Ex-Satanist seeks help and redemption!

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I had heard an account of something that happened to a man in his mothers basement once.

He had just come from church, or some sort of christian presentation. Had never really heard anything about Jesus Christ. Was a partying frat boy, drinking and drugging, chasing women and the like.

Said Jesus appeared to him, and said this..."I love you, you are forgiven"

He has never been the same since. It is so good to know we are all forgiven, and are all truly loved. :)
I took a big step this morning. I contacted an old friend of mine who is a pastor and asked him to baptize me again. After services this morning he and I had a private ceremony after a long talk that was filled with much emotion. I can't put into words the experience other than to say that I FINALLY feel forgiven. I wanted to share this with you all who have helped (and continue to help) me through my trials over the past few months. My grattitude is deeper than you know!!

Praise God!!!!!!
Exactly what kind of Satanism did you ascribe to? I've heard of some self-described "non-theistic Satanists" which is a title that essentially amounts to "Aggressively hedonistic anarchist who just doesn't like religion."


Thsi is a very old thread.

Wow, WasLost, I had never seen this thread before.

God is love

God's love is so wide. It reaches anyone in any religion, culture, with all their weirdness. Jesus comes to you as whatever you need Him to. If you're a hippy, He'll come and relate to you as if He was a hippy. If you're a businessman He'll come relate to you as though He is a business man.

God's love is so long. It reaches into eternity each way. Before you were born to after you die. It's always there, never fear of losing it.

God's love is so deep. It reaches down into the deepest possible pits of the filth and sin in human nature. No pit is too deep for the love of God to reach you just the same.

God's love is so high. It keeps you where your enemies will never reach you.

May God show your heart and give you the mind to understand more - the infinite width, length, depth, and height of His love.

Once you learn to drink of Him, it'll be all you want. He will separate you completely from the drunkenness and pleasures of the flesh, and you'll only thirst for more of Him.

Matthew 10:28

“Don’t be afraid of those who want to kill your body; they cannot touch your soul. Fear only God, who can destroy both soul and body in hell."

His yoke is light. No need to struggle keep seeking Him, studying His word, listening to sermons and messages, and trusting Him, waiting patiently.

I'm not making any assumptions, this thread is old, just thought I'd add to it since it's been revived.

Sorry, I didn't mean to raise this thread from the dead. I was poking through the online list and saw a guest reading this. Maybe it gets google hits or something.

I personally think the best place for you to begin reading is the New Testament Gospel of John.

If you have questions, just ask. You are correct that translations don't always come across with an accurate meaning.

I've learned that the Bible is consistent and perceived inconsistencies are usually the fault of a poorly translated word, or lack of understanding the culture.

Welcome to the family! :)



Kent (WasLost) was going through difficult times and has only been here once in the last 3 or 4 months. It is doubtful at this place and time he will be reading your comments but definitely keep him in your prayers.
I have a family member that is a "spiritual satanist". It was encouraging to me to read his testimony. To know that Jesus does and will reach out to those on the "dark side". I hope and pray that he continues to have victory in his life with Jesus at his side.
I am currently rebuilding my life on my own. I have lost God, my wife, and my friends. I wouldn't necessarily say I'm in a dark place, just alone. I'm taking each day as it comes. I appreciate the comments left. Nice to know I'm not forgotten in some circles.


I am currently rebuilding my life on my own. I have lost God, my wife, and my friends. I wouldn't necessarily say I'm in a dark place, just alone. I'm taking each day as it comes. I appreciate the comments left. Nice to know I'm not forgotten in some circles.
Kent my friend how could I ever forget you? You are on my heart and in my prayers and though you may feel lost right now God has not forgotten you. Feel free to PM me if you ever want to talk or even just say heh- much love in Jesus Name, your brother Larry.
Interesting that this thread has "resurrected." My trials have lead me to Christ, to lose everything, and to be again in His absence. I have no idea why He has chosen to put me through such a trial, but all of your prayers and comments are much appreciated. I have not spoken to God in some time, and truly feel as if I am outside His grace. I am barren. All I can do is awake to each new day and meet each challenge as best I can. I have rejected my Satanic past, and been forgotten by God. The past year has left me melancholy and utterly alone. I have been to church, priests, pastors, counselors, and friends both new and old. Nothing gives me any sense of purpose other than to continue living in this solitude. I feel like I should join some sort of monastery or something. Not sure how long I'll be stopping by, but it's nice to see this forum still growing.
We all need to be broken to receive him, its like someone trying to talk to you, while your stereo is in full volume ,it needs to be unplugged literaly to pay attention.
Its has always been like that from the begining. He is the seeker of all hearts and he knows the number of every strand of hair on our heads.
He reproves the ones he loves.You are not on your own on this one not by a far shot.
Keep the Good fight up (refuse yourself)
Galatians 5:16:17
For I do for what I don't want to do

God bless
Love brother



There's this door that has Jesus behind it. It's always right in front of you and just an arms reach away. What happens is many many things come in and make that doorway seem further. It's like the hallway is stretched out in your perception, so it seams senseless to raise your hand to what you can't reach. This distance is just an illusion, and no doubt, having been a satanist, the devil may have some strongholds in your life. Not just because of that, but other things. Spending time studying the bible, seeking God - especially His love, forgiveness and power, and asking Him for His Holy Spirit to guide you, will help reduce that Hallway-stretching effect in time. Yield to change and try to humble yourself to have a mind like that of Christ. Love is the way. The world is lost in sin and blind - don't listen to it. :)


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Hi Waslost, if you spend a lot of time on your computer I definitely recomend you download E-sword and as many modules (translations, graphics, commentaries ,dictionaries etc.) as you can. I cuurently can cross compare over 50 translations at the touch of a button and it is freeware- here is a link:
e-Sword - the Sword of the LORD with an electronic edge

Also it's kind of wordy but the Amplified Bible is an awesome and eye opening read. I just finished the Message Bible and I enjoyed it ( it is paraphrased also). I love God's Word and enjoy reading God's Word in all it's "flavors".

Wow Boanerges I just downloaded this 1, perty gooooood stufffff there :D yeah you da Bro!! never knew it was out there.
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