses to pray for our health WILL get the blessing of Great Rejoicing when God heals us!! We will then love to still have you with us as we commence some major ministries around the world - and YOU can be part of them!

It's NEVER a dull moment at the household of Bondman and his Lady!!! Said Lady suffers from appalling sleeps as you know. I suspect because of her sore parts and pains all over her body, she has nightmares like you wouldn't believe. Some take her down 3 levels in her subconscious and are very hard to get up and out of. Recently I got really, really tired of this, and said to the Lord that I'm asking Him to draw a line under her dreams thus preventing her from having further nightmares. It was helping a little until she had the nightmare to end all nightmares!! It was so horrific, including me lying to her and ignoring her desperate screams for me to help here, that I had to comfort her much of the next day!!

Though wide awake, she was still having trouble knowing if she was in reality. She also said that this nightmare was different, for example everything in the house was totally real - size, shape even down to colours! I was thinking quite early, "I'm SURE it was different!" It was clearly Satanic, and he set it up to the last detail because we "DARED" to pray against nightmares, plus to show us how powerful and clever he is. Well, he soon got bad news. I resisted him, so that he HAD to leave Beloved, as in James 4:7 (I NEVER address the devil directly - I wouldn't lower myself to address him - but use the above verse, spoken to the Lord God, and the devil has no choice but to comply!!)

We still have more prayer work to get my Love freed from all 'regular' nightmares. I cannot see that it is wrong to ask God for this. Doesn't she have ENOUGH to cope with? Does she need even more? Please join us if you will.

I've not reported for some time (I think, haha!) how drinking water makes her nauseous. Similarly eating is so hard because half the time she can't face the meal her carer cooked - especially if she's already eaten it 2 or 3 times (carers cook a week's meals for us both). Even the smell of it will make her feel sick. I probably have said recently, "But it's all good fun!!!" lol.

I've slowly had my energy level improve and am now pretty-much back to where I was before I crashed (but didn't burn, haha!!) This level, however, is simply unsustainable in the long term. I'm having to sleep up to 12 hrs a day and then have a sleep/rest during the day as well, i.e., my body does look like it can't go on a whole lot longer. I'm not getting up early enough for my Carer to take me to the Dentist for my teeth, so they are not being looked at. I'm not being bathed as that's too early too and I'm not up to it physically (between us we're sponging me, that's all). I'm still bright enough many times during the day, so that's good. I'm discipling a lady who's come to the Lord, but her past makes moving into the Kingdom really, really difficult. Prayer for her and me would be WONDERFUL!!! Oh, and within myself, because of our wonderful Lord, I'm still happy as a cricket!!!

My eyes have got worse. All our procedures we've done are ALREADY beginning to barely work some days. I've mentioned to some how we found eye-drops that are reported to dissolve cataracts in a high percentage of people. But the price was unbelievable!! However my clever wife found the same special drops here in Oz at about 1/4 the price so I've started on them: 4 drops a day in my worst, left eye to see if it will work for me. Have to wait up to 3 months to see an effect. If it does work, you then have to keep using them (fewer drops) to stop regrowth - and I'd then do the far better right eye too of course.

My memory is still bad, but with Beloved's amazing patience with all that I forget, that's still, well, as "okay" as it can be. I can remember all I need to pray about and do so seriously each day. I remember all of God's truth also!

What me getting more and more blind to all things small, PLUS most distance situations, and needing so much sleep and much more, and Beloved in the awful state she is, we've finally together faced a very sad fact:


Previously my Love could do quite a deal to keep us both going. Now this is no longer possible. So it's a case of how long we can manage to keep going, and how long before the Lord does a MIRACLE healing of our bodies, totally and permanently, as I asked of Him and He's promised He will do. When He also sends our Ministry Funds, I can't wait to start much important and crucial work in the world - situations where the NEED is greatest and of high importance to His Kingdom here on earth. You can be part of this by supporting us in prayer if you wish!!!

I've needed to write this fairly quickly - I hope there aren't too many messes.

We love and appreciate you SO much!!

