What are your favorite gifts from the holy spirit.. and which ones do you have :)))

We should desire all the gift the Spirit. As a Christian we can expect the Holy Spirit to give them to us as the situation requires them. Sometimes we will know when they are given to us and sometimes not. One thing is for sure is the person who is the on receiving end for why it was given to you will know it was from God.
I worked one time with a guy who had the worse mouth I have ever heard. Every other word he spoke was a curse word. I Spirit spoke to me and said, "this guy use to be a preacher" I thought to myself, now way, no one talks like this except the most ungodly. Come to find out while eating lunch together he told me he use to be a preacher, I said you don't say! Somehow he had very very bad experience which caused him to fall away. That was my opening to minister to him and for his return to the Lord.
These are the kinds of things the Holy Spirit gives us so we can pray with knowledge and understanding for those who are lost and those who have turned aside and need a little nudge back to that narrow path.

Man ccw95 you truly are a man of god. It makes my heart happy that you minister to those who fell away. I've been there and they probably think there is no hope for them.
So you are doing gods work, I know god is proud of you.
Sorry, but the truth is (just heard this last night from Augusto Perez* on a Christian website):
most Christians have NO idea what giftings God gave them when they were born-again!
Everything came as a package deal ... but, much of it must be activated.

* called and trained over 30 years to lead Christians through the end-times

Guess what, folks, you need to be able to hear God's voice clearly
to be able to navigate through the incredibly tough times ahead.

Here is the link to last night's program ... I suggest that you start @ 12:50 ...
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I cannot really say that I know what gifts I have. Since my days are generally spent with my wife and child being a caregiver, I have no idea what my gifts are.
@ osterloh, so because you saw that on a website it's the truth?
Though, I do agree with part of what you're saying... that it may take a while for some to unveil their gifts.
But in the same token, I believe God will show your gift if you ask.