Why Abortion is murder.

Apr 13, 2019
Yuma, AZ USA
Except Adam was not a baby. He was a man.
The other thing was, God formed all babies in the womb and knit their bones together. He is present from before birth.
So, you argument that babies not yet born are like tonsils is silly.

If John the bapist can leap for joy in his mothers womb, he is not a tonsil.

If you want to jusitfy something to yourself, fine, but it cuts no ice with God. You will need to account for every tonsil I mean unborn child you murdered.

Also maybe go into a birthing clinic and hospital and observe. Many women have still births and miscarriages because their babies have DIED in the womb. Now how can their babies die if you insist they werent even alive. They had a heart that was beating.
You're such a sweetheart!