- BM
Prayers continue for your beloved and for you. I am sad to hear that you may be approaching the time when you aren't able to care for yourselves even with a carer and may need to move into (I assume) a place that can provide the care you both need. I do know that separation will probably be necessary. I'll pray that isn't necessary and God will provide complete healing for you soon. Blessings brother and sister.
We say that we cannot live without each other because we have a marriage with a closeness that appears to almost be unique (very much God's idea; certainly not ours!!) For example, we've watched Christian couples on stage doing seminars together on marriage, and have agreed that our marriage was observably closer (and better) than theirs!

For all of this I thank our beautiful God of course!!! For whatever may become necessary I put my trust in Him, and we will do this together. He is the God of the future as well as now; THAT is a great comfort!!

Thankyou so much for the post, my friend! Very encouraging!!

Love n blessings!

- BM
BONDMAN UPDATE - Thursday, November 3


Today was my Beloved's Birthday (now you KNOW that ladies don't reveal their age! lol! What I can say is that she's a year older than she was this time last year...) But unfortunately there's no fun around here though. As has happened on so many years, she's FAR too ill to even care if it's her birthday! (We then just wait to a time when we can celebrate.)

The reason for writing is how ill she actually is. Down and very depressed - AND lying down like a normal ill person. Humanly-speaking that frightens me, as she has lost all of her 'get up and go' - a bad thing for a CFS person, as we have to fight to keep going and stay alive. The reason she's so depressed is all of the bodily things she has that are wrong - just too many, gone on for too long, and slowly getting worse. I know how she feels - like you simply CANNOT fight any longer. It's simply beyond your ability...

So, I'm asking for just a little bit of prayer for my dear, dear Darling! Such a beautiful person. I am relatively "normal" at the moment, so I am able to look after her a little, which is great. I have Gertie to transport me so I don't wear right out, and my head isn't too bad.

But my eyes are just about "gone" insofar as small things like reading, writing are concerned. I've taken the plunge and started putting the special drops in my right eye, as the cataract is growing so quickly there, taking all my sight away. Today I've changed to a screen Microsoft provides for those with 'accessability' problems. Let me show you how I'm writing this.


Rather dramatic, yes? Well black writing on a regular white background has been my problem for months: the white flares straight on the cataracts, wrecking all clarity of details and letters. Here I've put my special cap away (where I could view only a couple of lines clearly), and am doing this as is!! Amazing! Why didn't we do it earlier. Well, Microsoft, as you may well have suspected, hasn't got it all quite right, e.g., blue writing on black is basically invisible! If I need to see any blue I have to highlight it, turning it into white or cream on a sort of dull red background. And small squares here where you can change colour, size, etc, are just well, blank squares! And other things I'm finding... Are these things Annoying? Yep, but I don't see another choice at the moment!! VERY appreciative to have the computer (sort of) back when I thought I was within a whisker of having to quit!!! I know you'll forgive me if I have some things wrong seeing I don't know how it will really look for you....

Dear ones who pray, THANKYOU from the very depths of my heart!

May the Spirit of peace guard your hearts in the Lord Jesus!!

- BM
BONDMAN UPDATE - Sunday, November 13

A. First, a BIG WELCOME to the numbers of new visitors to The Inner Room this past week. Very exciting. Please keep coming and reading (your eternal soul will thank you!!)

B. Second for today: Caring about Persecuted Christians in this sad world (may be US one day, perhaps even soon). Go HERE to read.

C. Third: how happy are you? Is it possible to have, well, nothing, and yet be happy? The answer is a loud YES!! People in the massive Indian slums are often really happy people! You have little - so nothing to worry about losing! Check out these pics of Cambodians making about 35c a day sifting through garbage - which is where they LIVE. They have all life's needs: food (found in the garbage), shelter (from the garbage), clothes (you know where from!), and nearby, (pretty bad) water. Of course all of these dear souls DO NEED JESUS!!

Photographer Omar Havana spent 7 months with them and reports that, '... what he saw was was "from another world", but that the people are happy.' "They are happy just because tomorrow they will see the sun," he says, and, "I have to be honest, I didn’t find that place sad. I was happy every time that I was with the people living there." Then finally, "The sadness and the tears come after, when you are in your hotel room surrounded by material things and you don’t see the smiles and the faces of the people living there come to your memory - that is when the sadness invades you."

