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There are many here that contribute to a warm, loving and Christian environment. I'm glad to do my part as God helps me. We all have off days, sometimes stumble, but God in his love is never far. I'm thankful that he picks us up, forgives, and helps us back to the narrow path we walk.
Im walking on the concrete of Gods word
sometimes man has a jack hammer in hand,

many think this foundation is absurd
especially when on my face I land,

but He picks me up and sets me straight
knowing perfect I can never become,

compassionate loving mercy is great
undeserving his forgiveness I hum,

with thanksgiving might I rejoice always
giving all my love in return through praise~
his forgiveness is a song in my soul which wishes to play
the most precious of soothing symphonies through nature
like the birds chirping as the wind rustles through trees
sweetest slapping of a calm sea upon broken shell shorelines
or brunt orange into pinks into purples caressing the skies
with Gods own paint brush in hand saying hello I love you
Hello I love you Father in the name of your Son Jesus Christ
thank you with all my heart soul and being with every breath
for eternal salvation and the peace knowing a place
has been prepared for me~ how glorious and precious a gift!
may my heart hum songs only you can hear in thanksgiving
your child forever~ M
we are a wicked nation with burdens
sin is a disease which consumes all men,
fill my heart with forgiveness from heaven
so it might spread like ink inside my pen,

teach lesson of compassion everyday
so my thoughts reflect them when I pray,
being kind to others with what I say
remembering your love Father always~
just another mid spring eve clicking away
like pages forming a sketched motion movie
deep inside my brain someplace special
where I keep my most favorite memories
in a cool calm patient place with a full moon
and breezy comforting freshness of scented air

stillness of life all but my own breathing heart
reminding me to quench the days exhaustion
with nothing more and nothing less than slumber
upon a pillow haven carefully constructed with love
thankful for the closing of my day awaiting another
resting in the hands of our Father in heaven~ Amen.
feather me now light in the wind floating
to land calmly down upon wet green blades,
reaching boldly into the warm sunrise
as the spring evening darkness soon fades,

blow blow sweet fragrances over blossoms
gathered with pollen dusting everything,
carry your perfumes through open windows
as the daytime melodies softly sing,

whisper wise ancient sayings through oak trees
magical marvelous old creations,
that only animals can decipher
when they listen for a short duration,

may your cool breeze of freshness renew me
through the spirit I hear echo inside,
reminding me we are all from the heavens
on borrowed time during this earthly ride,

might I be careful with my intention
as the air washes over like a wave,
thankful to our Lord for the reprieve
from the days heat in this shade I do save,

as little pearls of mist evaporate
the morning dew fading into sunshine,
and nature grows forth letting me observe
details my heart wishes to find divine~
washed upon the sand battered many times
from dark depths storms rain swells icy wind shine,
I survive polished by grains of fine sand
hoping chosen special to become thine,

my bright swirling rainbows of pearl essence
may be hidden underneath but still found,
upon baking summer sand ocean shores
before raging waves break me as they pound,

come for a stroll with a plastic bucket
might my colorful stripes please thee greatly,
home to a place where there are other shells
not just like me but ones you found lately,

as I cry aloud pick me pick me yes
these ridges with scalloped edges do glow,
look how beautiful I am waiting here
for a spot in a glass bowl dont say no,

and then you picked me up now I rest well
washed clean with all of my best friends ever,
as we share many old battle stories
thankful we were the ones pretty clever~