Alphabet Soup Garden Varieties

Father in the name of your Son Jesus Christ

let us not compromise ourselves
through negative thoughts actions words
or people for that matter
Your Great Comfort is manifested
through the scriptures as they feed us
You Are our inspiration and truth
might we remember to observe
interpret then apply Your knowledge
healing ourselves whole once more
as tools and soldiers for a generation
the cornerstones of meekness
humility and principals of salvation
may we meditate on the things above
while the world continues to watch us~

on this forth of July
I am reminded of our inherited freedom
from generations past to the present
but it is the shed blood of Christ
that flows inside me as I write another line
looking forward to the liberties I have in Him
I am an arrogant American spoiled by capitalism
enjoying human pleasures on this day
when it is His pages of love that saved me
on the battle fields for humanity and souls
so let us see Him shine through us today
and not the fireworks in the sky for a nation
that forgets to be one under God
as I have hopes dreams and prayers
the USA remembers...
yanno there is a place inside me
where my road trip memories are stored
and the favorite ones come to life
in my head like an 8mm movie
clicking away on a retractable screen
some where deep within my inner child
and guess what?

Niagara Falls still has to be the most breath taking place I have seen in my life thus far.

I mean my parents
dragged us through ancient ruins
international mountainsides
green blue and every color in between
pristine beaches with fine sand to rocky shores
caverns canyons cotton fields and Chanel stores
and that is what made my heart thump
like nothing else

So take your God made soul on a journey, and see his breath taking majestic power.

you will thank Him
as I do every single time I see
those images in my mind
of my 11 year old hand reaching out
to feel the spray of rushing water
thundering fast furious and free
crashing ever so loudly
I can still feel the roar

(Im 57 now...)
The trails and tribulations of being human are sometimes best left unsaid
I will therefore Praise His Holy Name, our great and merciful Father
whom cares for our every spiritual need even though
we might not know exactly what that is a lot of the time
He certainly does and answers our prayers knowing this fact
and thats a beautiful thing indeed on any day facing humanity
with the struggles that lead us to our final peaceful home in heaven
Glory to His name! Rejoice in Him always! ox' to all~

Im gonna try real hard to get some rest now...
faintest breeze wisps kissing my cheek
cold dew covers my still quiet feet
as the day speaks good morning
caressing the grass slowly dry
in hues of peach glow reds
melting into baby blues
while pillow puffs whisper awake
in shapes of circus animals
and I sip another hot delicious sip
of my first cup of chai vanilla tea
enjoying the serenity of it all
thinking how lucky am I
that God allows me this much joy
in the simplest things
he made :)
let me expound on the above with a sonnet after some thought~

faintest breeze wisps kissing my cheek
crisp dew crunches under my cold feet,
daylight blasting speaks and its not so sleek
drying the grass without missing a beat,

hues of peach glow juicy orange with reds
melt into the babiest blues of sky,
while pillow puffs whisper awake their dread
shaken from their slumber saying goodbye,

first sips of hot chai in my cup it cools
enjoying serenity I do love,
thinking Im lucky my life has few rules
thankful for our Lord in heaven above,

God allows me to enjoy simple things,
and fills my heart with happiness it brings~
am I like a pine growing in the forest
standing tall and green among my brethren
with branches reaching out to others
whom understand I am nothing but a tree

can I ever cradle a sparrows nest way up high
or a bees hive down below filled with honey
maybe I could be lucky enough for a doe
to find respite in the shady cover I provide

could my fallen needles be used as kindling
and sap to mend the wounds of men
some fine solid furniture perhaps
a large log cabin would be magnificent

but here I am merely a human dreaming
wondering to myself about such things
thankful our Father in heaven made me
just like He wanted me to be~
Now take my hand and hold it tight
I will not fail you here tonight,
For failing you, I fail myself
And place my soul upon a shelf
In Hell's library without a light.
I will not fail you tonight.
-The Book of Counted Sorrows

the moon knows my name
whispering deceitful winds
upon plains I have yet to step
tangling reeds one into the other
like French braiding dirty hair
not brushed nor kept nice
in a language I cannot decipher
with only enough light
to cast the faintest shadows
crawling away from me
as so I could never catch them
and I sit quietly to listen

night transforms ever so slowly
discarding its favorite sweater
changing into a new wardrobe
complete with an awakening
that seems so absurd to the stars
they decide to quit shinning
almost afraid of the horizon
when sunlight blasts them all
saying adieu to you and you
and she tells me the truth
the moon is simply jealous
that I love them both~
I am sitting here in bed sick sick sick
I think its a cold hoping its not covid
strolling through internet garbage
one page after another and it hits me

God did create me but I also made choices
I could have made many of the same
as those models in designer bikini's
starving and working out to be thin

but my choice was to eat what I want
so I dont complain about being big
God didnt shovel food in my face
I earned the money to enjoy it

eating less and exercise are options
cause our Father didnt make me fat
I did and I own my fatness of a size 14
and it will be ok cause Im happy

while I look at Dolce and Valentino
craving me some Lou B's and Weitzman
I remind myself Im old and it doesnt matter
so long as I get schooled with Phish Food :)

ice cream forever...
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our heavenly Father must have made angels
the sweetest and kindest of holy beings
I like to think of them so purely white
their glow would certainly cause us
to cover our eyes in their radiance
as I have many unanswered questions

but last night I prayed for an angel
to come and watch over me as I rested
for I had a fever and covered myself
with cool rags and took some meds
I asked our Father in the name of his Son Jesus Christ
to make sure I would be ok as I tried to sleep

wouldnt you know I was knocked out
our Father heard me Glory to His name
he always hears our prayers, always
as someone with horrid insomnia
this is actually a great feat on its own
I welcomed the much needed rest

I dont know how long I was in slumber
only that a was awakened with a thump
like a jolt just for me to respond to
and I was soaking wet with sweat
so much so it also covered half my blanket
and that boom back to reality shook me

God answered my prayer and sent an angel
to watch over me as I slept so I could rest
and it doesnt matter to me what anyone thinks
the Holy Spirit has me sense things and I listen
praise our Father in heaven for his mercy
love kindness and healing of my fever

sometimes that mustard seed is bigger than others
as I share my tears of joy I am truly blessed~ ox'
they stand like dominoes
in a sea of green
row after row
all fallen down
bleached white
in the sunshine
do their names matter
or their rank
are they remembered
or did they fade
into the fields
of yesterdays sorrow
one thing for sure
they all gave their lives
so I can be an American
red white and brown
and I thank our Father
in the name of Jesus Christ
that I can still pray
in this nation
that chooses to forget
the miles of souls
given to our service