THEY'RE HAPPY?!! So what's wrong with us? Answers are obvious!! - things like living wrong, and contrary to God's commands to not be worldly and of (conformed to) this world; being grossly selfish and self-centred, and wanting more, and craving comfort, and failing to care for Believers in need..


Life is hard, sometimes frantic - working 14 hrs each day.


But there's always time for a smile!


He has an extra reason for smiling because he just found lunch! (mostly blood).


You couldn't come up with a smile like this, in that situation, unless you really are happy!!

- Photos courtesy of Omar Havana, and the ABC (Australian) News.

D. Fourth: Please pray for Avril: she's nearly in the Kingdom (may already be there). From a 20 yr background of hating God, she's now very earnestly seeking to become His!! I'm working with her for half an hour each week, every Monday afternoon (Sunday in the U.S.). Thankyou for supporting me and her!!

E. Finally for this time: We are much as usual, and appreciating the caring prayers of people we will meet only in heaven! THANKYOU!!

Jesus loves you more than you can possibly love Him! - but it's definitely worth trying!!

All our LOVE!!!

- BM, with his Lady
3089 Hey, ya'll! Long time, no see! Just a quick note to warn you guys that I have been hacked! Long story, short form: I joined up a discussion group to learn the best way to ship packages to a missionary in India. The next day, the site was hacked, and shut down for a few days. And now today, my email is sending strange emails to people that I did NOT send. My daughter got an email on her account today saying it was from Christian Forum Site, Bondman. She did not open it, because she had no idea who it was. (smart girl) Just letting you know, just in case anyone else gets one.
I am going to start prefacing my posts and emails with 3089. If you do not see that number, its not me!!!
I dont know why its targeting you, Bondman. I hope to get all this straightened out.
I pray ya'll are blessed and at peace!
Hi Hon!

Not your fault. I was just one of the recipients of this BAD email. Thankyou for the heads-up as to some of the things that are going on!

But... the fact that I sent the warning to everyone meant that I alerted the original (BAD) sender that my email address is real. And it's my personal address too. Grrr!

So... today I got an email from [email protected] purporting to be from a Penny Westmoreland, with a Subject: "Action Requirerd - press REPLY and SEND." Of course I didn't, but others may do so. Instead I bounced the email back to the sender, which I do for all BAD emails.

Sadly there's nothing further I can now do for the other recipients of the original email. But everyone reading this, take note:

You should ENSURE that you do not ever OPEN, and furthermore do NOT act upon any emails from UNKNOWN PEOPLE!!!! Instead DELETE THEM IMMEDIATELY.

A bad business! Feel sad about the Indian Missionary!! But in this world we will experience persecution and more Jesus promised - and warned us!!

Blessings, Fluffy, and to everyone reading this!!

- BM
I am so sorry! I had no idea this would happen, but apparently its not uncommon for sad....but yes! Do NOT open anything from anyone you dont know! I am on Facebook, and I've been hacked there. Someone is putting stuff on that I didnt write....grrrr!
Hope you all are blessed! I am glad to see you are still going strong, Bondman! Give my best to Your Lady, please!
Also, if you could add us to your prayers. We had a double fatality fire Sunday, involving a young child. It has hit us pretty hard as this is our first child fatality. Somehow, that just makes it worse.
I have not given up sending stuff to the missionary! Just temporary set back, is all!;)
It's okay, dear one!! These things on Yahoo, Facebook, etc., are not the fault of individuals using that facility. I am not on Facebook and unlikely to be because security for their memebers barely exists! How appalling! It's THEIR job to ensure you're not hacked, not yours!! And they are making countless millions by selling ad space based on the things you write!! Not a nice world we live in, I don't think.

But yes, still going! Life considerably harder for us both these days as our health slowly deteriorates. Waiting (patiently!! - His timing is always perfect!) for miracle healing He promised me for us both. And ministry funds so we can really make a difference in the lives of countless dear Christians in countries like India - for "Untouchables" who are Believers, for example. VERY exciting thought!!

Very sad to hear of your child fatality. Yes, you're right, it does seem worse when it's a child. But a child goes to be with the Lord in heaven, no matter who they are, so I think that can help calm our thoughts and feelings a little!

Love and blessings, dear Fluffy!!

- BM
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